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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Aug 22, 2016.

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    The link on the previous post didn't have that information on it. and if i could turn off the emoticons that would be great. but i guess i can't :/
    • Pathoschild

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      @Freeasabird420 Here's the important part:
      That happens in the game's XNA drawing code. It may be something wrong with your system (especially memory); have you noticed any other computer issues lately, especially in other games?
      • Freeasabird420

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        Memory eh?, ...problems with my other games? not that i can recall. so what should i do? delete/uninstall some things?
        • Pathoschild

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          The error just means something went wrong with memory access in the game, so it's hard to suggest a specific fix. Maybe uninstall & reinstall XNA Framework 4.0 and reboot?
          • Xuomi

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            @Freeasabird420 Yes it did. :)
            It says this directly beneath how to find the log file. Just for future reference.
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              Recently got back into SDV and obviously decided to download this mod and noticed you implemented the feature I suggested a while back about looking things up in the Community Center. I just wanted to say thank you! Seriously. You're always so helpful and do so much for the community it makes me so happy ;u;
              /nvm my fangirling
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              • Eone

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                Amazing mods! For someone like me who always browse wiki while playing the game, this just like dream come true. It is so convenient and easy to use. I do have one suggestion. Maybe in the next update, the mods can show price for artisan goods on crops info like pickle and wine before processing them. Base artisan price would be enough I think because I always have to check which artisan type give more profit. Or is there already implemented for which I'm not noticing yet? Anyway the mod is already excellent just the way it is.
                • bleakleeks21

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                  Loving the mod, thanks for making it! I just ran into a weird error; on my trees (peach, pomegranate, apple), it throws an error trying to show lookup info. I do have it updated to the latest version. Link to the error code is below... Thank you!
                  • urmonator

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                    Pathos- Urmonator here. I'm posting the save files for my game here so that you can take a look like you asked over on Nexus. Original post: "I just got my casks today and put starfruit wine in some and grape wine in the other. I hit F1 to get info about the processing casks and got the "Huh. Something went wrong looking that up. The error log has the technical details." error."

           for the error log.


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                    • Pathoschild

                      Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

                      Thanks for the suggestion! I think the best solution is to make the recipe name clickable to see their lookup page:

                      I added a ticket to link the names, but I'll need to make some pretty big changes under the hood to support that. Since I'm mainly focusing on helping update mods for SMAPI 2.0 for the next few months, it may be a while before I can look into this.

                      Can you try it again, then attach your latest SMAPI log?

                      Thanks! This is a SMAPI bug, so I'll look into it for the next SMAPI release.
                      • Pathoschild

                        Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

                        Lookup Anything 1.16 is now available!

                        Release notes:
                        • NPC gift tastes now list inventory and owned items first.
                        • Added warning when translation files are missing.
                        • Fixed items inside buildings constructed in custom locations not being found for gift taste info.
                        • Fixed lookup errors with some custom NPCs.
                        • loner450

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                          Hello Pathos, loner450 here from the Nexus. Just to let you know about the same error i'm getting as urmonator.

                          Nexus Post
                          Hello. I'm also having the same problem as urmonator. Only this time it's with an ancient fruit seed. Just planted it to see when it will grow on which day only to get the same error. The log is as below:

                          [16:52:58 TRACE LookupAnything] Checking for update... none found.
                          [16:53:16 TRACE LookupAnything] Received a lookup request... searching the world...
                          [16:53:16 TRACE LookupAnything] Showing ItemSubject::Fruit::Ancient Fruit.
                          [16:53:16 ERROR LookupAnything] Something went wrong looking that up:
                          System.ArgumentException: Invalid day '0', must be a value from 1 to 28.
                          at StardewModdingAPI.Utilities.SDate..ctor(Int32 day, String season, Int32 year) in D:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\StardewModdingAPI\Utilities\SDate.cs:line 64
                          at StardewModdingAPI.Utilities.SDate.AddDays(Int32 offset) in D:\source\_Stardew\SMAPI\src\StardewModdingAPI\Utilities\SDate.cs:line 116
                          at Pathoschild.Stardew.LookupAnything.Framework.Subjects.ItemSubject.<GetData>d__7.MoveNext() in D:\source\_Stardew\Mods.Pathoschild\LookupAnything\Framework\Subjects\ItemSubject.cs:line 133
                          at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereEnumerableIterator`1.MoveNext()
                          at System.Linq.Buffer`1..ctor(IEnumerable`1 source)
                          at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToArray[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)
                          at Pathoschild.Stardew.LookupAnything.Components.LookupMenu..ctor(ISubject subject, Metadata metadata, IMonitor monitor, IReflectionHelper reflectionHelper, Int32 scroll, Boolean showDebugFields, Action`1 showNewPage) in D:\source\_Stardew\Mods.Pathoschild\LookupAnything\Components\LookupMenu.cs:line 93
                          at Pathoschild.Stardew.LookupAnything.LookupAnythingMod.<>c__DisplayClass15_0.<ShowLookupFor>b__0() in D:\source\_Stardew\Mods.Pathoschild\LookupAnything\LookupAnythingMod.cs:line 279
                          at Pathoschild.Stardew.Common.CommonHelper.InterceptErrors(IMonitor monitor, String verb, String detailedVerb, Action action, Action`1 onError) in D:\source\_Stardew\Mods.Pathoschild\Common\CommonHelper.cs:line 214
                          • ZjakeZX

                            ZjakeZX Intergalactic Tourist

                            Hello Pathoschild,

                            I have a question. I installed the mod and now it often shows: No translation:......
                            Do you have any idea how i can fix this?

                            Kind Regards,

                            • Pathoschild

                              Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

                              @loner450 Thanks! I fixed it in the upcoming SMAPI 1.15.4 release.

                              @ZjakeZX You're missing some of the mod's files. Try reinstalling the mod. If you use a mod manager, you may need to copy the files into the folder manually.
                              • ZjakeZX

                                ZjakeZX Intergalactic Tourist

                                Thanks! I'll try it!
                                • ZjakeZX

                                  ZjakeZX Intergalactic Tourist

                                  It worked! You have my thanks!
                                  • MouseyPounds

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                                    Minor bug on the Adventure Guild info when lookup up a Frost Bat. The following screenshots show that Lookup Anything 1.16 gives progress of 195 bat kills, but the guild itself has the count at 204. I believe kills of the lowest tier "Bat" are not being included. Savefile attached.


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                                    • Pathoschild

                                      Pathoschild Oxygen Tank

                                      @MouseyPounds Thanks for reporting it! I'll fix that in the next release.
                                      • Pathoschild

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