RELEASED [SMAPI] Sprint and Dash Button 1.1

Adds a button for sprinting, and a combat temporary dash

  1. Androxilogin

    Androxilogin Giant Laser Beams

    Is it possible to use LShift for Sprint & LCtrl for dash?
    • Vinda

      Vinda Space Hobo

      How do you bound the sprint to multiple keys ? For example on all 4 directions
      • Ruuko

        Ruuko Intergalactic Tourist

        Yes it does also boost the horse speed just like the food speed buff

        I have been unable to change the keys, changing the config.json does not have any effect in game for me.
        (I had put the wrong values in.)

        It is too fast IMO, are you 100% sure that +1 doesn't work?
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        • littleraskol

          littleraskol Subatomic Cosmonaut

          So, way back in April, I had mentioned the possibility of being able to change things like the stamina cost per tick using a config file so long as it couldn't be cheesed (i.e., setting the cost to 0). Over the past few days, for my own use, I just went ahead and modified OrSpeeder's code to do that. The resulting mod is attached.

          I sent him a message asking him if it was all right to post this, but I haven't gotten a reply. I don't know what the expected courtesy of this kind of thing is here, but he released the code as free under the GNU General Public License with explicit rights to modify it and redistribute it, so I'm taking that as tacit permission. If this is a problem I'll just delete it.

          In addition to the keys for its sprint and dash functions, you can set the stamina cost per tick of sprinting (stamCost) and the duration of the combat dash buff (dashDuration).

          stamCost: Measured in points of stamina. By default, this is 2. Minimum is 1, lower values will be treated as 1.

          dashDuration: Measured in seconds. By default this is 4 seconds. Note that the cooldown will last for 2.5x as long as whatever you set its length to (i.e., by default 10 seconds). Minimum is 1 second, maximum is 10 seconds. Values beyond that will be set to the min or max as appropriate.

          Also, I changed the default keys to what I use, spacebar for sprint and Q for dash. If you want to set these to something else, you can still do that! The list of bindings is in the README.txt.

          Also I stopped it from working on horseback.

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          • OrSpeeder

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