RELEASED [SMAPI] Skull Cavern Elevator 1.2.1

Adds an elevator to the Skull Cavern

  1. SimTcha

    SimTcha Void-Bound Voyager

    On SVE 1. + it happens that they moddify the skullcavern entrance, soo the elevator from the first level is gone
    Btw the elevator from level 5--->Infinite still fine to use
    Maybe it would be possible to make a patch compatibily with the new SVE when the cart appear
    • ArtemisNK

      ArtemisNK Space Hobo

      As far as I can tell: Skull Caverns Elevator doesn't work on mobile with SVE ONCE Crimson Badlands are opened. There was an update to fix the issue for the elevator mod, but it only works with 1.5, so not on mobile yet.
      Using commands console to jump to the level you want in the caverns is an easy work-around, but it feels more like cheating than the immersive element of an in-game elevator.

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