RELEASED [SMAPI] All Crops All Seasons--Plant and Harvest Any Crop in Any Season

Discussion in 'Cheats' started by cantorsdust, Mar 7, 2016.

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    If you won't put up the download, will you at least share it with me, please?
    • Sindrawolf

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      So does anyone have any idea why if I head to the town my screen turns black? I can still walk I can hear myself moving but I can't see anything. And then SMAPI spazzes with red letters.


      The mods I have are:
      (TrainerMod which I guess comes with it)
      and obviously this mod. No problems before this one.
      • cantorsdust

        cantorsdust Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Updated mod to be compatible with SMAPI 1.0+ (should be compatible with 1.9) and SDV 1.1, incorporating support for coffee beans.

        Don't take this update to mean that I'm supporting my mods again. They remain unsupported, should be further developed by the community, etc. I just happen to be playing Stardew Valley again and want to make sure my mods are all working when I play it. Cheers everyone!
        • Pathoschild

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          All Crops All Seasons 1.3-beta is now available!

          This mod is now maintained by the community, and this is the first official community update. Changes in this release:
          • Updated for SMAPI 1.9 and Stardew Valley 1.2.
          • Fixed issue where crops don't grow if you go to bed without leaving the farmhouse.
          • Internal refactoring.
          Feedback, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome here. The non-beta version will be released once Stardew Valley 1.2 is out of beta. :)
          • Pathoschild

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