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    Here's a link to the NexusMods page, where there's more detailed information on installing it or using it as a modder (though the regular install steps are exactly the same as every other SMAPI mod - drag the folders into /mods/ ) :

    This mod is something I had the idea for a long time ago, but never tried to make until now! It changes the Bus Ticket Machine menu (which normally only allows you to go to the Calico Desert) from a Yes/No dialogue into a multi-choice menu!

    The destinations on the list are populated by content packs which can be created by anyone for any map - if you wanted, you could even create a destination in the Sewers or the Quarry! Note that this requires NO MAP CHANGES for the destination or the bus stop (so it shouldn't conflict with anything, so long as the bus stop map stays the same size and the ticket machine doesn't move)!

    Creating content packs is super easy and should work right away as long as you fill in all the information. An example is provided with the mod (in the mod zip) that shows how content packs should be formatted. As a sidenote, don't remove the example ("[BL] Desert") because if you do, the desert will be inaccessible. There's a few values in the "content.json" file of your modpack that you have to fill out:
    1. "mapname" - This is the code name for the map, for example "Mountain", "Town", "Desert", etc.
    2. "displayname" - What shows up in the ticket machine (don't include the price, that's automatic!)
    3. "destinationX" - The X tile coordinate where you want the player to be warped to.
    4. "destinationY" - The Y tile coordinate where you want the player to be warped to.
    5. "arrivalFacing" - What direction the player is facing on arrival, in number form (0-3 or 1-4 I think?)
    6. "ticketPrice" - That's right, variable bus fares! Different locations can charge different amounts!

    So long as you provide all these details and all the information is correct (mostly the mapname, destinationX, and destinationY), you should see your destination listed in the ticket machine!

    The whole purpose of this mod is to create an easy way for modders to make their locations accessible without having to edit existing maps, add warps in weird spots, or other convoluted methods. Hopefully some of you creative people out there can use this with Advanced Location Loader or similar to create some awesome new places for the rest of us to visit!

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