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    Download link on nexus:

    1. Install SMAPI 2.0+.
    2. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
    3. Change the speed in the config file located in Stardew Valley/Mods/MachineSpeedChange/config.json (the default speed is equal to the game's).
    4. Run the game using SMAPI.

    Works for
    • Bee House
    • Keg
    • Furnace
    • Preserve Jar
    • Cheese Press
    • Loom
    • Oil Maker
    • Recycling Machine
    • Crystalarium
    • Mayonnaise Machine
    • Seed Maker
    • Incubator
    • Tapper
    • Charcoal Kiln
    • Mushroom Box (from the cave)
    • Worm Bin
    • Slime Incubator
    • Slime Egg Press
    • Cask
    • And anything that takes time to be ready

    • timeCanBeZero: As the mod rounds the time to the nearest multiple of 10, the time may be 0. If set to false, the minimum time will be 10 minutes (default: false).
    • useAlwaysDefaultPercentage: The mod will always use the 'defaultPercentage' config to all machines (default: 100).
    • defaultPercentage: If you don't want to adjust individual speeds, use this (this is used for other mods' machines) (default: 100).
    • All the other '...Percentage' configs: Changes the speed of individual machines (default: 100).

    Extra info
    • Yes, it works for kegs.
    • If you put an item in a machine too fast (really really fast) after it finished up, the mod may not work. This also applies to Automate 'AutomationInterval' config being too low (less than 5 and the mod probably won't work).
    • Should work with other mods' machines.
    • To uninstall delete Stardew Valley/Mods/MachineSpeedChange.
    • If i forgot some machine tell me.
    • If you found a bug tell me and i'll try to fix it ASAP.

    • 1.0 - Release;
    • 1.1 - Added Casks Anywhere mod compatibility; Now casks age correctly based on the percentage; Fixed bugs;
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