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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by MagicallyClueless, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Minimanta

    Minimanta Space Kumquat

    I've been humming "My Hair Song" by Rhett and Link ever since your comics yesterday. Sam and Seb reminds me so much of Rhett and Link and that song just works for them xD
    • Ghostly Fox

      Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

      So the trio's dark secrets are that Seb's hair is ginger, Abi hasn't actually dyed her hair in months, and that Sam's is just stuck that way
      • MagicallyClueless

        MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

        omg i can see it

        i love that song and it is them tho
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        • Rgbunpro

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          Yeah and jade is just laughing about the whole thing.

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