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    SLCFR Clan Group Account

    We in no way support actual animal cage matches. It is cruelty, simple as that. The name of the clan is simply a crude parody of the “Pokemon League”.

    650.png Our Cause:
    All we know is that we used to have one. We think.

    For now though, we're a bunch of people sentient entities with a physical presence who happen to enjoy Pokemon. In regards to Starbound, we will probably take advantage of all of the pet mechanics the game has to offer, and hold fights in our bar ("The Ring").

    213-1.png Rules:
    We've only have one general rule here: "Don't be a dink". It's kind of vague, but that's the point. If you have to stop and think about what you are doing, and ask if it's dinkish... it probably is.

    However, we do like to have fun around here. As made obvious by our clan name, we (AKA Killer Snowman) can be pretty crude at times, but it's all in fun. Be delicious, not malicious.

    652.png About Members:
    In the SLCFR, there are two groups of members; active and reserve. Active members are those who consistently post here in the thread, contributing to whatever discussion we're having. Reserve members are those who are considered "one of us", but don't necessarily contribute to discussion on a regular basis. As a new member, you will be a "reserve" until proven otherwise.

    Among the active and reserve members, we have our "Defenders of the Faith". These individuals have access to the clan account, and are tasked with keeping the OP up to date. These "Defenders" can also be considered leaders should the need arise. For the most part, the founders of the clan (AKA Killer Snowman and Angry Muffin) will continue leadership as per usual. However, if they can not be reached or they are otherwise incapable, the Defenders will be tasked with steering this stitched up monster of a chicken that we call a clan.

    651.png How to apply:
    It's pretty simple actually. Just fill out this application, but with your own answers. You get to choose your own rank because ranks don't mean $%&^ here. Multi-clanning is allowed.
    Name: Jimmy the Kid!
    Reason for joining: It's been my lifelong dream to join this clan, even though I didn't know it existed until now!
    Favourite Pokemon: Rattata! I choose you!
    Favourite Part of a Chicken: The wing! Much like a chicken's clipped wing, I am entirely useless!
    Desired Rank: Youngster!
    Thoughts on Angry Muffin: Why's he so angry? He's a muffin! Pastries seem pretty happy to me!

    654.png Current Members:
    Angry Muffin – League Champion - The heart and soul of this monster chicken. FC: ????-????-????
    Axe Garian - Axe Dragon - Our resident Mad Pokescientist. FC: 2191-7831-5359
    Killer Snowman – League Commissioner - The Commish with the Mouth FC: 4441-8852-5998
    Shooshy162 - Super Nerd! - DEFENDING POCKETS FROM THE EVIL OF PEN INK. FC: 1907-9428-2455

    Alucard I - Emperor of Darkness - Biting off Zubat heads since '98. FC: ????-????-????
    ArchmageZandor - Archmage, First Class - Because Second Class is for n00bs. FC: 2079-6948-8090
    AstroBlast - Kind-of-young-ster - Plant-based lifeforms are friends, not food. FC: 4339-2605-1881
    Auraknight - Knight of Aura - Because nothing says honour like an entire team of Focus Sashed Lucarios. FC: 2964-8793-3792
    Dragonith - Ace Trainer - Give him a moment, and he'll paint you a picture of where you went wrong. FC: 5327-1414-0102
    elusiveTranscendent - That One Guy - I swear he was here a minute ago. FC: 2105-8699-9997
    Gentleraptor - Emperor of Their Domain - A friend of SLCFR's resident hobo, and the "emperor" of a small box from our dumpster. FC: 4012-4749-9504
    Gravik - The Wandering Trainer - He's got a fistful of Gravellers... And he's looking for a few Gravellers more. FC: 0301-9779-7441
    Hunter_J - Hunter - We told them to stop bringing their fresh kills to our doorstep, but they insist. FC: ????-????-????
    ImmortalFrog - Waiter - We accidentally left the door open to the bar and he's been bumming around ever since, serving drinks to earn his keep.
    Kitty Box - The Epic Box - Is he a box full of kitties or a kitty that's a box? FC: 0602-6778-6449
    laz2727 - Psycho Psychic - Held here against their will. They'll come around to us soon enough... FC: 3582-9659-2534
    Mackinz - PKMN Breeder - He has an idea as to how that egg got there. FC: 3711-8159-5731
    ___MeRliN___ - Veteran Scientist - He remembers 'Nam like it was yesterday thanks to an experiment gone horribly wrong. FC: ????-????-????
    Pandora - Lady - Would sooner partake in a cage-match in a run-down bar then go to some ball. FC: 2020-0699-4842
    WoxandWarf - TOBOR - How much warf could a WoxandWarf warf if a WoxandWarf could wox warf?. FC: 5026-5233-7691

    Aquaclaw - Bladed Ninja - Will hunt you down and get you when they themself least expect it... FC: ????-????-????
    Argthrond - The Topper - He's the hat that wears YOU. FC: ????-????-????
    bbbg - Chief Portal Precipitator of Magical Ponies - I CHOOSE YOU PIKOMON. FC: ????-????-????
    Brutor Dragon (Murky) - Swamp Dragon - He is a member of this clan. FC: ????-????-????
    CaptainWalrus - Stereotypical Walrus - He's as average as a walrus capable of typing the English language. FC: ????-????-????
    Casimir VanKrieg - Elite Trainer - Ready to take on any 10 year old challenger with a red hat. BRING IT ON! FC: ????-????-????
    Cloudhopper - Batman - The Dark 'Nite FC: ????-????-????
    Covert0ddity - Spreadsheet Lover - If he could make a spreadsheet right now, he would have U and I intersect. FC: ????-????-????
    DeadlyLuvdisc - Swimmer - Watch your legs while swimming... this one's a licker. FC: ????-????-????
    Draconano - Dragon Overlord - Starring in the summer hit, FIST OF THE FETUS. FC: ????-????-????
    Dynafols - Dunsparce Trainer - Click's apprentice. He has much to learn from our resident Stunfisk expert. FC: ????-????-????
    EpicFace - Dat Floatin' Adviser - Will float around you in circles barking out what moves you should be using. FC: ????-????-????
    Exodus - That One Bitch - Because every clan needs one. FC: 1177-8001-5266
    Galactic Mindswipe - The Ultimate Stunfisk - The king of rags. 3239-5243-4171
    Gleil - Tropical Penguin - Wants to be the very best that no one ever was... FC: ????-????-????
    Grohdok - Knobby Old Giraffe - He has a license to kill trees. FC: ????-????-????
    Haruhi Suzumiya - Young Catcher - What? GAHHHHH! BEHIND YOU! We just call them HaSuz. FC: ????-????-????
    medjas - Legendary Dragon Catcher - Doesn't think pits are the pits, and will pit his favourite pit against any other supposed "pit". FC: ????-????-????
    Pandamonium - Yellow Mouse-Hunter - HE'LL BRING THE PAN! FC: ????-????-????
    PleasantBreeze - Engineer - Mawile's only fan. FC: ????-????-????
    Rippedfang - Ripped Youngster - HIS MUSCLES ARE OF THE TOP PERCENTAGE... OF MUSCLES. FC: ????-????-????
    Scruffy - Battle Janitor - Here to mop the floor with YOU. FC: ????-????-????
    SkarmorySilver - Monster Wrangler - Obviously, he's a big fan of Bidoof. FC: ????-????-????
    Teh Starsludge - Fisherman - ...Oppa Sludgenam Style. Whoop. FC: ????-????-????
    The Demon of Borders - Fiduspawn Host - That's not the only thing he hosts. FC: ????-????-????
    Trentzor91 - Psychotic Chicken - Call him chicken, and he will eat your dog's food. FC: ????-????-????
    Worps - Faint Bringer - He didn't know that Pokemon could not be killed. FC: ????-????-????
    Zizou - Lord of the Buckets - HE LIKES BUCKETS, OKAY? PAILS ARE FOR CHUMPS. Yes, there is a difference. FC: ????-????-????

    653.png SLCFR Lore:
    That's right homeslice, we got us some lore. Sort of.

    According to the first commissioner of the SLCFR, a handsome devil by the name of Killer Snowman, there is a "clan charter" that apparently contains all of the rules the clan must adhere to. The problem is nobody but Killer Snowman knows exactly what is on the damn thing, since he keeps it under his bed. He only pulls it out to enforce rules that may or may not exist. Thus, we have taken to collecting the various rules he has so far quoted from "The Semi-Official Charter of the Semi-Legal Creature Fighting Ring".
    Section 2, Decree 63 (Regarding the Apendages of Clan Members)
    The residing clan leader(s) can use the "members" (as in body parts) of the aforementioned "clan members" (as in you) as barter if deemed appropriate by the residing clan leader(s).

    Section 8, Decree 3a
    Any and all unwanted guests will have the choice of becoming a glorified chew toy for the largest pet in the clan, or to become a personal servant to the residing leader of the clan with a top hat and carrot nose. One option involves a lot of drool and unbearable pain, the other involves a large animal with an affinity for chew toys.

    Rule #86 (Regarding the method of changing the rank and description the Commissioner has provided a member)
    "...the offended individual in question performs a rare form of river dancing for the clan's pleasure. Or they can just complain to Moofin."

    Rule #541
    Never speak of UPS.

    Rule #751
    If necessary, the residing Legue Commissioner may post after he/she/it has already posted. Necessity will be determined by the Commissioner himself/herself/itself. Should the clan determine that the Commissioner's determination of necessity be detrimental... They can direct their complaint to the residing Commissioner. Or Moofin.

    (Controversial) Revision 131
    Thou shalt not feel pressure to continuously discuss the Monsters of the Pocket. If thou must however, it's totally cool.
    We get a feeling he pulls this shit out of a hat.

    The clan itself has so far unanimously agreed to certain rules/consistencies, based on our history so far.
    1. Wox knows all. At least, that's what he tells us. We don't question it because he knows all.
    2. If something happens, it's probably EpicFace's fault. Blame the floating face.
    3. Snowmen have demonstrated time and time again that they cannot use computers.
    4. Casimir's true name is Casmo Jojo, for he defeated KS' PowerPuff Girls in battle.
    5. Killer Snowman is totally not trippin' snowballs, man. There's a lion in this pic, man. LOOK AT IT, MAN.
    Stoned Snowman.png

    57-1.png Competitive Pokemon Battling And You:
    We here at the SLCFR regularly partake in competitive Pokemon battles, and we tend to do so using either Pokemon Showdown or Pokemon Online. Both of these online Pokemon battling simulators make it really easy to create a competitive team and battle instantly, so just about anybody can play.
    1. Clauses
    Since we play Smogon tiers, we play by their rules. Even then, we've come to appreciate clauses like the Sleep Clause, the Evasion Clause, and the OHKO clause.

    2. Replays
    Pokemon Showdown actually allows for replays to be shared, so naturally we've shared a shit-ton. The only real rules we have here is to put them in a spoiler when sharing them in a post so that we don't have pages upon pages of hyperlinks.

    3. Why so serious?
    For the most part, we're casual competitive enthusiasts. We may have a few people here who ladder, but most of us are battling just for the fun of it. Something to keep in mind when battling here.

    460-1.png Pokemon X/Y - Friend Safaris
    Nothing fancy here. Just a list of all our known Friend Safaris. If any of these tickle your fancy, add the corresponding individual. We all know how hard it is to resist Gravik's Sand Veil Stunfisk.
    Arch-Mage "Cronk" Zandor - Rock - Dwebble, Onix, Shuckle

    Axe Garian - Steel - Ferroseed, Forretress, Klefki

    Auraknight - Ghost - Shuppet, Phantump, Driftblim

    GentleRaptor - Rock - Dwebble, Corsola, Shuckle

    Gravik - Electric - Emolga, Stunfisk, Zebstrika

    ImmortalFrog - Psychic - Munna, Espurr, Gothorita

    Killer "In yo face Zandor" Snowman - Psychic - Grumpig, Espurr, Gothorita

    Exodus - Fighting - Machoke, Pancham, Tyrogue

    Kitty Box - Electric - Electrode, Pikachu, Galvantula

    Makinz - Psychic - Munna, Wobbuffet, Xatu

    Pandora - Grass - Tangela, Swadloon, ???

    WoxandWarf - Psychic - Grumpig, Espurr, Duosion

    621-1.png SLCFR Presents: The Other International (June 19th - June 22nd 2014)
    Our last tournament that wrapped up on June 22nd. Here's the replay list if you're interested.


    Tier: Gen 6 OU
    Battle Rules: Standard Smogon OU rules. This means stuff like Evasion Clause and Sleep Clause are in effect. As such, we won't be enforcing Item Clause though I'd recommend you follow it to the best of your ability since teams are usually built better that way.
    Available Pokemon: If they're legal in Gen 6 OU on Showdown, they're legal in this tournament.

    SLCFR Tournament Specific Rules:
    1 a. You may only use one team for the entirety of the tournament. Whether it's a team you've been using already or a brand new team is up to you.
    1 b. You may not edit your team at any point during the tournament. Whatever you enter the first battle in the tournament with, you keep for the rest.
    2. Any and all battles held during the tournament period must be shared as a replay in order for it to count.
    3. Practice battles before the tournament period are allowed, and of course any changes can be made to teams until the first day of the tournament period.
    4. Battles must have at least one other member from the clan watching it in order to count.
    5. The timer is to be left off unless it is deemed necessary by those in the battle room. This includes the opponents and the viewers (as long as they are official clan members).
    6. In the case of severe lag crippling a battle, a rematch is to be scheduled and will be best 2/3.

    How Will This Work?
    The tournament will start with the "preliminaries" and end with the "finals". The preliminaries will be the first few rounds of elimination that will take place over a few days or so in order for everyone to get their battles in. For this stage of the tournament, they will be single elimination rounds. The finals start when we are down to the last 4 players. These will be best 2 out of 3 battles and may have scheduled times so that everyone who wants to will be able to watch them live.

    Before a match proceeds, it must have one other person from the clan watching it. Each battle played will be posted immediately to the SLCFR thread as a replay so that the result can be verified by myself and everyone else involved. The finals will be posted in sets of 3 because triple posting is bad, and it's more than likely that they'll be at set times unlike the preliminaries, so anyone can watch.

    Why is this a FAQ if nobody has asked a question yet?
    God dammit. Ask a real question.

    But that is a real question. It has a question mark and everything.
    Can we not do this right now? Kind of trying to organize a tournament here.

    I thought I was asking the questions?
    Alright smart-ass, ask the ones I gave you.

    Why can't I edit my team during the tournament?
    For the same reason you're only allowed to use one team: it's fair. Imagine facing me in the second round of the tourney only to find that I have an entirely different team. I've got somewhere around 7 OU teams so that's easily done. Since I've already seen what your team can do thanks to the replay that was posted, I've picked a team that will counter it with no problem. I could do this for the rest of the tournament maintaining the element of surprise which is hardly fair.

    Editing movesets wouldn't have the same impact, but the idea is to make a team that is prepared for anything, not to specialize it for every opponent. You wouldn't be able to specialize your team just before facing an opponent in Showdown normally, and you aren't gonna be able to here. I suggest that if it's a team you haven't used before, that you practice a bit with it so that you can optimize it before the tournament.

    When is it?
    Thursday June 19th in the evening for those of us in the western hemisphere, and Friday June 20th for those in the eastern hemisphere. The tournament itself is due to run for the weekend, considering the nature of our tournament. The dates mentioned are the start dates for the first round, which does not yet have an end date. The moment the matchups for the first round are posted, you can begin battling. Specific battle times are to be determined between you and your opponent. Proceeding rounds will start as soon as the last round has ended.

    What if I can't make it for the first day?
    This tournament was designed with you in mind. Hopefully. While the date mentioned above is the start of the first round, the round itself could last for 24 hours or more. It's not expected that everyone will have their battle results posted minutes after the tourney begins. In fact, we've scheduled for the tournament to take up the weekend, so that should be more than enough time for you to get your battle in.

    What if I am REALLLLLY late?
    While they haven't been determined yet, there will be a end date for each round. Should a contestant not show up for the first round, they will be disqualified and their opponent will move on. Same will apply for the other rounds, though it's less likely to occur.

    What if my opponent and I are never on at the same time?
    We're willing to work around this if possible. Special cases will be handled on an as-needed basis. There shouldn't be any issues but if there is, we'll be forced to move on with the tourney.

    What is this "Wildcard" thing about?
    As we've been organizing this tourney, we've come to realize that 14 people is less than ideal for a bracket. It means that we have 7 people in the second round if we do this the traditional way, and that the bracket will get really messy as we continue to progress through the tourney. As a result, we've decided we're going to throw in a "Wildcard".

    The Wildcard is a player who has been chosen at random amongst those who lost in the first round, who will proceed to the second round. This allows us to have 8 players in the second round, 4 in the third round, and 2 in the final round. This makes for a clean, easy to follow bracket. This is especially important since the tourney is somewhat managed by its own players. It's up to you guys to follow the bracket and set battle times between each other, so having one that is clear is paramount.

    Does the Wildcard have an advantage?
    Absolutely not. All teams will be revealed during the first round, so the element of surprise is gone. The odds are stacked against them in fact, since they lost in the first round and will be facing a player who won in the first round. At the same time, different match ups provide different results, and it's very possible that the Wildcard could take it all the way. How's that for an upset?

    How "random" is this selection?
    The bracket is generated by a web application. During this, it determines one of the pairings that will contain the "Wildcard". Yes, this means that it is predetermined to be between two people. We will not know which pairing contains the Wildcard until after the first round, so it is not like it will affect the results at all. The only person who knows the bracket is ClickCrisis (Galactic Mindswipe), who is not in the tournament. I (Killer Snowman) will not even know until Click posts it for everyone.

    In terms of "randomness", it's pretty much the same odds as doing it after the results are in. Using the pre-determined method, we have 7 brackets, and there's a one in seven chance that one of those brackets contains the Wildcard. If we do it after the results are in, there is one person out of 7 people who have lost that will move on. As you can see, there is 1/7 odds for both methods, meaning there is no reason not to use the pre-determined method.

    Why does someone have to watch our battle?
    Mostly for verification. Yes, the replay pretty much is proof enough, but it doesn't hurt to have a third party. It will also help when determining whether a battle is lagging or not, since there will be one other person who will be able to verify it. Mind you, it's possible that the lag is only on one person's end, but there isn't much that can be done about that.

    Also note that it would be best that everyone involved can communicate through a separate channel like Steam. If something like someone's internet goes out unexpectedly, you'll be able to see that since they aren't available in the separate channel either.

    I had to leave my battle unexpectedly in the middle of it, do I get a redo?
    This will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you happen to know that your scheduled battle isn't at a very good time, it would be best that you delay it rather than try and make it. That's the whole point of doing the tournament this way after all.

    407-1.png The SLCFR Pixelmon Server
    From early July to late August, Killer Snowman hosted a Pixelmon server. If you want to revisit the world at any time, feel free to continue playing in SP as the world we were playing on has been made available for download (see "Continuing in Single Player").
    Current Pixelmon Version: 3.1.4 on Forge 1.7.2
    Current Game Rules: Survival, No hunger, No inventory loss on death, PVP Off
    Operators: Killer Snowman, Axe Garian

    Who's invited?
    Namely, the Active Members of the SLCFR since you're the folks who put up with me. As of this time, I'd ask that you don't share the IP with people outside the clan. I was originally going to use a Whitelist to keep our server private, but I've decided that would just get in the way of everyone starting up. I'm trusting you fine folks to not give the IP out to your annoying friend who speaks entirely in Britney Spears lyrics because they don't know that they're toxic(?)

    What do I need to participate?
    You need to install the Pixelmon mod. Instructions are HERE. Be sure to install the current version of the server (see above). If the server ever updates, I will let you all know here on the thread, and detail how you'll go about doing that. I also recommend a mini-map mod of some sort, since it will make things much easier for traversing the world. I personally recommend MapWriter which you can learn all about here.

    Oh, and you need Minecraft or something.

    The World
    Here's the map of the world we'll be playing in. High res version without labels here. This is a custom world made by Youtube user TerasHD that I came across while watching paulsoaresjr's Pixelmon LP. Randomly generated worlds just don't do it for me, so I decided to lift this map and tweak it a bit.
    1. Uncanny Valley
    Our starting area, the Hub-Bub, is located in the center of this valley. It's also home to the Joan River, which is vaguely a river much like how its namesake is vaguely an entertainer. Of all the continents, this one has the most varied set of biomes and the most Pokemon Centers. Ideal for starting out.

    Notable Biomes: Plains, Extreme Hills, Forest, Sunflower Plains

    2. Lame Island
    The name of the island started out as a joke about how lame the island was in comparison to Uncanny Valley. It wasn't a very clever joke, but it stuck. It stuck so well that nobody even remembers what the original name was.

    Notable Biomes: Plains, Forest

    3. The Rainforest
    Named after the successful online retailer, this continent is home to the largest jungle biome on the map. It also has free shipping if you spend more than $35 dollars there.

    Notable Biomes: Jungle, Woods

    4. The Rainforest
    A smaller, crappier version of the Rainforest, separated by the Borderline Stream. Expect it to take up to 2 weeks to cross the stream due to regulations. Have a nice day.

    Notable Biomes: Jungle, Woods

    5. Rolling Stone Hills
    Home to geriatrics and thrill seekers alike. You wouldn't think they would mix well but they do.
    Notable Biomes: Extreme Hills

    6. Fortunate Swamp
    This ain't no senator's romp.

    Notable Biomes: Swampland

    7. New Ozland
    This continent has a crazy amount of biological diversity for what is almost entirely desert. You'll find Pokemon here that you wouldn't find anywhere else. That is, if you can actually survive out here long enough to find them.

    Notable Biomes: Desert, Mesa, Savanna

    8. The Clint Eastwoods
    After seeing how many forest biomes we have on this map, I decided to plant a treasure in one of them. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Just how many forest biomes are there on this map?" To be honest, I've lost count myself. Considering that there are so many forests covering such a large land mass... you've got to ask yourself one question. "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya PUNK!?

    Notable Biomes: Forest, Forest, More Forest

    9. Canuckleland
    The True North Strong and Free. Get your daily coffee fix at the local Timmy's in New Toronto, and maybe watch a little pailpuck/Pokemon battling at the Canuckle Rink.

    Notable Biomes: The cold ones.

    The world pre-dates Pixelmon 3.1, so I had to add more biomes in order to make most Pokemon available. Axe Garian has been of great help in getting this world ready, as we added a central hub (the Hub-Bub) and various other tweaks to the world to make it up to date. There's a few things I've added here and there, but I'll leave you all to find them.

    The Hub-Bub
    This is the starting zone for the world, located right beside the "1" on the labeled map. Here there is access to a Poke Center, some lab equipment, and the Semi-Legal Bar. It's a perfect starting zone as there are Magikarp in the river to the north of HB, and the continent itself is very starter friendly.

    It should be noted that I've taken to protecting this area, as well as the entire mountain to the south of it. You folks will probably build far away from it anyway since that's what everyone does, but I didn't think it would hurt.

    How long will this server be available?

    I can only commit to hosting it for 1 month, so August 25 at 12:00am EST to be exact. I'm using one of those third party server hosts to do this, and while I'm not breaking the bank here, I don't want to make it a regular expense. Besides, we'll probably all have had our fill of Pixelmon by the end of it.

    What happens to the world and our progress after the 1 month is up?
    I will retrieve the world data and give it to anyone who's still interested in playing. Probably host it on Dropbox or something so anyone can download it.

    I have an idea for another mod to add to the server...
    I'm open to ideas, but I have a very specific goal in mind with this server. This is Pixelmon first, Minecraft second. I'm not particularly interested in adding any more mods since:
    a) I want to keep this server as lean as possible.
    b) I'm not interested in enhancing the Minecraft aspects of the game any more than I already have.

    Wait, so you and Axe are basically gods right? How is this gonna be any fun with you guys spawning Shiny Rayquazas and smiting everyone?
    Axe and I have already had our fun with that sort of stuff while working on the map. It's all out of our system. Definitely. Don't mind my shiny perfect IV Ponyta that I'll be riding around. It's totally legit.

    u srs bro?
    Axe and I won't be using our godly powers unless deemed appropriate. By that I mean we won't have any discernible advantage over any of you other than being somewhat familiar with the map. Should we have any problems on the server, Axe and I will take care of it if need be. I don't suspect we'll have any issues, but you never know.

    And I was this close to starting with a Shiny Ponyta. Not a perfect IV one or anything, but I really liked the idea of riding around on a ghostly firey horse. I've since decided against it though.

    After the service ended, I made a backup of the world where we all left off. You can all download this file here.

    It's a zip folder, so you'll need to unzip it first. After that, you should have a folder called "SLCFR Pixelmon" that contains all the relevant files. You'll want to place this in your .minecraft save folder, which you can find by opening the Minecraft launcher and hit "Edit Profile", then "Open Game Dir".

    For Mapwriter Users
    If you used the MapWriter mod that was suggested, you'll find you have two folders in this .minecraft save directory called "mapwriter_mp_worlds" and "mapwriter_sp_worlds". In order to keep the same map you had on the server, you will first need to find the map from "mapwriter_mp_worlds".

    Within the "mapwriter_mp_worlds" directory, you'll want to grab the folder called "198_24_189_30_25565". Copy and paste this folder into "mapwriter_sp_worlds", and then rename it "SLCFR_Pixelmon". Make sure the names of the world folder and the map folder match aside from the _ replacing the space, because otherwise it won't work.

    644-1.png Semi-Official Heroes of the Storm Team
    Axe and KS play this sometimes. At the time other people did too.

    Arch-Mage Zandor: Zeratul

    Axe Garian: The Butcher

    GentleRaptor: Zagara

    Killer Snowman: Sylvanas, Gul'Dan, Gazlowe, Stitches, Valeera

    ___MeRliN___: Tychus

    Pandora: Evil Malfurion

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    [Generic appreciation for generic speech]

    Thanks to my little mishap, and the fact that I have been trying to get this done all afternoon, I think I'm going to leave it as it is. I've still gotta add in the section about signatures, and possibly some pictures.... but I'm pooped. At least it's properly formatted now.
  7. If you tell me how you want it done, I could do it. That's part of the point of having a clan account, isn't it?
  8. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    ...yes it is.

    This is gonna be interesting.
  9. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    You released the Thread too early!!? Before it was done!!? Tiy's gonna :facepalm: at you, just you wait & see! :p
  10. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Premature post-ulation. Here's a handy infomercial about it.

  11. Arch-Mage Zandor

    Arch-Mage Zandor Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Oooh new thread.
    Hmm, gotta think of something inspirational to say... um.. uh..
  12. Exodus

    Exodus Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    The first image posted here is digimon, because fuck you.
  13. Auraknight

    Auraknight Weight of the Sky

    Hey new thread!
    Glad I could make first page!
  14. I feel like I should say something actually nice, so here goes.
    I love you guys.
    This was the first thread I ever posted on, and if y'all hadn't been so great, I probably wouldn't have stayed around.
    I also probably would've gotten a good grade in my Algebra class, but whatever.
    The point is, thanks guys.
    We now conclude the feels portion of this post.
    KS Signal.png
    I need to call in KS to say:
    Sorry I went offline for so long, wasn't expecting that to happen.
  15. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    In the pale recesses of the night, a figure forms as it moves towards the source of the signal.
    *Knock Knock*

    Helloooooooo! I mean... What evil lurks on this seemingly calm night? Point me in the general direction, and I will banish it as though I had not eaten in weeks, and they are the buffet. The buffet of evil.
    Oh. No big deal. And sorry about your algebra grade. At least you will certainly pass Pokemon 101. And that's all that really matters.

    EDIT: Also, I just realized that I never linked you guys the new thread in the old thread. That was kind of a failure on my part. It appears as though most of you found it though. It's kind of hard to miss.
  16. Auraknight

    Auraknight Weight of the Sky

    hard to miss
    Because I'm very alert when I'm checking up on the clan at midnight, and when I'm having a panic attack because it's been locked.
  17. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    *Pulls 3 Creepers to your Digimon Pic, & tricks them into exploding right on top of it*

    There, this Thread is now Re-Pokémon-ized, with non-Poke help. (My Bombii is asleep as of the time of this Post, & you do NOT wanna wake up a Bomb Poke for a tiny job like this & have a literal Walking Bomb grumpy all day... plus Creepers are disposable.)
  18. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I'm sorry, but that's hilarious. Like I said, it was a total failure on my part to not even link it. I gotta wonder now if that means we totally lost all the reserve members, because they will have no idea what the hell "SLCFR: Frankenstein Chicken" is, and that it's our new thread...

    God dammit. This just keeps getting better and better.

    There was a time, Axe, that I would have told you that we respect all fandoms of all sorts of monsters. Then, about 10 pages into the old thread, I think I totally stopped caring about them.

    Press A to Continue Purification...
  19. Exodus

    Exodus Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Not even Spectrobes?
  20. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I liked Digimon as a kid. I liked Yu-Gi-Oh too actually. But I've always been a Pokemon guy.

    Regardless, I wasn't talking about my personal tastes so much as I was about the tastes of others. I originally planned on making this clan really general to accommodate fans of other battling monster franchises like Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Spectrobes, etc. Angry Muffin though, was insistent on the SLCFR just being a Pokemon clan. That's where the whole "Creature Tamer" vs "Pixelmon" thing came from for the ranks originally, and of course the name of the clan had to be generic enough to encompass all of those fans as well (once again, my "genius" at work).

    As we all know, none of that really worked in the end. All it did was scare off potential clan members, and only attracted Pokemon fans with a sense of humour. Which has worked out for the best anyways, because you're all awesome.

    EDIT FROM DISTANT FUTURE: I caught a spelling error and it bothered me.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2014

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