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    It's just a little suggestion, but I think it can make the Slime Hutch a littlebit more useful. I mean 95% of the players only use the buiding as a decoration, since the Slime-Farming not worth it, so here's my change Suggestions:

    1,The player now can craft or build a new machine called "Extractor", and if the player places a SlimeBall inside it, the machine extract some loot from the SlimeBalls which corresponds with the SlimeBalls' type and Loot-table [For Example: You have a chance to recive an Iridium ore or bar from a purple SlimeBall]

    2,The machine have three variant:
    The basic Extractor [10 Hardwood/1 Oil/ 2 Battery Pack]
    Iridium: You can process 5 Balls at one time [15 Hardwood/1 Truffle Oil/2 Quartz/2 Iridium]
    Diamond: You have 15 % greater chance to recive valuable loot [20 Hardwood/2 Battery Pack/ 2 Diamond]

    3,New tool to pick up SlimeBalls without destroying it [1 Hardwood/1 Copper]

    4,New Hutch Upgrades:
    Level 1:Basic Slime Hutch
    Level 2:You can house 30 slimes [5 000G/5 Refined Quartz/3 Iridium]
    Level 3:Built in SlimeBall Collector or Slimes inside the Hutch can't hurt you[10 000G/25 Refined Quartz/5 Iridium]

    5,Slimeballs drops more frequently for the cost of a longer hatching time and incrased building cost

    6,New Slime types with uniqe loot table [Like Rainbow-Slime and an Orange-Slime]

    7,You can keep Slimes as a Pet, if they stayed long enough [2 weeks] in your SlimeHutch [For Example.: A Purple-slime which won't help you much, but could be a cute Follower with little emoticons]

    8,You have a chance to Hatch a Giant-Slime
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    • Kurachi84

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      i see some potential in this
      i'd love to see a capacity increase (i'm planning on using a shed, instead), the slimes being more useful with drops is a nice idea, a giant-slime would make things more fun, and a slime pet would be hilarious, haha
      1 slime kind sometimes dropping an iridium ore would be great, even though at 1 point, they are pretty easy to get, still a nice idea for slimes to be somewhat useful
      maybe a rainbow slime, indeed

      i basically can agree with all kinds of slime hutch buff suggestion, as it's not very useful right now

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