RELEASED [SMAPI] New machines (flour, sugar, vinegar, rice?)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Igorious, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. tj724

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    I have a very easy to use program that allows you to unpack,edit,then repack files.This is the only editor that worked for me.I can't post it here,the file is too large but it's xnb-mod-toolkit v2
    • LibraryLass

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      Hey, now that 1.1 is almost upon us, will this mod be updated to be compatible with it? The mill in 1.1 seems to make the tank and mill in it redundant, and the vanilla game now includes mead. I've been meaning to install this and MCM for months but I've been waiting to see what 1.1 had to offer and whether there would be any conflicts.
      • emilin_rose

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        quick question here(new sorry), i don't quite understand the changes to the jam/wine/pickle/juice. is it still based on the price of the individual crop, or is it just flat "jelly" with a star quality and a flat gold rate?
        • Balentay

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          I can't wait for this mod to be updated to 1.1 <3
          • Michael5601

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            Is it possible to combine this mod with another or are there any problems by playing Stardew Valley, because i want to have a german translation mod and this mod at the same time. Sorry for this weird question but I'm new in this mod world :)
            • BadShaddy

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              I really hope this mod gets updated, otherwise the game is permanently broken after the 1.1 update..
              Or if someone knows how to remove this mod until it gets updated, I would appreciate.
              • kamyk2000

                kamyk2000 Yeah, You!

                Yep, I know how. I've been using trial and error to eliminate what works and what doesn't with the new update.

                Steps for removing this mod in particular.

                1. If you didn't make a backup before it updated, find and get a copy of Stardew Valley pre 1.1 If no one has a clue where to get one, I was smart enough to back mine up before the update. I could sort through it for the files that changed and make them available somewhere if need be. Nothing like a whole install. That would make the game stealable, but the right files to rollback the update should be alright I think.
                1a. Cut and paste Stardew Valley 1.1 (The whole Stardew Valley folder) from steamaps\common\Stardew Valley to someplace else.
                If you don't know where that is, right click on Stardew Valley in Steam, and go to properties, then go to the Local Files tab, then "Browse Local Files".
                1b. After removing the updated Stardew Valley from steamapps\common\ paste the old version of Stardew Valley into steamapps\common\
                2. Load your game with all your old mods and the pre 1.1 version of Smapi
                3. Remove all objects from the game relating to this mod. All machines, all finished products, anything you might have added yourself tied to this mod (if you are saavy with xml). Get rid of it all, sell it, trash it, whatever.
                4. Go to bed so your game saves.
                5. Cut and paste the pre Stardew Valley 1.1 somewhere else for safekeeping. Then put the new Stardew Valley 1.1 back into steamapps\common\
                5a. If you have other mods, make sure to update smapi to the 1.1 compatible version.
                6. Load and play.

                I've been compiling a list of mods that don't work too. Nothing comprehensive, I only had 20 mods, so I can't give a full list, but I can say what to take out, and what still seems to work so far... I'll probably post a list in the main mods forum, but here's a brief list until I do.

                Get dressed -Doesn't work. Crashes game.
                Igorious New Machines - Obviously doesn't work. Crashes game. Boo.
                M007 Extended fridge - Doesn't work. Boo. Crashes game when you try to open the fridge. I'd suggest using my above method to go in game and empty your fridge before removing this mod.
                Npc Map Locations - Doesn't work. Crashes the game when you open your map.
                Reusuable wallpaper - Doesn't work. Crashes game.
                SMAPIChestLabelSystem - Doesn't work. Crashes game.
                SMAPISprinklerMod - Doesn't work. Crashes game.

                What does work so far is the Sprinting mod, and I believe Timespeed does too, although I have have yet to test all of it's config functions. I have a bunch more the game will load with, but I haven't tested them out yet, like the easier fishing mod.

                Oh, and the extended farmhouse mod works too, or the greenhouse one for that matter. It's just a matter of reinstalling them (Ie. putting the tilesets and maps for them back). Of course this overwrites the new additions to those maps that ConcernedApe made, so it's a matter of how much you want them. If you want his new maps and you have those mods, use my above method to remove everything from your basement/attic/greenhouse or what have you before using the new maps.

                Anyways hope all this info is useful to somebody.
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                • BadShaddy

                  BadShaddy Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Thanks @kamyk2000 your suggestion helped to "clean" the modded game.
                  Now I hope some of the mods get updated, otherwise I guess I have to rethink a lot of things in my farm!
                  • Alan Minder

                    Alan Minder Starship Captain

                    While waiting for the update, I wanted to ask, haven't played in a while so didn't notice the new machine that makes butter. So, there's two different ones, but I'm kinda wondering what they are for ? And, especially, which products work with those ?
                    • Alan Minder

                      Alan Minder Starship Captain

                      Double-posting, but I'd assume this means we can forget about this mod getting updated, huh ?..
                      • General Chaos

                        General Chaos Pangalactic Porcupine

                        Read a few posts up above and it seems some of you do not know of this thread,

                        These are the ones I use

                        -- NO CTD At All & compatible with one another ---
                        Calender Anywhere
                        Chests Anywhere
                        DailyNotifications(seems to work sometimes not work others but causes no CTD)
                        Faster Paths (Not Compatible with Movement Mod)
                        Gift Taste Helper
                        Instant Geode
                        NPC Map Locations
                        SMAPI Sprinkler Mod

                        --Installed but have not used ingame yet---
                        Horse Whistle
                        CJB Automation (unsure if used with chest anywhere it CTD or not)
                        • Alan Minder

                          Alan Minder Starship Captain

                          I know, this isn't my issue. The problem is, I used this mod before the new version came out and installed several machines. Thing is, doing anything with these machines now kills the game, and they can't even be removed. I would be fine with not using them anymore since the mill now exists, but the only way to remove them requires installing the previous version... which is a massive hassle. It'd make things much easier to simply have a new version for this mod.

                          just found out about this map editor :
                          This might actually be very helpful ! I'll try it out and tell people if this works, as it'd be much simpler than having to fully reinstall the game.

                          Indeed, I could delete the machines just right ! It's fixed ! I'm really glad. It's simple to use so don't hesitate to try it out as well if need be.
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                          • General Chaos

                            General Chaos Pangalactic Porcupine

                            I was not aware of a save map editor tool thank you.
                            • SKKN

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                              OP! PLease come back to this! We need you! :D
                              • Sarahfiren

                                Sarahfiren Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Thank you for the map editor idea!! Update broke the machines making my game a pain to deal with gonna try that map idea..really wish this would be updated .. :(
                                • prince_medion

                                  prince_medion Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I suddenly got ??? recipes in the achievements screen but not on the cook menu. How do I get the recipes? I looked at the bar and in the item spawner to no avail.
                                  • PaqpuK

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                                    The mod is not compatible with 1.1 version of Stardew Valley and breaks a lot of things. If you want to use it, search for Stardew Valley 1.0. Author of the mod isn't going to update it and it's a SMAPI mod, so no one else from the modding community if going to pick it up.
                                    • prince_medion

                                      prince_medion Void-Bound Voyager

                                      well I'm sure i found an updated version which i believe was intended for people to be able to remove content from game although it looks fully functional except for reciepes.
                                      • GARRthePIRATE

                                        GARRthePIRATE Big Damn Hero

                                        Does anyone know if Igorious plans to update this mod? or if there is a similar mod to this one out there? I Love the preserve and kegs retaining the quality trait.. but sadly coffee doesnt retain due to it being new.
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