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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Aug 17, 2016.

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    In a future update, would it be possible to have the shipping bin show up in every location? Like if you have a chest on your farm and in your house, no matter which one you're looking at, you can access the shipping bin quickly and easily.
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      @aerogems Sure, I'm open to adding that if other players would find it useful too. As a shortcut though, did you know you can use the up/down and left/right arrow keys to quickly navigate categories and chests?
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        I typically play with a controller, and am aware of the trigger/shoulder buttons, but later in the game you can have so many chests in different buildings working your way through them all is tiresome. Or maybe you're in the mines, your inventory fills up and you want to dump some things into the shipping bin, but the last time you used it you were in a shed so you have to change back to the farm and then the shipping bin. Also, is there any way to create linked chests, like the shipping bin, with SMAPI?

        On another note, I haven't gone through all 17 previous pages, so if these bugs have been reported, or you know about them, you can just ignore me. When you first open the chests anywhere menu and try to move something from your inventory to a chest, the mouse cursor has a tendency to jump to the top of the chest invetory. If you go to the menu and manually select the chest again, the mouse cursor stays at the space previously occupied by whatever you moved to the chest. Not sure if this is an issue with SDV and something you can't fix, or somehow managed to escape notice all this time. There also seems to be a conflict with mods like MegaStorage Mod where if you use one of the larger sized chests, sometimes it is impossible to move the cursor to the backpack inventory without using the mouse. Not sure who would have to change what in their respective mod, but it'd be great if you could at least take a look to see if it's something you could fix on your end.

        Appreciate all your efforts.
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          @aerogems Chests Anywhere shouldn't affect item transfers or controller input; it opens the game's normal chest UI which handles that, and Chests Anywhere just draws its extra stuff around it. Do those issues happen if you remove Chests Anywhere temporarily?
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            Hi there. First of all, thanks so much for all your awesome mods - I am using a lot of them!
            I am trying to set up my Android and am struggling with chests anywhere. I guess this is a known thing... but I didn't find anything in this thread about it. The mod doesn't work for me. I tried the last four versions, all produce the same error.
            I can't access all my chests from one chest and the last error in the log appears when I try to use the shortcut B
            Here is my log:
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              It is an issue of the game with Snappy Menus and Gamepad mode. It moves the cursor to the first slot every time an action is made with the mouse (or to the last item selected with gamepad buttons), is very frustrating...

              Found the following testing in game, unless otherwise is stated, the behaviour is observed with or without mod (nor SMAPI). With "mod" I mean this one, Chests Anywhere.

              Required settings to reproduce:
              Gamepad mode: "Force On" OR ("Auto-detect" with gamepad connected).
              "Use Controller-Style Menus" enabled.

              Short example to reproduce:
              1) Put "Gamepad mode" on "Force On" and enable "Controller-Style Menus".
              2) Open any chest and click on items of your inventory, the mouse will move every time to the first slot of the chest, if you click on an item of the chest with at least one empty slot in your inventory, it will stop this behaviour.

              Long answer with conditions to reproduce:
              The game tracks two positions: Mouse position (M for short) and Controller position (C for short). The first one is the position of the cursor as seen in the screen, the second one is the position of the component controlled with the gamepad arrows or stick (or, also, with the w-a-s-d keys if Gamepad mode "Force On" was selected). If one moves C, M is updated and moves to the same location. The opposite is not true.
              For example, if you move to the third slot with the gamepad and then you move the mouse, C will be in the location of the third slot and M will be on the place where the cursor is seen (also, if gamepad mode is on auto-detect, C will move to the first slot the next time a gamepad action is done).
              (I'm just calling them like that for this description, in the game code I think they are called Mouse cursor/location and SnappedComponent).

              The issue will cause M move to C with any action performed over a slot with an item, except clicking on one from the inventory chest without item grabbed, this includes:
              - On any item of the inventory, press Left click, Right click, or the gamepad buttons A or B.
              - On any item of the chest inventory, press the gamepad buttons A or B.
              - With an item grabbed (after unsuccessfully trying to move an item from the chest to a full inventory), click on any slot of the chest inventory or player inventory.

              The issues will happen if and only if the last action to be executed from the following groups is from Group A.
              Group A:
              - (Gamepad mode: Auto-detect) Open a chest with a gamepad button without moving the mouse.
              - (Gamepad mode: Auto-detect and mod) Open a chest when snappy mode is on (when the arrow cursor hides or change to a hand cursor after using the gamepad).
              - (Gamepad mode: Force On) Open a chest with any normal (nomod) way.
              - (Gamepad mode: Force On and mod) Open a chest with any way, except clicking on the drop down list.
              Note: The previous actions will put M and C in the position of the top left slot of the chest inventory.
              - Press any directional or action button in the gamepad or w-a-s-d key.
              - (Gamepad mode: Auto-detect) Use any button from the gamepad (just few exceptions, like chat button).
              Note: Moving the mouse in Auto-detect mode will reset the position of C to the top left slot of the chest inventory the next time a gamepad action is made.

              Group B:
              - Left-click or right-click on an item from the inventory chest with at least one empty slot in your inventory.
              - (Gamepad mode: Auto-detect) Open a chest by clicking on it or using a keyboard button (default x?).
              - (Gamepad mode: Auto-detect and mod) Open a chest with snappy mode off (like moving the mouse before opening the chest; this includes navigating through chest with arrows, gamepad buttons or from the dropdown list).
              - (Gamepad mode: Force on and mod) Open a chest clicking on the drop down list.

              I think that there were other action in group B but I forgot...

              So, this unexpected behaviour seems to be from the game itself, for now it is avoidable by disabling the Controller-style Menus (losing its functionality).
              If one uses gamepad and mouse, using auto-detect seems less troublesome that force on.
              If just gamepad is used, there is not much issue by using auto-detect when looking just one chest, but every time a chest is opened (navigating with this mod), the cursor goes to the first slot.

              In fact, I was going to ask if there is a possibility to remember the cursor position when switching chests with the gamepad (snappy menus and gamepad mode auto-detect), but now I realize that the behaviour is from the game itself... so idk, only if is feasible :p

              Thanks for the mod and sorry for the extension of the post, having trouble to summarize since this is not my native language (any correction is welcome).

              Edit: After testing I noticed that this should be reported to the developer of the game, not to the developer of this mod, but posted it here anyway in case it helps with that report (also, because I was going to write it here initially and then I got a bit lazy when I thought of searching how to report to the developer... maybe other day...)
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              • Pathoschild

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                @instantAmnesia That seems like something SMAPI for Android will need to rewrite for compatibility. I sent a message to the SMAPI for Android maintainer to discuss the issue.
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                  The newest release isn't working with my game. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit and an xbox wired controller. I hit every button on the xbox controller and even the B key and nothing. All it shows is the cursor in the same position every time. Nothing else happens.
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                    Okay, I figured it out. I have to play from the StardewModdingAPI in the mods folder instead of from Steam, probably because the universe hates me. Everything works fine now. Thanks.
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                      Did you set your launch options?
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