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What features would you most like to see added to this mod?

  1. 8- and 10-heart events

    483 vote(s)
  2. Wedding event error fixes

    132 vote(s)
  3. Festival fixes (make spouses available for all festivals)

    115 vote(s)
  4. Post-marriage spouse events

    514 vote(s)
  5. Extensive in-law dialogue

    147 vote(s)
  6. More couple-centered festivals

    130 vote(s)
  7. Additional rooms in house, including more spouse rooms

    121 vote(s)
  8. Character-specific help/chores from spouse

    113 vote(s)
  9. Baby/toddler sprites recolored/edited according to parent

    146 vote(s)
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  1. sivolobwho

    sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

    Siv's Marriage Mod


    Somebody asked if I could make this mod open source, and I have happily done so. I hope somebody finds the source code useful, so perhaps the mod can be updated in the future! As of now, I myself have no plans to update this mod. I've included everything I can think of in the github repository, but if I've missed something, feel free to message me on tumblr or twitter (@sivolobwho) or email me

    P.S. Please don't contact me with questions about C# or how I made this mod. I am not a programmer and I made this mod with a lot of Frankenstein-ing stuff together, some guessing, and a few tips from my fiance who is a programmer. (The code is A MESS.) Point is, I can't help you with the programming aspect, although I can answer questions about the XNB modding should they arise.



    Hello! This is a complete mod to make all 9 of the adult, single, giftable NPCs in SDV available for romance and marriage like the game's 10 default singles. This mod includes Clint, Gus, Lewis, Linus, Marnie, Pam, Sandy, Willy, and Wizard.
    • Romance them! They will accept the Bouquet like the town's other singles and become romantic.
    • Marry 'em! They will gladly take your Mermaid Pendant when they are at 10 hearts.
    • Dance with them! If you're married, they will dance with you at the Flower Dance. (Except for Sandy.)
    • Start a family! You can have/adopt children with them just as with the other marriage candidates!
    • Unique spouse rooms, especially designed with each character in mind!
    • 8-heart and 10-heart events for each character! Each event is fully unique, written to fit in with each character's canon backstories, relationships, etc.!
    • Fully unique post-marriage dialogue! Just like the original marriage candidates.
    • Fully unique post-marriage schedules: Clint will run his shop, Gus will tend the bar, Lewis will check on businesses, Marnie will run the animal shop, Pam will drive the bus, and Willy will run the fishing shop. Not as often as before, but part-time!
    • Visual updates! Each of the 9 NPCs have an OPTIONAL VISUAL UPDATE included in the download. See the link at the bottom of this post for before/after comparisons!
    • With the mod in its current state, you MIGHT not be able to proceed through the Flower Dance if you do not have a dance partner, so beware! You may want to install the mod after the first Flower Dance if it will create a problem.
    • Your spouse's... "estranged twin sibling"... will be in the crowd at your wedding......... just ignore them.........
    • Your spouse may still mail you gifts while married. Neat, right? It's the little things. :^)
    • After marriage, Sandy disappears to go work on Tues/Thurs. She walks off for the day. You can still go buy stuff from the desert shop even though she's not there, though! A+!
    • Sandy also doesn't attend the festivals, which prevents you from being able to dance with her at the Flower Dance. I can't change this with XNB modding. :^(
    • Marnie will disappear when the confetti rains down in your wedding... to go dance in the audience. Probably had a little too much champagne.
    • (At least some of) these mods will not work with the NPC map location mod. It may cause your game to crash.
    • Spouse rooms feature may not work with the Get Dressed mod. It's anyone's guess why not.
    • This mod will not work with portrait/sprite/dialogue/event/etc. mods that haven't been custom made to work with it.
    • Lewis will call your partner your husband at your wedding no matter what.
    • Pam will flash her regular clothes at your wedding for like 1 second.
    • When marrying Lewis, he does some freaky shit at the wedding ceremony. It's hilarious. You'll love it.
    • Clint will still ask you for an amethyst for Emily... Sorry! Can't fix it.
    • Clint's decapitated head will be sitting near his feet when he breaks open geodes for you. Isn't that funny?
    • The game will crash if you try to enter the Wizard's basement while he is not in his home before you get him to 4 hearts.
    • IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY ERRORS... Please let me know ASAP by either posting or PMing me. Please be as detailed as possible when describing errors, and always take screenshots when you can!

    To install this mod, simply COPY AND PASTE the "Content" folder from the .zip file to Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley, and select yes to replace the files. To install the VISUAL UPDATES, open the README.txt file from the download and follow the instructions. To install the Siv's Spouse Rooms feature, you must have SMAPI installed. Instructions can be found in the README.txt.


    Coming soon!​

    • Add Spouse Areas/Patios for each character. (1.3.0)
    • Make all 9 characters available for all festivals. (v1.3.0)
    • Fix the issues with the wedding animations/sprites. (v1.3.0)
    • Add recolored child sprites for each character. (v1.3.0)
    • Possibly add a separate mod like this one for married NPCs, although not any time soon.
    • I will not (ever, in the foreseeable future) add Jas or Vincent to my mods or make my mods compatible with any Jas/Vincent marriage mods. Please do not ask.
    NOTE: If you had ANY of my old mods installed, this mod will replace ALL of them. Your save files will NOT be affected, UNLESS YOU ARE MARRIED TO SHANE OR EMILY. If you are married to Shane or Emily because of my old mods, DO NOT install this new version unless you do not intend to play that file anymore.


    All features of this mod were done by me, Siv, except...
    Clint's Marriage Dialogue - Lilly Ampleton
    Gus' Marriage Dialogue - Rheunken
    Willy's Marriage Dialogue - Owlsworthy

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    • darksoshi

      darksoshi Void-Bound Voyager

      I love you for doing this mod, was dying for someone to make Shane marry-able :DD
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      • Trifoilum

        Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

        regarding romance events, probably related to his job and/or depression? Or the film making event.

        I can see him being the more modern artsy kind of guy (as opposed to Leah's more traditional art). Add that apparently there is war around....and it might be a problem re: employment and such.
        • sivolobwho

          sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

          Yeah, I would love to make an event having to do with his depression, or his loathing for his job, or both. I'm having some roadblocks figuring out how to make totally customized events, so the mod will probably come without an event at first, unfortunately, with one hopefully added in the future. There are so many potential ideas for his event! Maybe even more than one event. Who knows.
          • raenevigil

            raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

            I <3 you so much for this. I'm a sucker for Shane. He's just so depressed and meh and I want to just make him smile. *swoon*
            • Tetigistus

              Tetigistus Hey, You!

              You are my hero. I was in love with Shane from the first time I tried to talk to him and he blew me off. I'm sure that says something unpleasant about myself.
              • Ghostly Fox

                Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                -cue heavy breathing- Oh. Oh yesssssssss.

                Suggested romance events:
                Spicy food eating contest. Shane loves the stuff, and the PC just seems to competitive about things. Mouth on fire option, please.
                Maybe him cutting back on drinking alcohol consumption and the PC having an option to notice and comment on it.
                More about his family maybe. (Ask the Shane fan committee if you want. We can be chatty bastards. (Or at least I can.)))

                (Also, guess I now have even more a reason to write that fic I've been nervously skittering about writing since bloody release.)
                • ohilin

                  ohilin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Some ideas for the romance event : ' )!
                  Maybe 6 hearts+
                  You bump into Shane, coming home from work and you start up a conversation/ greet him. He then tells he isn't up for talking because of his job/ its been a long day and you have the option to sympathise by telling him that you previously worked for Joja also, and understand his behaviour/ distance towards you.

                  10 hearts?
                  He sends a letter to meet you at the forest lake at 7-8pm and you see he has setted up a small make shift date (cheesey candles and a meal for two-- maybe his coat/ hoodie as something to sit on). He apologises for the lack of fanciness as he is tight on pay and time, but he wished to spend time with you. He then confesses his feelings towards you. After accepting, you then proceed to eat the meal he made.

                  The ideas might be hard to do ;; hn-- but I love the progress that I see so far! Hope every thing is smooth sailing for you!
                  • sivolobwho

                    sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

                    Small update: If your game is updated to version 1.05, you can dance with Shane at the Flower Dance! This was not a feature I was expecting, but a happy surprise nonetheless! I will add Flower Dance sprites for him. You both replace Sebastian and Abigail.
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                    • Middeer

                      Middeer Void-Bound Voyager

                      I'm super excited about this~! I'm pretty curious as to whether or not ConcernedApe is going to add more marriage candidates or not, but this is a good alternate in case he doesn't.
                      • sivolobwho

                        sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

                        Yeah! If he does release Shane or others as DLC in the future, I will likely pull my mod. But until then, or if he decides not to do that, I'm happy to share Shane with the world!
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                        • sunbean

                          sunbean Void-Bound Voyager

                          I love you. I'm serious, I love you so much. I can't believe this. So happy, so proud, so blessed.

                          Yoba bless you.
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                          • Eternalmyst

                            Eternalmyst Big Damn Hero

                            Shane is great because he feels like such a real person. I'll be following this mod!
                            • idiotequed

                              idiotequed Aquatic Astronaut

                              This is so exciting, thank you! Ha, the moment when he'll have romantic dialogue post bouquet and Harvey doesn't (or since giving him one, I've seen nothing different :wut:). In my wildest dreams, someday, Shane heart events, too...

                              Seriously, amazing work!!
                              • Ghostly Fox

                                Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                I decided to add that Shane technically could have two heart events already, if it would be easier to add/change code in those events to make them heart events. (Though I would really love if you made five all new scenes, I can understand that that probably isn't feasible.)

                                Enter the forest (area where Marnie's ranch is) at night time to cue event. This one is pretty well known I think since this was what made so many people go wiggly over him.

                                Enter the town after 10 am, possibly only on sunny days? Shane is filming an ad for a Joja corporation contest. He asks the Player to help by walking in the background of the shot while the other actors... Act. He then thanks the PC for their help while smiling.

                                The six heart event could maybe be made into a four heart event, which would leave room for three more, if the mod makes decided to keep those events s romance events.

                                Maybe Marnie and Jas could help set up the picnic date by making the food and supplying the picnic equipment, and he apologizes for not being able to contribute more to the date, but his work hours don't allow it? OR, if Joja Mart has been shutdown, he could instead say that he contributed as much as he could, but since his pay is only from Marnie now, it took longer to save up for it...But it still beats the hell out of working for Joja Mart!

                                Another event idea could be the PC and Shane at the Saloon sitting at the bar or a table to just talk instead of drink, and he could joke that it feels like a date, then go on to say that he hasn't really had the time or energy to go on any dates, or even consider romance. He then asks the PC if there's anyone they've got their eye on as a date, with the romance options with the two highest scores other than Shane being listed, one being noncommittal, and the last option being to say, "He's sitting in front of me."/ " He's sitting next to me."
                                If you choose that option, he goes silent for a minute while that processes, then he blushes bright red and sowls at the PC to not tease him- that there's no way his the option the PC would choose out of everyone else they could date in town. Maybe another dialogue option to either tell him you're serious about it being him, 'admit' you were just teasing, or apologize for teasing him. Regardless of what you pick, he says that he should be heading back to the ranch to sleep, but how he phrases it and acts as he leaves could be based off that choice. (Maybe this would make a good six heart "romance" scene, with the currently in game six heart scene being a "friendship" scene?)

                                Sorry for babbling? I've got a bunch of ideas about a Shane romance that I should really put on paper instead of blurting them on the forum. So, in, feel free to ask me to stop.
                                • raenevigil

                                  raenevigil Phantasmal Quasar

                                  There's a Shane Fan Committee? :O Sweeeet. But yes, I'd love to see him go more into why he's so brooding and depressed and also resolve to drink less with the PC's help.
                                  • Ghostly Fox

                                    Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                    Yoba, yes please. Give me all the romance/dating scenes. Or just talking to him prompting options like sometimes happens, and different option trigger different flags?
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                                    • sivolobwho

                                      sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Adding the Spouse Room is giving me a lot of grief... bluh. >_<
                                      • sivolobwho

                                        sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Also, thank you for the suggestions, everyone! When I figure out how to code the events I will definitely take all the suggestions into mind. I definitely love the picnic idea a lot. <3
                                        • sivolobwho

                                          sivolobwho Phantasmal Quasar

                                          I'm too frustrated to work on this more tonight lmao. I'll take a look again tomorrow. Nighty night guys!

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