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    Oh! I completely forgot about that! Now that Starbound is in Full Release I hopefully no longer have to worry about Mods going out of date or such cause of Engine Changes or the like! Also, that one ya Linked looks like just the thing, even a Review talking of success at doing exactly what I wanted, Hunger but no Item Loss! Many thanks! :D

    One question though... or actually, two: 1: Can my Character switch between SP & MP or is it one Character to one World? Like if I was playing SP then KS hopped on & Invited me to his MP World, would my same Character be able to hop into his MP World or do I have to make a Character for his MP World? & 2: If i'm running this Mod, would this make me unable to MP with anyone not running the same Mod &/or the same Mod Specs?

    Many thanks for your time. :)

    Edit: I just found out in another Thread that there is something wrong with Hunger Balance & the Hunger Bar drains stupidly fast & ya starve to death in a single Game Day... On second thought maybe i'll wait for the Devs to fix this first & stay on Full Casual instead... (What the hell is wrong with the Starbound Races's Metabolisms...?) D:

    Edit 2: On second thought, skip the Hunger period cause apparently Starbound STILL has no Pause Button so I can't pause my SP Game to go afk the 10 billion times Mom makes me go AFK so it'd be impossible for me to play & not constantly starve to death unless I paused the game by quitting it every... single... time... Mom summoned me every... 2... freaking... seconds... Screw that. :wtf:
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    Save & exit is the pause button now.
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  3. Axe Garian

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    Which makes me sad. :(
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  4. laz2727

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    Such is life.
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    I just found out that Elevators lost Craftability & most were removed from the game & the few left are Non-Renewable Loot from Dungeons or the like. I really liked those dudes & question how the Hand Rails are really supposed to just completely replace them, especially when ya have to use a Tool to use them so they're not friendly to Visitors who might not have gotten that far into the game yet. If ya ever loot any Elevators, please keep them for me & when I can, i'll try to pay out the nose for'em. Many thanks for your time. :)
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    After two and a half hours of grueling combat consisting of spamming Dragon Breath, Double Team, X Sp. Def items, and Ultra Balls I finally caught Groudon.
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    I now understand how Rails act like more flexible Elevators at last... but I still won't say no to some traditional elevators too just cause I still like them if anyone ever happens upon any in their Starbound Travels. :) ("Sentimental. Though Rails are awesome, Elevators still hold a place in my heart.)

    Edit: I'm SO not surprised this kinda thing happened... The Devs did NOT think it through...:
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    My apologies for the Double Post, but on Starbound, i've started actual serious work tryin out the Rails... & now i've gone back to thinking they suck again.
    1. It's ridiculous how much trouble ya have to go through to get them to do the same job as an Elevator without them screwing up & having the Rail Platform fly off the Rail & drop as an Item.
    2. Ya can Right Click them to make them drop as an Item & doing that by accident is stupidly easy to do.
    3. Ya have to build around them carefully.
    4. & for all this, Elevator Crafting Capability & most Elevator Species were wiped out... I want Elevators back again!
    Short Durasteel Elevators are still in the game... the Wiki says they're in Underwater Hylotl Cities... i'm officially putting a Bounty on them. I want ALL of them I can get & will try to pay out the Nose for them. Get me Elevators & i'll see what I can do about paying ya well for them.
  9. laz2727

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    I can cheat some for you if you're interested :D
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  10. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    But then they wouldn't be legit. If I was comfortable with being Illegit I woulda just Spawned them myself & never placed the Bounty. ;) (Still amazes me that the Devs allowed Admin Mode to stay in the game in Full Release...)

    I'll also be setting my sights on Ocean Planets now cause I want a LOT of Elevators... I strongly suspect the possibility that myself & NPC Hylotl are gonna run into some... well... "Diplomatic Issues"... (That's all 110% the Dev's fault. Why not leave Elevators AND Rails Crafting in & have MORE Choice?)

    Edit: I guess the Bounty wasn't necessary after all. a Forumite pointed me out to a Mod for this game called "ElevatorGet" that restores ability to Craft them. It is now the first Starbound Mod i've ever begun using, & i'm loving it. :love:

    I also hope I ever get to ride Chocobos in this game too someday. :)
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  13. Auraknight

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    I still play on showdown, though usually on random battles :rofl: Quick, easy, great for a pick-up game
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  14. Axe Garian

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    Found an interesting Pokemon Sun & Moon Article here:

    Found an even more interesting Pokemon Sun & Moon Trailer here:

    After ya read these, let me know what 'Alola Alternate Evolutions' ya think would be cool. For me... i'd say it'd be epic if GameFreak did an Alternate Evolution KS & I had already cooked up in Modding long ago... Steel Bug Paras & Parasect. :) (& don't forget to equip them with Metal Burst GameFreak!)

    Sadly I dunno if I could really handle getting the game & trying to get it played through the way my RL is right now & for the forseeable future... hell I still haven't finished AS...

    Edit: Mind Asplosion: What if there's new Megas for existing Pokemon with Megas, but these specific Megas are for a Alt Evolution Version of that Poke? :slowpoke:
  15. Gentleraptor

    Gentleraptor Pangalactic Porcupine

    I'd much rather they'd give mega evolutions to all those pokemon that are entirely useless and make them viable in SOME form.

    Like, for example, Sunflora.
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  16. Pandora

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    And now, for the new Nintendo system!

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  17. Axe Garian

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    I dunno... some Pokes could use some new Typings, Abilities, & tricks imho... imagine for example if a Alola Form Pikachu was a Steel/Fire Type with the Ability Heavy Metal & could learn the moves Heavy Slam & Heat Crash while the Pikachu was seen wearing a Cosplay Heavy Metal getup & wielding a Heavy Metal Guitar? :p (Mwahahahaahahaah, KS is bound to take my side now! :mwahaha:)

    Holy wow... the epicness... Skyrim has invaded even Nintendo Consoles!!?

    Oh, umm... also, yeah, cute new gizmo they're cooking up too. Bet it'll be great for ya Neurotypicals that get to have your life actually get to belong to ya. I'll stick with my 3DS XL.

    Oh, speaking of 3DS XL, for anyone who hasn't caught wind yet, the Nintendo eShop has a free Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo out now. I got it DLed but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Empyrion recently released a new big Update & i've been playing with its new stuff.
  18. Just changing types doesn't solve the underlying issue some Pokemon have. Even if you change Sunflora to a Fire-type, it still has mediocre stats. It can help to an extent depending on what is changed, but its stats will still hinder it unless also readjusted. Evolving these mediocre Pokemon and/or giving them a Mega can do wonders for them, which is a shame since Sun and Moon don't seem to be releasing any new Megas.
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  19. Axe Garian

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    Fair point indeed. a Mega Evolution did wonders for Beedril, though Butterfree not also getting one made them cry... :p

    I've begun S&M Demo Play during going with Mom to a Doctor Appointment & got it part played through & met 2 Team Skull Grunts. Initial Impression of them: They look & act like Street Gang Druggies without 2 Brain Cells to rub together. Also their dancing is Facepalming to behold... :facepalm:

    Also, I strongly suspect the possibility that the game is gonna be as easy to play through & beat as it always will... :giggle: ... except for that Memory Based Trial Challenge, which chills my blood with fear at how hard it's gonna be for me & if i'll possibly literally never be able to beat that Challenge at all, as crappy as my Memory is, both short & long term... D:

    Edit: I've also now learned that there will be some Pokes that Evolve differently depending on which Version ya get... this'll make it harder to choose which Version to get...

    Edit 2: All 3 Forms of the Starter Pokes have now been revealed. I think there's now a clear winner in which Starter Poke Final Form is the best of the 3...

    Litten, I choose you! :slowpoke:
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  20. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    My apologies for this Double Post, but thought ya'all might like a laugh... apparently there was danger of there being a Gamebreaking Bug in Pokemon Sun & Moon, but turns out it's now looking very likely to only affect evil Hacker scum & inflict Karmic Punishment upon them. Justice! :rofl:

    Also, I now have my copy of Pokemon Moon & have begun my journey! I've decided that my next Pokemon not-an-Avatar-Representative is named Luna & I chose the Grey Eyed Model. (Figured Grey Eyes would be the closest I could get to 'Moon-looking Eyes'.) Also got my first Gen 7 OU Pokebank Team made on Showdown to be promptly likely not great since i'm still damn rusty at Pokebattle & will need to get used to both the new pokes & changes to the existing Pokes. (Including trying to get the changes actually memorized if I even can.)

    Also, my fav Aunt & Uncle are visiting today till who knows when for Thanksgiving so dunno how long it'll be till I can actually DO Showdown Battle & unknown how much or little Moon play i'll manage since Thanksgiving also means Dad getting to be home for who knows how many days.

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