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    Hello everyone I thought it be appropriate to announce the return of the AutoSpeed mod!

    This mod will load upon loading in a character and cause your character to move faster than normal by the value specified in AutoSpeed_Data.txt.

    That's it. Nothing new or fancy. Just updated it due to a bunch of user requests.

    Anyway here is the link.

    Install it by putting the AutoSpeed Mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods

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    • unmog

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      Not really sure how Github works... I mean I was able to download the dll file. But I wasnt able to find out how to download the autospeed folder itself. Im posting here because I notice there was a bunch of other files, a class1.cs file and a manifest.json file and I have no idea what to do with those. Cant even figure out how to download them. The readme didnt give any further instructions, just copy pasted what you have on the first post here.

      I'm probably in the minority on this but I never really used github much before this, so Im not really familliar with how to use it. A simple "download" link would have worked much better to get a zip file or whatever but... even if you consider doing that, it's probably time I learn what to do with Github to get it to work... so what do I do?
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      • zipy199522

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        Ahh sorry, I guess I naturally assumed people know how github works but that assumption was pretty bad on my part. (I'm still figuring github out myself). I'll post a simple download link untill I make my github a little more user friendly. =)
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        • SevenKalmia

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          Hey can you make another version of this where the player can set the speed increase?
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          • ragnax

            ragnax Aquatic Astronaut

            Very Good, thanks!
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