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  1. Pathoschild

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    Update: Chests Anywhere is now released on Nexus Mods! Go there to download the latest version. This thread is the best place for bug reports, suggestions, feedback, and discussion. :)


    Chests Anywhere lets you access your chests from anywhere. Transfer items without having to run around, from the comfort of your bed to the deepest mine level.

    This is an open-source fork of AccessChestAnywhere (which is currently inactive), with the author's blessing.

    1. Install SMAPI (0.39.5+).
    2. Install Chest Label System to name your chests. (Recommended but not required.)
    3. Download the Nexus mod, and unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
    4. Run the game using SMAPI.
    Accessing your chests
    Press B to open the menu:

    This will show the chests on your farm and in your buildings. You can click the top-right menu to change location, and the top-left menu to change chest:

    You can also navigate between chests using the arrow keys.

    Your chests are sorted alphabetically by default. Want a different order? Just add a number between pipes (like |1|) somewhere in the chest name:

    The chests will be sorted by that number, then alphabetically. Chests with a specific order will appear before those without. (The number won't be shown in the list.)

    Hidden chests
    Hide a chest by adding |ignore| to its name.

    Change input
    Don't want to summon your chests with B? You can change all of the key bindings in the config.json (see valid keys), and add controller bindings if you have one (see valid buttons).

    • Chests are now sorted alphabetically
    • Chests can now be sorted manually
    • Added item tooltips
    • Added organize button
    • Added controller support
    • Added support for rebinding keyboard/controller keys in config.json
    • Added hotkeys to navigate between chests
    • Fixed chests in constructed buildings (like barns) not showing up
    • Fixed farmhouse fridge not showing up
    • Location tab is now hidden if all your chests are in one place
    • Simplified default chest names (like "Chest #1" instead of "Chest(77,12)")

    1.1 (AccessChestsAnywhere)
    • Reworked UI
    • Added tabs for chests and locations
    • Added scrollable list for the two tabs
    • Chests can now be ignored

    1.0 (AccessChestsAnywhere)
    • Initial release

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    • Pathoschild

      Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

      This is my first mod; let me know if anything breaks! Suggestions are welcome too; for example, maybe show a customisable category dropdown instead of location? :)
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      • VIspReaderUS

        VIspReaderUS Void-Bound Voyager

      • Pathoschild

        Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

        How useful is the grouping by location? I'm thinking of making that optional in the next version.
        • SpringsSong

          SpringsSong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          I'm having a problem using this mod with the SDV 1.1 SMAPI ( Pressing the designated hotkey causes the game to crash. Using the original AccessChestAnywhere Mod with the 1.1 Beta works fine.
          • Pathoschild

            Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

            Hi @SpringsSong. I'm aiming to update this mod within a week of the 1.1 release (along with Lookup Anything). Unfortunately I can't test until 1.1 goes live, because the beta isn't available to GOG users. I'll post in this thread when the new version is available, so you can watch the thread for updates. :)
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            • SpringsSong

              SpringsSong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Ah, gotcha. I look forward to the updated version then~
              • Pathoschild

                Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                Version 1.3 is now available! This is the last version for Stardew Valley 1.0, and is not compatible with Stardew Valley 1.1.

                Release highlights:
                • You no longer need the Chest Label System mod to rename chests, and can do so directly from the chest UI. (That mod seems to be unmaintained, and probably won't be updated for 1.1.) The new UI will be further improved in later versions.
                • The mod will now check for updates when you load the game. This happens in the background, so it won't affect your load time even if your connection is slow or offline. You can disable the update check in the config.json file.
                • The location tab (in the top right) is no longer enabled by default; instead you'll see your chests from all locations. You can re-enable it in the config.json file, but it may be removed in a future version. Comment now if you want to keep it!
                • Several quality-of-life improvements.
                Specific changes:
                • Added feature to rename a chest from the menu.
                • Added organise button for inventory.
                • Added update check on load.
                • Added error if game or SMAPI are out of date.
                • Improved chest/location dropdowns:
                  • They can now be closed by clicking away or pressing ESC.
                  • They now show as many items as possible (instead of 10).
                  • They now show up/down arrows when there are too many items to display at once.
                • Improved error handling.
                • Pressing ESC will now close the chest UI.
                • The location tab is no longer enabled by default, and may be removed in a future version. Comment now if you want to keep it!
                Feel free to post bugs, suggestions, or feedback here. :)
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                • Redawilo

                  Redawilo Aquatic Astronaut

                  Yes, please keep the location tab! As somebody who uses this mod along with CJB Automation, I don't want to have to scroll through the 30+ chests I have in my barns for kegs and preserves jars if I just want something from my farmhouse.
                  • Pathoschild

                    Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                    @Redawilo thanks for the feedback! I was thinking of replacing the locations with a category dropdown. When you edit a chest's name, you'd have a new option to set a category:
                        Name: │ Keg #15           │
                    Category: │ Automated Kegs    │ (or leave blank)
                    │ OK │
                    The category list would be shown where the location list is now. That would give you a lot more control over how your chests are organised. (You could call the category Keg Barn if you like grouping by location.)

                    Would that feature be useful in your case?
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                    • Redawilo

                      Redawilo Aquatic Astronaut

                      Yes! Being able to sort them that way would be a good replacement. =)
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                      • foghorn

                        foghorn Pangalactic Porcupine

                        As much as I like the Locations tab (I have the three big expansions installed, with chests scattered everywhere), this is a great system.

                        Edit: Quick question: would it be too messy to have the Category List show the location by default?
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                        • Pathoschild

                          Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                          I'm not sure. It may be confusing when the player adds categories, since they'll be mixed into the same dropdown. I think it'd be better to start with a flat list, and let the player organise it as they see fit. It's still up for discussion though; right now I'm collecting feedback on how the feature should work. :)
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                          • Marxell

                            Marxell Intergalactic Tourist

                            I like the location way^^
                            • SpringsSong

                              SpringsSong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              I myself would be partial to category: I have an automation mod that I use, so having the chests sorted by category would be better for me than for location.
                              • ekffie

                                ekffie Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                I love and need the locations.... I just used it for 2 minutes in a save I know very good without them. I see whats in the chest but I don't have a clue where they are.. I think I memorize them only by it.

                                Suggestion what about putting the location as a category when nothing is put in the category field ?

                                And btw. I, as controller user are very thankful for methods of less typing because my keyboard is often not even in the neighbourhood ...
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                                • Pathoschild

                                  Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                                  Thanks! Based on your feedback, the next version unifies locations and categories into one system. Your chests will be grouped by location, which you can override by setting a category. If you want it grouped by location again, you can just clear the category field.

                                  For example, this would put my fridge into the 'Barn' category. (Note that the real location is always shown too.)
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                                  • ekffie

                                    ekffie Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Thank you this looks great :D

                                    One other request: can you build a config option to see the fridge or not ? I am in the first small house atm and I can see it without even having it. Also I think about using the enhanced fridge mod if it becomes updated and I will use it with the old modded save which I keep playing in 1.07. I don't know, If it is compatible - are they ? Else I would like to be able to turn it of for this mod.

                                    I also noticed a smal bug:
                                    I turned the location on in the config. when i clicked mouse or controller on the location list on the right it worked ok. But on the left the list of chests stayed the same even if I toogled through to another location. If you open the renaming dialog and close it again, the list gets refreshed by the actual list. but if you go through chest it remains the same..
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                                    • hurrshire

                                      hurrshire Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Personally, I am a big fan of creating categories. I don't really need to pay much attention to WHERE my chests are, as long as I can get to what's inside. I was using the old AccessChestsAnywhere mod in combo with CJB's Automation and it worked like a dream. Now I'm down chest organization AND automation with 1.1. Having at least one of those things would be awesome.

                                      EDIT: based on the screenshot posted while I was typing, that looks great! Location by default and then categories is a great way to do this. I was under the impression it was going to be an either or thing.
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                                      • Pathoschild

                                        Pathoschild Giant Laser Beams

                                        You can hide it by clicking the "hide this chest" checkbox in the upcoming version 1.4. Careful! There's no way to undo hiding the fridge yet, since you can't pick it up to reset it. (The mod will warn you that it's irreversible.) The ability to edit a chest directly should be part of version 1.5.

                                        Thanks for pointing that out; I'll fix it in version 1.5.

                                        They're semi-compatible. You'll see your items in Chests Anywhere, but they won't be paginated (the items will probably spill out of the box). I don't recommend using your fridge in both mods. You can hide the fridge from Chests Anywhere (see above).

                                        That may be fixed in the upcoming version; let me know if it isn't!
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