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Bug/Issue Singleplayer/Multiplayer Sync Issue - Edit: TEMPORARY SOLUTION

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Sleepwalker, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Sleepwalker

    Sleepwalker Void-Bound Voyager

    So I was playing with my friend in co-op and he was hosting the server. After playing through the game I decided to go into single player.

    I had to redo a few things to get to the outpost, but when I went there my outpost was as if it was from scratch. My progress saved in my missions stating they were completed, however my outpost didn't update.

    Therefore, I decided to redo the main story missions. Redoing them all did update my outpost, but then came the final story mission.

    After completing the Glitch Fortress mission again, I could not talk to Esther to activate the Ark in single player. I had activated it in multiplayer to fight the ruin, but it was deactivated in single player. Because of that, it didn't trigger Esther adding the final piece to the Ark.

    If someone (especially if a dev can acknowledge this) can please get back to me on this that would be great! I would really like to know if there's a solution to this.


    I found a quick and simple solution that is temporary.

    I asked my friend who hosted the server to give me his storage folder. From that I deleted my universe folder and pasted his in. My Ark is now activated and my outpost if fully up to date. I hope this helps some people in the mean time!
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  2. StandinShadow

    StandinShadow Seal Broken

    gotta ask, is there any kind of risk of deleting all the single player progress? I mean, I finished some quest after - like upgrade ship and whatnot.
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    and where is it? the storage folder? I can't find it anywhere Q_Q
  3. Sleepwalker

    Sleepwalker Void-Bound Voyager

    There didn't seem to be a risk, but I would recommend backing up your storage folder. When I switched my universe folder with my friends, my progress was the same in which I had played co-op. Therefore, it was all caught up and my progress was up-to-date. The storage folder should be in your starbound folder?
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  4. StandinShadow

    StandinShadow Seal Broken

    I found it ayyyyy, gonna test it now. Many thanks!
  5. Sleepwalker

    Sleepwalker Void-Bound Voyager

    Hope it works!
  6. StandinShadow

    StandinShadow Seal Broken

    feedback : it works! but there are some minor issues with this solution.

    1. it stops crop growth. easily fixable by planting them again

    2. fuel proficiency and engine capacity rate restored to square one, and engineers and mechanics don't 'work' as they should. Another minor problem that can be solved by recruiting new crews.

    Overall, it's a-okay solution if one doesn't have massive plantation!

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