REQUEST Smapi Mod: Randomized "Biggoron's Sword" Style Delivery Quests

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    You receive a copper bar in your mailbox in the morning, with a hastily scribbled note asking to get it to the Dwarf before 8am. You take it to him, and he hands you a Rhubarb pie: "How do you humans eat this garbage? Give this back to the one called Jodi. It's going to go bad unless you get it to her before 10am." You arrive at Jodi's at 9:40 with the pie: "Oh good, I was just going to slice up this Rainbow Trout but I wanted to make something the kids would like, and this is perfect! I don't need this trout anymore, could you be a dear and give it back to Willy for me? He will probably need it back in the next two hours or so."

    Etc., continuing like this until at the end of the day on your 8th or 10th delivery, you get a cash reward or a really good item. Anyone who has played Ocarina of Time should recognize this quest style as it is similar to the Biggoron's Sword quest. These quests would be interesting in that sometimes you'll have to run around trying to figure out where a person could be while hoping you find them in time. Each new item and dialogue line could have 4 or 5 variations so that the next item each time could be randomized between a few different possibilities, so you can't plan your route and might have to improvise.

    Is this possible to make?

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