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  1. GraySloth

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    The purpose of this mod is to remove energy gained by sleeping, thus making it a necessity to eat, making food and energy management more compelling.

    The config provides 3 options :
    1. energyGainRelative when true the other two options increase relative to maximum stamina [default: false]
    2. energyFromSleep the amount of energy you get added to your current amount when you sleep, if energyGainRelative is true it scales with maximum stamina. Can be a negative number so you LOSE energy from sleeping. [default: 0]
    3. minimumEnergy if your energy is lower than minimumEnergy after adding energyFromSleep, it will be set to minimumEnergy after sleeping. Also increases relative to maximum stamina if energyGainRelative is true. [default: 0]

    If you set energyFromSleep to 27 and energyGainRelative to true, when you have 372 max stamina you will gain ~37 energy when you sleep.

    If you just want to start every day with 50 energy set energyFromSleep to -1000 and minimumEnergy to 50.

    Additional Features:
    1. Leveling up a skill over night gives you full energy. This is hard coded in the game and I don't know how to change it, but it does help mitigate the difficulty during the first month. (Does not happen after choosing a Profession for some reason)
    2. Becoming exhausted causes energy gained from the energyFromSleep option to be reduced by about half.
    3. Staying up past midnight additionally reduces energy gained by up to half.
    I would greatly appreciate some feedback or tips if you have any.


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    • taintedwheat

      taintedwheat Master Astronaut

      Is there anyway to just have time tick and lose stamina that way? That also makes it more compelling to eat.

      Or, another idea, at certain times during the day, a huge chunk of stamina/energy depletes signifying for meal time?
      • GraySloth

        GraySloth Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Those are good suggestions, but not really what I am going for with the scope of my mod. I just want to change sleep as the main way to replenish energy making food mandatory, since going months with no food and just sleep is a bit silly and is very possible particularly late game when energy loss is trivial.
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        • taintedwheat

          taintedwheat Master Astronaut

          Oh I feel it, I wasn't trying to knock what you're getting at. That's cool though, for some reason I didn't see that you can config how much "sleep" one can get. That's pretty sick.

          I'm also toward end-game things, and I may have maxed out my Stamina /got all the starfruitsthings, and yeah, at that point you're not the energy loss is not substantial when before you were tired by 11.

          Thanks, I'll definitely check it out once I feel like actually playing instead of doing things to play extra in SDV.


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