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  1. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Did at first...

    being underlevel to be a Lurantis & still being a Lurantis instead of Formantis anyway, having Solar Blade + Power Herb at a stupidly low level of the game, & it packing SYNTHESIS...

    So... I kinda said Screw it & had my Torracat waste the sucker with a Fire Z-Power Fire Fang. :p

    The Awesomesauce is real! :rofl:

    Let me guess... it ate a Power Herb Solar Blade & took Super Effective Damage & STILL survived then Counter the Damage right back onto the sucker & blew it into a million pieces? :mwahaha:

    Oh, also, i'm working on catching up on my Poke Catching on Island 2 & while i'm at it, my Torracat got Evolved into Incineroar. :)
  2. Pandora

    Pandora Existential Complex

    Hell yeah it did. My precious little sea cucumber is mighty.

    As for what I've been doing and still not beating the game even though I've had it since launch, I've been obsessing over catching every single catchable pokemon, which includes rare SOS exclusive pokemon, the latest example to join my collection being Gengar. I know I could just trade evolve it the normal way with a friend, but it's just not the same as catching a WILD GENGAR.
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  3. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Heads up for any who haven't heard yet: Minecraft W10 Edition has left Beta & gone Full Release. I even still got to keep my Achievements I earned during the Beta & didn't have to waste my time re-earning them. :)

    I wonder if this Version of Minecraft will someday get its own version of Tekkit?
  4. Auraknight

    Auraknight Weight of the Sky

    I don't even know what W10 edition is :rofl:
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  5. Pandora

    Pandora Existential Complex

    Windows 10 edition.

    In other news... I don't know, anything worthy of talking about? I got a car. Is that something?
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  6. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Recently, on my 3DS, it mentioned this new(ish) available 3DS Game & it peaks my interest & i'm giving it a ponder...: Tank Troopers

    Looks like possible good lighthearted zany fun... something we can all use from time to time imho. :)

    Oh, in regards to your getting a Car... i've gotten a Truck. A 2011 Ford Ranger Compact Pickup in my fav color of Blue. :)

    Edit: I succumbed & got Tank Troopers. It's working at being lighthearted zany fun. :) Some of the SP Missions used to farm Gold to buy stuff & train at better Tank Combat & Control are sick hard though... :eek:

    Edit 2: I have finally gotten a bit more Pokemon Moon play done. I've FINALLY got my Rockruff Evolved into Lycanroc Midnight Form & also squished Olivia into a fine rocky powder. :)
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  7. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    My apologies for the Double Post, but my lazy fat ass finally got around to Updating the OP - HotS Mains Spoiler to include Valeera in the List of KS's Mains... & to also o_O at KS's Entries there now being 4 long... Note to self: Ask KS if he did that on purpose. (Commish Perk?)

    Also in Pokemon S/M, has anyone ever found a way to scroll the damn Pokebean Selection thingie in Pokemon Refresh? :confused: Sometimes I wanna be able to feed my dudes Patterned Beans while holding a lot of normal Pokebeans being saved up for Poke Pelago Upgrades. :urgh:

    Also, the new Incoming HotS Hero, Probius, is adorable! :love: (Though i'm jealous at him being a HELL of a lot better a Dancer then the RL me...)
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  8. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I thought I took this bird out back and shot it already. Apparently not.

    I applaud you for attempting to perform some surgery on the old bird. I'll have you know that I have 5 mains now thank you very much. It's not so much a perk as it is a curse. I like playing half the roster in that game (if not more) and have a hard time picking out favourites.

    I'm having a hard time with Sun/Moon. Just about everything was improved in this game, but they had to go and ruin one of the core parts of it - catching Pokemon. I've been trying to be a good little assistant to the professor and CATCH 'EM ALL, but the Pokemon keep calling in their buddies because they're afraid of my Cutiefly. Sure, she's a straight up thug, but there's no honour in calling in a bud and turning it into a 2v1.


    Worst part is this shit chains, and before you know it you're fighting some punk-ass Bounsweet's grandma and her pet bird because Cutiefly has messed up all this punk's buds and the rest of his family tree that came to back him up. I don't think I've ever burned out so fast on catching Pokemon in a main series game. It's a real shame.
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  9. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Amen on how fun so much of the HotS Roster is fun to play. Butch is my Top Main, but aside from that i've given up on trying to maintain Rank Placings for my fav in each of the Class Categories... too damn hard now... & that's BEFORE Probius will arrive & shake up the Specialist game. It was the Specialists in the first place that had so many fun dudes & dudettes in the Class that I couldn't Rank'em anymore... made my Brain BSOD trying. :wot:

    I'll see what I can do about catching enough for the both of us... might give a use for these spare extra Pokes of various Species I occasionally befriend in my Poke Pelago's Bean Field. :)

    Oh, speaking of which, ya need to research how to get us to hook up together in-game for Trade sometime... I got a Machoke, Kadabra, & Haunter needing Trade Evolved & as soon as I find a King's Rock, i'll have a Poliwhirl ready for Trade Evolution into a Politoed... for the Pokedex Completion I can forget about ever succeeding at getting done anyway because I have a Life, RL Responsibilities, & such hoopla. :p (Hmm... maybe a Graveller too, not remembering for sure on that one though.)

    Lastly if their calling for help is causing too much ruckus, i've noticed that Paralyzing them seems to be a good way to disable their ability to SOS Call... so it's damn scummy that they seriously thought they needed to nerf Thunder Wave... :facepalm: (& Glare has an awful short Move Base...) (Also Thunder Wave's nerf also indirectly nerfed the usefulness of the Abilities Volt Absorb, Lightning Rod, & Motor Drive. Thunder Wave was the primary Electric Move those Abilities liked to Intercept... :() Now we must all wish Nuzzle had a better Move Base.
  10. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    My apologies for this Double Post... but I have a Special Announcement to make:


    End of Special Announcement. :p
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  11. Pandora

    Pandora Existential Complex

    Oh yeah, I caught a Shiny Munchlax and a Shiny Alolan Grimer in Pokemon Moon a little while ago. The Munchlax was while I was SOS chaining to try and catch a wild Snorlax (just so I could say that I did) so it was a much higher chance of getting a shiny, but the Grimer caught me completely off guard. Shiny Alolan Grimer has the same coloring as a regular Grimer, just with the yellow stripes around its mouth, and I was about to run from it since I was searching for a Trubbish (again, to SOS chain for a Garbodor) before I realized it was a freaking shiny.
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  12. laz2727

    laz2727 Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, and i managed to get a shiny Cutiefly while trying to get a honey-gathering money printing machine. Although my first legit shiny was a magicarp from Sapphire.
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  13. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Epicsauce! :D

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