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    Mod allows you to add new and alter existing crafting recipes without modifying game data files. Just pure JSON and no xnb editing/merging.
    It comes prebundled with four recipes for crafting back 5 ores from each bar type.

    Each item can be specified by id or by name. Unfortunately, not every object can be identified by name, so mod may try to "guess" what item it should select if multiple are found.
        /* Recipe name.
        If name is already present in-game, recipe will be modified.
        Otherwise, new will be added. */
        "Name": "Copper Ore",
        /* Items required for recipe. */
        "Items": {
            "Copper Bar": 1
        /* Item produced by recipe.
        More than 1 result is not currently supported by game. */
        "Result": {
            "Copper Ore": 5
    ObjectInformation.yaml with item ids of Stardew Valley 1.11 can be found here.

    • ability to specify skill and level required to learn recipe
    • cooking recipes customization

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    • mononoyesyeske

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      Hey mate, nice mod, but it seems outdated and SMAPI skipped it.
      • Exanedral

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        I tried to message you, Lasur, but I was wondering if this is still functional? This is exactly what I was looking for.
        • Diotheawesome

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          Kinda broken
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          • Ichimatsu

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            You three do realize this mod is 1 year old, right?
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            • IvoAnic

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              • IvoAnic

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                I Realize

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