RELEASED [SMAPI 1.5] In-Game Cheat Menu v1.13 Beta [01-Jan-2017]

Discussion in 'Cheats' started by CJB, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. luciferousdeeds

    luciferousdeeds Lucky Number 13

    Smapi just ignores it because it doesn't have a manifest.json. Even though it says so in the file.

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    • GhostKat

      GhostKat Space Hobo

      Please make an update for 1.11
      • springacres

        springacres Sandwich Man

        Is the manifest.json in a subfolder when you unzip the file? I ran into this same issue with another mod and it turned out I should have just moved the subfolder that contained the actual mod, as opposed to the folder my decompression program created when I extracted the file.
        • beaniebaby.c

          beaniebaby.c Orbital Explorer

          Please extract file into this fallowing path: \Stardew Valley\Mods\Content
          then press "P"
          (I think CJB had give us wrong path :p)
          • ragnax

            ragnax Aquatic Astronaut

            Woks in this version:

            • Rillank

              Rillank Void-Bound Voyager

              I cant start the Mod:

              SMAPI 1.9-beta.10 with Stardew Valley 1.2.12

              [20:12:55 ERROR SMAPI] Skipped CJB Cheats Menu because it's not compatible with the latest version of the game. Please check for a version newer than 1.13 here:
              [20:12:55 ERROR SMAPI] Skipped CJB Item Spawner because it's not compatible with the latest version of the game. Please check for a version newer than 1.6 here:

              What can i do

              I Updatet the Client, today was a 17mb Patch
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              • Xuomi

                Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

                I don't think that CJB mods are compatible with beta at the moment, you will need to downgrade until they're officially released for the patch.
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                • ragnax

                  ragnax Aquatic Astronaut

                  • TheRealFithlearn

                    TheRealFithlearn Yeah, You!

                    Is there anyway to edit the crop growth to have a bigger AOE?
                    • abh8284

                      abh8284 Void-Bound Voyager

                      PLs Update for Stardew Valley (1.12.6) pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
                      • Xuomi

                        Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

                        The mod will be updated for the official release of 1.2 Stardew Valley, not the beta. Don't play the beta version of SDV if you want operational mods.
                        • bararaqsigh

                          bararaqsigh Void-Bound Voyager

                          I'm having trouble with the casks; I didn't realize they were already malfunctioning, so I tried turning them on. My wine and cheese processed instantly, but all stars were gone, so I turned it back off. The problem is it still acts like I have it turned on, even though I made sure the box was unchecked, and continues to instantly process them into no-star quality. I had a similar problem with the "harvest with scythe" option (requiring a scythe even after unchecking the box), but not with fast furnaces. Does anyone know how to change this back to base game? I tried completely uninstalling and then reinstalling the menu, but that didn't work, which makes me think it's somewhere in the save file.
                          • Xuomi

                            Xuomi Zero Gravity Genie

                            It's already been acknowledged there is an issue with the casks, and it's supposed to get fixed on the next build of the game.

                            The "Harvest With Scythe" issue is a 'bug' (that I'm not sure is actually a bug) that, when selected, affects all of your currently planted crops. If you don't want to harvest with the scythe anymore, then you need to disable it and remove your current crops because they'll always be affected by it. Only newly planted crops will no longer require using the scythe.
                            • bararaqsigh

                              bararaqsigh Void-Bound Voyager

                              Alright, I didn't know if there was a way to get the casks back to normal, thanks. And that makes a lot of sense, thank you!
                              • derpy101

                                derpy101 Space Hobo

                                Doesn't open the menu and is it because I have Mod Manager?
                                • Mar198617

                                  Mar198617 Space Hobo

                                  is it work on cracked version game??
                                  • Mar198617

                                    Mar198617 Space Hobo


                                    when I open the game there no image only hear sound and music?? please help me:wot::wot::wot:
                                    • Ghostly Fox

                                      Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                                      Since cracked usually translates to meaning a stolen version of the game, you won't receive help here as the forum has strict anti-piracy rules. Most of the mod makers aren't very fond of digital pirates, either.
                                      • Mar198617

                                        Mar198617 Space Hobo

                                        OK i see now>>>thanks for clarifying
                                        I download this game from some website:rolleyes:
                                        Means I should buy the game:3
                                        • Rubicant1982

                                          Rubicant1982 Contact!

                                          I recently downloaded this mod from nexus, and it seems to be working with the exception that I cannot select the quality or sorting options at the top of the menu.
                                          I can see them ... just clicking on them does nothing .-.

                                          I am using SMAPI 1.9 with Stardew Valley 1.11 on Windows 7.
                                          No error msgs displayed for this mod (I'm getting one for the sprinkler mod but that is a different thread lol)
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