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  1. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester



    Siv Corp specializes in corporate buildings, structures and enclosures.
    Works in corroboration with 2 sub contractors for mining/gathering and research/data archiving. These Contractors are also available for bids.

    Currently looking to branch out and make corporate partners with other divisions to further engineering expertise.
    All Corporate news and deals will go through Siv.

    ===Corporate Information===
    Majority Stock holder(s) -
    The Triads (51%)
    Additional Stock holders -
    Siv (8%)
    Arial (3%)

    Currently traded on the IGSE index at 18% availability (10 pxl/share)

    Current Direct Stock Price - SIVC 1,321 pxl/share
    Available Direct Stock Options (20%)

    ---Sub Contractors---
    Siv - Mining/gathering of materials
    Arial - R&D, data archiving

    ---Player Contractors---
    Galactic Mindswipe - Research Assistant

    ~ Corporate Assets and Available Materials ~

    Projects income
    +4.2 - 4 ship modules done
    +3 million R&D
    +2.5 shipping costs
    +1.1 - startup costs

    +16.375 mil pxl - past total

    Sales Income
    +862,017,128,526,384 pxl - sale of data archive to Centurion Universal (New)

    +6.72 mil pxl - Platinum Sale at 14 pxl/ounce

    Operation Costs
    -140,000 pxl/month on Seria mining
    -120,000 pxl/month on Darius II mining
    -900,000 pxl/month on Darius Security (Desert Star Inc)

    Material Costs
    N/A - provided internally

    Total Net Income
    +33.895 mil -1.16 mil/month = +32.735 mil pxl
    + 862,017,128,526,384 pxl.

    862,017,161,261,384 pxl Total

    Available Raw Materials

    Price - 14 pxl per ounce
    [10 tones available] source - (+40 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 12 pxl per ounce
    [10 tones available] source - (+2 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 4 pxl per ounce
    [30 tones available] source - (+4 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 1 pxl per ounce
    [25 tones available] source - (+4 A, +?? B,)

    Available Rare Materials
    Price - 7 pxl per ounce
    [10 tones available] source - (+6 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 32 pxl per ounce
    [2 tones available] source - (+1 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 500 pxl per ounce
    [800 ounces available] source - (+0 A, +?? B,)

    Available Fuel Materials
    Price - 2 pxl per ounce
    [100 tones available] source - (+10 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 6 pxl per ounce
    [4 tones available] source - (+0 A, +?? B,)

    Price - 3 pxl per ounce
    [60 tones available] source - (+0 A, +?? B,)

    Sources current output
    -A- +69 tones per day from Seria
    -B- +96 tones per day from Darius II

    Current list of Available Buildings-
    (NEW) Colonists Buildings (fast setup, durable, self-contained designs)
    • Pop Top - Residence - 2 person capacity (5,000 pxl)
    • Long House - Gathering place - 25 capacity (25,000 pxl)
    • Farm Dome - Farming - 30 plant variety (10,000 pxl)
    • Mechanic depot - engineering - medium project size (30,000 pxl)
    • Guard tower - defense - 30 meter tall, 3 capacity (2,000 pxl)

    Corporate Office Buildings (Small, Medium, Large, Orbital)
    • Small Office - 20 spaces (75,000 pxl - base model)
    • Medium Office - 150 spaces (200,000 pxl - base model)
    • Large Office - 500+ spaces (500,000 pxl - base model, +100,000 pxl per 100 spaces)
    • Orbital Office - 200+ spaces (500,000 pxl - base model +100,000 pxl per 100 spaces)
    Research and Design Facilities (Low security, High security, Orbital)
    • Low security - 15 labs, 2 containment fields (800,000 pxl - base model)
    • High security - 15+ labs, 6+ containment fields (2.5 million pxl - base model, +250,000 pxl per additional lab)
    • Orbital - 15+ labs, 6+ containment fields (3 million pxl - base model, +250,000 pxl per additional lab)
    Mining Facilities (Extraction, Processing, Refining, Shipping)
    • Extraction module - capacity of 3 tons processed per hour (250,000 pxl per module)
    • Processing module - capacity of 1 ton processed per hour (150,000 pxl per module)
    • Refining module - capacity of 4 tons processed per hour (300,000 pxl per module)
    • Shipping module - capacity of 2 tons processed per hour (150,000 pxl per module)
    Manufacturing Facilities (Molding/Machining, Electronics/High-tech, Textile/Upholstery, Bio-genetics/Medical)
    • Small facility - capacity of 20 units processed per hour (350,000 pxl)
    • Medium facility - capacity of 60 units processed per hour (650,000 pxl)
    • Large facility - capacity of 100 units processed per hour (900,000 pxl)
    • Ship module - capacity of 15 units processed per hour (300,000 pxl)
    Housing Facilities (Single, Apartment, Orbital, Security)
    • Single - max 5 occupants (15,000 pxl)
    • Apartment - 30 single units (300,000 pxl)
    • Orbital - 500+ units with support systems (800,000 pxl +100,000 pxl per 100 units added)
    • Security - 300+ units security in base design (650,000 pxl +150,000 pxl per 100 units added)
    Containment Facilities (Biosphere, Environmental Sanctuary, Native Species Containment)
    • Biosphere - Independent, fully contained ecosystem (50,000 pxl)
    • Environmental Sanctuary - Fully contained system for environmental protection (125,000 pxl per square mile area)
    • Native species Containment - Temporary, low impact enclosure to protect native species while mining/research operations are carried out (100,000 pxl per square mile)
    Custom Buildings (contact our engineering team for other ideas)
    • Special material/design parameters for any building - shape, resistance, flexibility, ect.
    • Unique design elements - flying/hovering, cloaking, shielding, hazardous material capacity, ect.
    • Militarization - weapon embankments, hangers, armor, shielding, ect.
    Additional items available-

    Use of our extensive material/species database (price per GB of data transferred)

    Rental of our many space/surface vehicles and generators (mining, archiving, building, shield, atmosphere, terraforming)

    Others to be announced...

    Current Projects -
    1. <<Available>>
    2. Running mining operations on Seria. [+27 ore tons/day, +40 ore tons/day Platinum] (-140,000 pxl/month upkeep)
    3. Running mining operations on Darius II. [+4 ore tons/hour] (-900,000 pxl/month to Desert Star Inc., -120,000 pxl/month upkeep)
    Completed Projects -
    1. Built Falcon MotorSports Research facility in Sector X (+3 mil pxl)
    2. Provided startup buildings to Gaslamp Energy corp in exchange for 2 power plants (-2.275 mill pxl)
    3. Finished work with TlenoTech on miniaturizing buildings for fringe world efficiency and cost reduction.
    4. Begin mining operations on Seria (+1.1 mil pxl from GECorp for startup costs)
    5. 4 ship modules for high tech manufacturing for Twyster (+4.2 mil pxl)
    6. ElecToyz small office, R&D, 2 production facilities to Wyka-II for Twyster (2.175 mil pxl)
    7. Hired secondary mining team for Darius II from IBI Research. (-50,000 pxl total for 3 weeks)
    8. Set up mining operations on Darius II (-900,000 pxl/month to Desert Star Inc., -120,000 pxl/month upkeep) [estm. 6 month project lifespan]
    9. Fabricated 50 Sheets Of Pseudo-Derm for Question (1,500 pxl)
    10. Weapons factory onboard Lakerkb25 Flagship. (2.5 mill pxl)
    11. lloyd_5 Militarized orbital research facility (2.5 mill pxl)
    12. Kitty Box High security R&D station, onsite (2.5 mil pxl)
    13. Built project "Shadow" (+6.77 mil pxl)
    14. Worked with GeneriCorp on E-GAC enhancements... mothballed due to bankruptcy.
    15. Established contact with other corporate identities
    16. Built trade/communications deep space station

    Current Affairs-

    We are at peak capacity! Orders are now delayed due to workforce shortages. Thank you for your patience.
    We are again accepting orders!

    Our secondary mining facility is now at the planet of Seria and working overtime to strip mine the planet for GECorp.

    We have set up mining operations on Darius II and are running at peek speed of 4 tons of ore per hour. The material is for sale to those looking for deals... but we have first go at it for our buildings.

    SIV Corp is looking for efficient mining devices/techniques. If your company has anything to offer, please contact us.

    We are also looking for a water purification system for our Hylotl system. Manufacturing is starting to effect the water planet, and we are looking for inexpensive methods to solve the problem, without having to relocate our factories.

    Code of Ethics -
    SIV Corp is an equal opportunity engineering firm. All sentient races that have pixels will be serviced. However, some exceptions and conditions do apply.
    Humans, Avians, and Hylotl races are completely accepted and will be openly traded/worked with. Other races may initiate trade and building requests, but The Triads retain the right to require more information from these other unique races to further it's knowledge database.
    Tech trading will also be allowed, as well as biological and elemental trading.
    Any shareholder/contractors do have additional conditions...
    Shareholders receive dividends on a one year cycle. Shareholders may voice concerns and ideas to Siv

    History -
    SIV Corp is a 3 sentient planet alliance consisting of 3 beings - Humans, Avians, and Hylotl. This alliance, called The Triads, was established to combat a looming collapse of their system's double star. The gravitational balance of the two stars had deteriorated to the point of becoming unstable, and could cause the stars to collide with each other, pulling the rest of the system into a subsequent black hole. The Triads pooled resources and knowledge to re-stabilize their suns, by use of an orbital gravitational generator. The generator was placed between the suns, at the center of the system, and keeps the suns from crossing into each others path.

    There where, however, complications from the device. The strong field that the machine had to generate created a torus shaped field around the entire system, that blocked out all electronic/magnetic/ionic fields. This "shield" isolated the system for 3 centuries, until a scientist of the Hylotl found a way to send satellites outside the field, and have them restart to communicate back into the system via a tether. Using this system, construction of "the Gateway" was undergone to make a tunnel out of the system. Once the system was online, The Triads began a massive convoy to begin exploration of other systems.
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  2. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Siv here,

    I will be posting contunual news and corporate events here. So stay tuned.

    I will also field corporate interest and stock interests on our space station outside of our territory. Contact me for coordinates and any other inquiries.

    Purchased from Kadron Industries
    2x - Nordak Neutralizer:
    2x - Zerandr Blade:
    2x - Ioknai:
    2x - Trazantrin:
    12x - Eleugron Rifle:
    2x - Drakei Blades:
    2x - Ramnar:

    Purchased from MinervaTech
    One of each, testing....​
    Military-grade spacecraft drive cores: Tantalus™ drive core Mk3
    Spacecraft hyperdrive cores: HyperSpeed™ coreMk2b
    Space-suited weaponry: Photon™ cannon Mk7
    Military-grade spacecraft weaponry:THANIX™ cannonMk5
    Military-grade spacecraft parts:You must specify the subcategory(like spacecraft lightweight composite hull parts, commanding devices, etc.)
    Military-grade spacecraft shielding technology: Cyclonic Barrier™ technologyMk4c
    Spacecraft Nano-tech shielding: Nano-tech Kinetic BarrierMk3b

    Purchased from Restricted Space Corp.
    3x - surface-to-orbit missile truck (two launchers, comes with RSC Retrofit Kit©): 1 000 000 px
    1x - RSC Behemoth-Class spacecraft (defensive oriented, 8 missile pods, retrofit friendly): 500 000 000 px
    Purchased from Mechanicus Systems
    field testing...
    1x - LIU - 1 Light Infantry Unit
    1x - AUI - 3 Advanced Infantry Unit
    Purchased from Gaslamp Energy Corp
    2x - nuclear power plants

    Frequent coffee purchases and possible franchising with StarCup Cafe
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  3. Galactic Mindswipe

    Galactic Mindswipe Giant Laser Beams

    *walks in the building, and looks around*
    Good evening. I saw this place opened up, and I'd like to order an Orbital Housing area. We may discuss the details if you are interested.
    ((Greetings! Nice new corp and I welcome you to the RPing world. If anyone uses (( in front of their words and )) after it, than it is off-topic and not in the actual RP. Just a sidenote.))
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  4. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    *You notice that the floor looks like it's moving, when suddenly a creature wearing nothing but has pitch black skin, he has no features other then pure white eyes and a smile like those jagged ones you carve on pumpkins, melts out of the floor*
    I have come to purchase a long list of items from your new business
    *Pulls open chest, which is empty on the inside, except for the inside being made out of a mercury-like substance. he pulls a list out*
    A Biosphere.
    A Corporate office buildings, Large.
    A Research and Design Facility, High Security.
    Mining Facility, Extraction, Processing, Refining, Shipping.
    All of these need to be custom, with the following Features:
    They need to be glass spheres, reinforced.
    They need to be able to move via flying and be able to hover in one spot.
    They need to have multiple floors, each with multiple rooms.
    They need to be able to hold all matters of things.
    *Puts list away*
    That is all.
  5. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Yes, hello! *bows slightly*
    We can get you that housing facility. Come take a look at these models here...
    * gestures to come over to holovid table and begins pulling up different schematics *
    Now, what are you looking for exactly?
    Capacity? Mobility? High environmental defense?


    * turns to see the new "customer" *
    Well now, aren't you an interesting species!
    I will be right with you...
    * Siv pushes a button on his arm consol, and a holographic project being steps out of him *
    Greetings, friend. I am a Siv Holotar. That is a holographic avatar for Siv. I may assit you in any capacity as Siv would.
    Now, lets run down this list that you have...

    The custom Glass designs will add ~30,000 pxl to each buildings cost, just so you know.
    We can have all the buildings fabricated and designed to be flying and hovering capable.
    * types up a few numbers on his arm *
    Ok, here is your totals for what you are asking....

    Biosphere - 50,000 pxl
    Corporate Office (Large) + glass Sphere, hovercraft - 500,000 + 45,000 + 200,000 pxl
    R&D (High security) + glass Sphere, hovercraft - 2.5 mill + 125,000 + 500,000 pxl
    Mining facilities (Extraction, Processing, Refining, Shipping) + glass Sphere, hovercraft - 850,000 + 250,000 + 500,000 pxl

    + expansion space on all buildings - 500,000 pxl total
    + containment and environmental features to hold "all matters of things" - 750,000 pxl total

    Total bill - 6,770,000 pxl

    I would also like to ask you for some information on your species and native planet. If you could provide us with a basic dossier of that for our database, I think we can take the change off of that bill... say an even 6 mill pxl?

  6. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    I'm Part of a race of symbiotes that are very far across the galaxy, I don't know exactly where our home planet is, but I do know it's somewhere in the Qeuntos Galaxy.
  7. Opirian

    Opirian Subatomic Cosmonaut

    ((Added to list))
  8. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Curious... We shall send a probe that way, post haste!
    *types a few things on the arm pad*

    Because we have to send a probe, we will be asking for the full 6.77 million pixels. You can complete your transaction at this kiosk. The transaction is up on the screen for you to review and complete. After completion, we will contact you with your finished product in one galactic week. Thank you for choosing SivCorp for your corporate needs.
    *Siv Holotar leaves him to complete his business*

    (( thanks :) ))
  9. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    *Types on the kiosk and confirms transaction*
    I shall await the delivery.
  10. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    Ah, very good. You can expect your buildings to be completed to your specifications in one week. We will deliver them to whatever coordinates you wish. Thanks again for choosing SIV Corp for your building needs.
  11. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    The "Shadow" Order is complete. It is in route to the designated coordinates. Thank you for choosing SivCorp for all your corporate engineering needs.
  12. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    Thank you, I await there arrival.
  13. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Pangalactic Porcupine

    Let's see here... Hm...
    Architecture eh? Huh. What exactly does this have to do with researching random crap?
    ...and you're owned by a gang. This just keeps getting better and better.
    ((That's funny actually. Was it intentional?))
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  14. GunmanRex

    GunmanRex Oxygen Tank

    ((It's Funny that the gang owns more of the business then he does))
  15. Killer Snowman

    Killer Snowman Pangalactic Porcupine

    ((I think it's funny that 'The Triads' are a big time gang in Asia, and I first thought that's who owned this company. Read it and found out that they are an alliance of three races.))
    You know, I'm starting to come around to the idea of working with a gang. Could use some friends in low places. Although, my Shady Sheep typically "take care" of problems... I would like to expand my Shivs R Us division.
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  16. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    *The real Siv turns to the snowman*


    Ah, glad to meet you in person. If you look, we have two sub-contractors - one is for mining and material acquisition, the other is for data archiving and R&D. We do a little bit of it all here at SivCorp

    You will have to meet Arial, she is in charge of our R&D. Her lab is inside the vault, down on the home planet.

    I suppose you could call it a gang... but it is more of a partnership between 3 sentient planets. Our history explains that part. I am simply the one who put the three together, and as such, I wanted my own part of the company. Its not a controlling share, but it is the largest individual share hold. Not to mention, I also run the mining operations for them, and let them use my name in the title.

    ((And yeah, it was intentional... more fun potential))
  17. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    SHhhhh, keep your voice down, you silly snowman... yes we have a division for that... just go to the red door over there, and type in this passcode.
    < shiviticus >
    Donny will help you with that line of work.
  18. Mepil

    Mepil Void-Bound Voyager

    Client: Einstein Solutions Inc.
    Builder: SIV Corp
    Product: Low Security Research Facility
    Please agree to this contract, so we can make an transaction.​
  19. SivCorp

    SivCorp Parsec Taste Tester

    I assume you would like the base model? If there are no special requirements, that will be 800,000 pixels.
    Current production time puts that at being done in 2 days.
    You may pay over at that kiosk...
  20. Mepil

    Mepil Void-Bound Voyager

    The base model is fine.
    I will pay in an matter of hours.

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