RELEASED [SMAPI] No Soil Decay Redux on Nexus

Farm and Greenhouse will remain tiled over night and don't decay.

  1. Platonymous

    Platonymous Big Damn Hero

    Platonymous submitted a new mod:

    No Soil Decay Redux - Farm and Greenhouse will remain tiled over night and don't decay.

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    • Ilucie

      Ilucie Void-Bound Voyager

      It's not working. Smapi loaded the mod, but the soil decays anyways.
      • Platonymous

        Platonymous Big Damn Hero

        It works on my playthrough. What Version of SDV do you use and does it show any errors in the console?
        • Ilucie

          Ilucie Void-Bound Voyager

          Non-beta. No errors in Smapi
          • CaptainFoxx

            CaptainFoxx Pangalactic Porcupine

            it MOSTLY works, but the soil still decays very slowly
            • cocodojo

              cocodojo Void-Bound Voyager

              I still get very slow decay, but I'm noticing that the game likes to stutter quite a bit with this since looking at SMAPI, it looks like its trying to update the soil VERY often (using a really big farm mod). I'll see how it goes without this active. Maybe its just putting up with hoeing every so often rather than having severe lag when the farm gets "older and older" and possibly why I'm seeing so many entries of soil check?

              - Reinstalled SDV and redid my mods over, but without this one mod and went the whole day yesterday without noticing any of the prior problems. Now if I can only have automate work properly again...
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              • hho123

                hho123 Aquatic Astronaut

                Is it possible to make the fertilizer on the tilled soil stop decaying as well? Thanks.
                • Isaiahjm17

                  Isaiahjm17 Void-Bound Voyager

                  Some people say it doesn't work, others say it mostly works. I'm going to try it out and hopefully, you will get some positive feedback from me.
                  • snocat

                    snocat Space Hobo

                    Just started playing the game and could really use this mod, any plans to update it for SMAPI 1.15.4?

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