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  1. mendoskel

    mendoskel Space Hobo

    I started playing Stardew Valley yesterday, and I quickly pointed out the "need" for a sleeping bag or tent feature, and I've seen that others have as well.

    I understand that with just a few hours in I might not be able to completely grasp the beauty of the game- of which it has plenty- but being a game that I really want to play, these first few hours have been awfully fragmented between game sessions. This is because getting home quickly feels like a chore and also disrupts my game flow along any immersion I was just begining to acquire within the 14-minute limit.

    Maybe I just went in with the wrong expectations (something more like Animal Crossing) but I don't think the addition of a mechanic like a Sleeping Bag would disturb the overall game balance. Just another option for players like myself.

    It could be a made by Crafting Cloth + Wool.
    Perhaps make it usable only when a Campfire is nearby? (Monsters are afraid of fire or something)

    Another thing that could help would be longer days:
    • 1 sec = 1 min
    • 60 sec = 1 hour
    • 24 mins = 24 hours

    That change seems simple and effective enough, but I feel it could upset other players.

    I hope I don't sound entitled. These are heartfelt recommendations that I believe are simple and would have a big, possitive impact in the fun factor and immersion of the game. For me, and hopefully others.

    Anyways, aside from that, the game is beautiful and charming. Really great job.
    • WilliamZ

      WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

      I was thinking about sleeping bags and the ability to start a camp fire for cook, with a set of new skills that I need to give more thought before post.

      The problem of your suggestion is the reason of why you're proposing this, in the beginning we don't have much time for do our chores, nor the energy, but time management is something that you will learn by playing, proof of that is that the veteran players can manage their ingame time for do anything that they want (but bounded by the limit of the character skill levels and available tools of course).

      My recommendation is that you create a new topic on the general area, asking for tips, the players here are nice and you will never get the "this already was posted, use the search feature" here (even because the search of this forum isn't good).

      Myself for example, I'm a Rancher and in year 2 before of high noon I already have all my 5 barns cared and have maximized all the villagers hearts (so no reason to go to the town), so I need to sleep to proceed on the next day.

      The energy rewards of this game come way too late, when you probably already have everything automatized and don't need to use energy at all, for me you should gain energy every time that you level up a skill and the Star Drops should reward you with health instead (actually I'm going to make a new post about that).

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