RELEASED [SMAPI 0.37.1+] Instant Geode Blacksmith

Discussion in 'Gameplay Mechanics' started by montana123, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. hihi427

    hihi427 Tentacle Wrangler

    awesome thank you!
    • clickeddaisy

      clickeddaisy Void-Bound Voyager

      is there a chance you are gonna make a version for storm?
      • montana123

        montana123 Starship Captain

        Maybe if Storm gets updated a bit further
        • SuccuIncu

          SuccuIncu Master Chief

          Is this compatible with SMAPI 0.38.8???
          thank you... :)
          • hihi427

            hihi427 Tentacle Wrangler

            hi how's going
            Is it instant eating possible ?
            I can't wait to use it.
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            • profarkane

              profarkane Intergalactic Tourist

              it is working to SMAPI 0.39.1 version?
              I can not use it.
              • cantorsdust

                cantorsdust Subatomic Cosmonaut

                This mod can be used on SMAPI 0.39 if you place it in its own folder and create a manifest.json file for it. See ClxS's post for details.
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                • Norfuer

                  Norfuer Orbital Explorer

                  Testing it out with some geodes...
                  • SomeOneLost

                    SomeOneLost Space Spelunker

                    can't used in smapi 0.39.2 so pity ,i like the mod so much
                    • Ofmanynames

                      Ofmanynames Void-Bound Voyager

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                    • ragnax

                      ragnax Aquatic Astronaut

                      Wow, nice. the one instant eat mod is good too. Thanks!
                      • Sarahfiren

                        Sarahfiren Industrial Terraformer

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                      • ic3pto

                        ic3pto Intergalactic Tourist

                        duno why, but it loads the mod however it doesn't seem to work. any help? (game version 1.06, SMAPI version 39.5)
                        • Sarahfiren

                          Sarahfiren Industrial Terraformer

                          need a older smapi, try 39.2, then use the link that Ofmanynames posted:
                          this mod works fine on that 39.2 version, I dont update my smapi now, seems most mods work with that version ...

                          (its like minecraft if you like certain mods you must stay with certain versions don't get jump happy or you will be waiting for everyone to update if they want to )
                          • abebridges913

                            abebridges913 Intergalactic Tourist

                            does anybody have the manifest for this mod? I am trying to load this with the newest SMAPI and I am having trouble. All my other mods have worked fine with the updated version.

                            • Faythe

                              Faythe Big Damn Hero

                            • Entoarox

                              Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                              I am using the 0.37 DLL with SDV 1.07 & SMAPI 0.39.6, it still works
                              Simply make sure you add a manifest.json and put both into a directory, and it will work fine.

                              (Copy of my manifest below, in case anyone wants to copy it)
                                "Name": "Instant Geode",
                                "Authour": "montana123",
                                "Version": {
                                  "MajorVersion": 0,
                                  "MinorVersion": 0,
                                  "PatchVersion": 0,
                                  "Build": ""
                                "Description": "",
                                "UniqueID": "821ce8f6-e629-41ad-9fde-03b54f68b0b6",
                                "PerSaveConfigs": false,
                                "EntryDll": "InstantGeode.dll"
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                              • SirRuffington

                                SirRuffington Orbital Explorer

                                Thank you very much, I too was having problems getting the mod working, but this code fixed it for me.
                                • RoastedCoconutz

                                  RoastedCoconutz Zero Gravity Genie

                                  The download link you posted takes me to a page in German with multiple Download buttons. Obviously some are fake; I don't want to risk malware--which one do I click??

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                                  • Entoarox

                                    Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                                    The one with the download cloud on it, directly below the file stats.

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