RELEASED [SMAPI] Furniture Anywhere 1.1.5

Now you can furniturize the world to your hearts content!

  1. Entoarox

    Entoarox Oxygen Tank

    TMXLoader / PyTK is not the only one that does a similar thing where custom object A needs to be serialized before custom object B can be, while such a event would be a quick fix for the current issue, it would not fix the actual problem.
    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

      Thinking on it, the best solution would be for a secondary set of save events that fires multiple times on serialize/deserialize, in a fixed order:

      - Serialize items in Inventories
      - Serialize objects in maps
      - Serialize features in maps
      - Serialize maps in buildings
      - Serialize buildings in maps
      - Serialize maps in the locations array

      And then doing the exact reverse for deserializing.
      (The exact order / precision of serialization / deserialization would need to be discussed, but such a process is the only one I believe can ensure that everything is serialized generally)

      The only alternative I can think of is for SMAPI to provide a abstract set of serializables that mods extend from, and that SMAPI then handles serialization / deserialization of them.
      • Ink Dragon

        Ink Dragon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      • Entoarox

        Entoarox Oxygen Tank

        You have a literal ton of errors, solve them top-to-bottom, starting with `No Soil Decay`, then `PyTK`, and `UI Info Suite`, then finally `Mayonnaise Plus Plus`.

        Literally the only explicit message from FA I see in your log is a error about you loading a save with furniture that got broken as a result of the recent changes to FA (Which the file description warns you about)

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