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What features would you most like to see added to this mod?

  1. 8- and 10-heart events

    470 vote(s)
  2. Wedding event error fixes

    131 vote(s)
  3. Festival fixes (make spouses available for all festivals)

    112 vote(s)
  4. Post-marriage spouse events

    498 vote(s)
  5. Extensive in-law dialogue

    144 vote(s)
  6. More couple-centered festivals

    125 vote(s)
  7. Additional rooms in house, including more spouse rooms

    120 vote(s)
  8. Character-specific help/chores from spouse

    112 vote(s)
  9. Baby/toddler sprites recolored/edited according to parent

    138 vote(s)
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  1. Bon3z

    Bon3z Aquatic Astronaut

    Is there going to be an update with allowing Krobus and Dwarf as marry-able characters? I initially saw DangerouslyFunny's video where he was going to marry Krobus and nothing happened. :c
    • Salamander Sundaes

      Salamander Sundaes Void-Bound Voyager

      Yeah! When I added them both together, the mod installed last would always be overridden. If I overrode the marriage mod, the mod wouldn't work and the game would crash. If I overrode the recolor mod, the game would work about as well as expected, but the recolor wouldn't be applied. I tried avoiding overrides, but as far as I could tell, nothing was copied into the folder when I did that. I wanna get an xml editor and see if I can merge them, but I'm afraid I'll mess up Siv's mod stuff, and Willy is life.

      I checked out Map Recolour! It looks really nice, I might end up using that instead. I feel like I've used Siv's mod with others like this in the past, but only recently ended up with this issue.
      It's been a while since I last played this game, and my memory isn't great. I really hope I'm not forgetting something important, like some kind of installer program, like NMM or something. @_@

      I hope she can help! I love her work on this mod, and all of the effort she puts in to make it work well.. it's really impressive!
      • sivolobwho

        sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

        Next update soon. Stay tuned. :^) Also, here's my tumblr, but be warned I really don't post about SDV much.

        No. Unfortunately with my currently skill level it is not possible. To make a long explanation short, the problem is that Krobus and Dwarf have sprites that are smaller than the normal NPC sprites (which are 16x32 pixels). This causes numerous graphical errors. Additionally, Krobus has a "monster" title which causes tons of dialogue errors when I try to extend his social interactions beyond the current scope. Basically, it's not doable without a SMAPI mod more complicated than I'm capable of programming.

        I can look into what's causing the problem after I post my mod's update soon. :^) However, I think I already know the answer: my mod has its own copies of certain maps in the folder for various reasons. So, installing my mod on top of the other mod will cause some parts of the other mod to not work, most likely. But like I said, I can look into it when I post the update.
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        • Terrarian

          Terrarian Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Question, is there a way to only implement 1 character on this mod? You see, I'm curious about Sandy, but having all the other characters as candidates feels a bit awkward to me, specially with Marnie and Lewis around, as I ship them.
          • pastelshan

            pastelshan Space Hobo

            I have to admit, I'm a little bummed that Marlon isn't on this list! Give us Adventure Husband! \o/
            • bigfootgolem

              bigfootgolem Intergalactic Tourist

              Marlon isn't a character you can reach normally, and you can't gift things to him in the first place. Adding him would probably take a lot more effort than just converting one of the current characters.
              • Ninestempest

                Ninestempest Void-Bound Voyager

                @Bassy211 Does this work for the spouse rooms feature? Since that's the only reason one needs SMAPI to recognize the mod? Cause I'm not using SMAPI and can still romance people generally, but I have no idea if spouse rooms can work without SMAPI.

                If not, will @sivolobwho be updating anytime soon to stay up to date with SMAPI? The readme isn't even up to date with the mod itself.

                Edit: Apparrently without SMAPI recognizing the mod, instead of just spouse rooms not working period, they're just super broken. Weird incorrect textures that look really bad. Kind of sad that it's like this, but it'll be updated eventually, I guess.
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                • bigfootgolem

                  bigfootgolem Intergalactic Tourist

                  Currently married to Linus, but when I end the day before the Flower Dance, it crashes and I lose the day's progress. Hoping the update comes soon to fix that.
                  • phoeniXxeyes

                    phoeniXxeyes Space Hobo

                    I don't know if someone has asked this before, but could you make robin marrieable ?
                    I hope you could say "maybe", but I think that you could have the same kind of problem as with kobold and dwarf in making robin marriable, am I right or not ?
                      Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
                    • Nekone Rin

                      Nekone Rin Orbital Explorer

                      Out of curiosity, does that mean it'd be possible if someone decided to make custom sprites for the dwarf in the current size of other characters?
                      • tyrannosaurose

                        tyrannosaurose Tentacle Wrangler

                        Hello! So I recently got SDV and I'm modding the life out of it before I start playing properly. Sivs marriage mod is a must for me since I'm 30 and all the bachelors are too young for me to be interested, hah! (Sivs mod cobined with DCBurger portraits of Shane, Willy and Wizard - YES! If only Marlon and Gil could be marriageable...)
                        Anyway, I'm pretty sure I installed everything correctly, including the SMAPI parts, but when I load up my game it states that the mod is outdated - does this mean the whole mod isn't currently working, or just aspects of it?
                        Also, is it possible to combine this mod with other mods - I know the Hay Writes mods have good reviews, and I'm wondering if I can combine her re-write of the wizard with the marriage mod. Same question with Shane overhauls mods that are avaliable. Or, is that even necessary after the changes made with Siv's mod?
                        I jumped the gun and installed ALL the mods I wanted without testing between each and, of course, my game just crashed. Fortunately, I haven't really played so there's nothing there to lose. So, I'm now slowly working my way through, installing and testing. Thanks so much to anyone who can take the time to answer my questions - I'm super eager to start playing since I've waited so long already! But I guess I can wait longer and make sure I do things correctly...
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                        • Fiain

                          Fiain Void-Bound Voyager

                          When will this be updated? I really would like to try this mod.
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                          • Ewalter

                            Ewalter Space Hobo

                            Is Krobus added to this? I've always wanted to marry him in the game and idk why :rofl:
                            I've been trying to find a mod for Krobus and I just didn't know if this one had it.
                            • brokenunity

                              brokenunity Void-Bound Voyager

                              Any news on the update? I'd be happy just to have the wizard marriageable.
                              • azurejpg

                                azurejpg Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to create this mod. It's really interesting, and I look forward to seeing your other works too! I do need help with the files, though. In your "README.txt", you mentioned that it was possible to remove characters from being potential marriage-candidates. I followed the steps on the forums here for xnb modding, but I'm having trouble with repacking the yaml file into the xnb file for the NPCDispositions file. I created a "testinput" and "testoutput" folder in my game's folder, and I have the XNBExtract folder in the game's folder as well. I ran xnb_node.cmd with the parameters "xnb_node.cmd pack testinput\NPCDispositions.yaml testoutput\NPCDispositions.xnb" but whenever I try to run the node the command console says "The system cannot find the path specified" even though I checked if I typed it correctly. I think I need help with further instructions on the repacking for the NPCDispositions file. Please let me know if there's any solutions to this ASAP!
                                • Dakmordian

                                  Dakmordian Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  The first thing you need to know (and I only learned of this recently myself) is that there can be NO tabs in the yaml text file. You can only use spaces for indenting and I believe that pressing Enter causes a tab to be made if you're at the end of a line.

                                  Second, Just use this for extracting and repacking. It doesn't need to go in the game folder, you just copy and paste the files you need into the pack folder and the PackFiles will put 'em back together when you're done editing the files in UnPacked. I mean, either way it's kind of a messy process, but having devoted Pack and Unpack bats will make it so much easier than hassling with xnb_node itself.

                                  I'm in the process of trying to get some of the functionality back myself. A friend wants to make the Wizard marriageable so I'm seeing if I can't get it working for her.
                                  • azurejpg

                                    azurejpg Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    Thank you, I'll be sure to keep it in mind when working on the yaml text file. I'll probably wait until later to actually get back to working on it, but I really appreciate the help!
                                    • Dakmordian

                                      Dakmordian Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      For me, I was able to get the Wizard dateable and all the dialogue working, but regrettably the one thing that's really holding this mod back is the fact that Spouse Rooms are 100% broken. Without the spouse room mod, or the ability to recreate it (I'm not that knowledgeable), there's no way to tell the game what room to use for the new spouses. As such, their room is simply default wood wall/floor and has no collision whatsoever, even the back wall.

                                      In fact, likely because of this (and probably the missing Spouse Outdoor Area) the new wife/husband is missing after the wedding ceremony. They reappear the next day, but I suspect this would be a common occurrence any time the game thinks they're supposed to be in their little areas.

                                      I can keep looking into how to actually DO a spouse rooms mod, but I'm honestly more interested in playing the game (and the rest of my massive backlog). I just know that they're not assigned to any of those three areas off to the side in the spouseRooms.xnb file. I built rooms in all three just to see which would show up (if any), and none of them did. In fact.. I'm not even sure where the blank room that's THERE is coming from.

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                                      • chris05478

                                        chris05478 Big Damn Hero

                                        I would like to have the spouse rooms working, it's very immersion breaking being married to Willy and having an empty room >~>
                                        • AliCat

                                          AliCat Poptop Tamer

                                          I love the art. It makes me wanna go back in time and see what the older villagers were like when they were young. Could even see what the Player's grandfather was like. <3

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