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Bug/Issue Singleplayer price hikes at Carpenter and Blacksmith

Discussion in 'Support' started by margotbean, May 6, 2018.

  1. margotbean

    margotbean Existential Complex

    I received the letter Spring 1 year 2 saying prices were going up. I'm in singleplayer, with no cabins on my farm. Now I'm supposed to pay 250g for one lump of coal, when the sell-to-Clint price is still the same?
    Are you quite sure you didn't forget to put an if block around the code, something like:

    if Game1.isMultiplayer
    //Jack up prices to counter the effect of up to 4 people making income
    //Give single players the same ridiculously expensive prices
    //they've been paying since the game was released


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