Skirts and shorta?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cyan_Jelly, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Cyan_Jelly

    Cyan_Jelly Intergalactic Tourist

    I love stardew valley

    I'm a console player, I'm not asking for any ability to modify only the vain ability to change my clothes for the seasons

    spring I like to wear skirts or dresses

    summer I like shorts and things

    and fall and winter it's a mystery [ mostly skirts and leggings though but I know that could be some work ]

    what I'm trying to sat without being imposing or I don't know sound like an idiot is please think about adding more clothes like skirts, dresses, and maybe shorts.
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    • Pyrofish

      Pyrofish Starship Captain

      I don't know what you're trying to do, with your "without being imposing" and all that, but it looks pathetic.
      You've got a suggestion, say your suggestion. People do it all the time. Infact, there's an entire subforum for it, which you ought to have posted this in.

      No need to be, like, so scared or whatever this is. You've got an idea, an idea that honestly ought to be in the game, say it, dude. chill
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    • Cyan_Jelly

      Cyan_Jelly Intergalactic Tourist

      I'm sorry I'm a super hard introvert talking to people is a but hard for me but OK I'll remember that for next time.
      • Rauchschwalbe

        Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

        How about beeing nice and not calling someone pathetic? Is it possible for you to not be rude to somebody?

        @TS: It is a cool idea and I would love to have skirts and stuff in the game. Please post it in the suggestions section. I bet there are even more people supporting the idea.
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        • Jonesy

          Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

          Moved to Stardew Valley Suggestions.

          No need to apologize. Pyrofish was completely out of line by insulting you, and they've been dealt with accordingly.

          Please report threads that need to be moved. Simply saying "Go post here" often results in duplicate threads being made.
          • Xamerzan

            Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

            I honestly love the idea of being able to change your clothes depending on the weather or season. Seeing my character in a brown jacket during the summer always makes me think 'dang, he's gotta be dying from heat stroke...' It would be even cooler if your clothes would change (based on your choices you made) automatically for specific seasons and/or weather. :)
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            • Rauchschwalbe

              Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

              Yes, sorry, I forgot that admins and moderators can move topics. I will remember next time.

              Now let's just hope we get skirts and dresses. And not to forget: a wedding dress.
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