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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SpartanGhost727, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. SpartanGhost727

    SpartanGhost727 Space Spelunker

    Now I know we dont know this character yet, But Am I the only one that already likes sigrid! I think her background "The little given" is already really interesting. I just hope she isnt a blood thirsty monster and has some compassion! But I have a feeling that if this game becomes really popular, she will be in TONS of fan art! What do you think?
    • dannysband

      dannysband Space Hobo

      I mean... yes. Please...
      • Antlionguard

        Antlionguard Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Well shes a vampire so by definition bloody thirsty and also a monster :p

        That does not make her a bad person nessicarily but is she working for Valder? Or is she the true Big bad behind Valder?
        • Thrifty K

          Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

          Yeah nah fam squad, Thrifty K ain't diggin' fan art
          • SpartanGhost727

            SpartanGhost727 Space Spelunker

            My point of the "Blood thirsty monster" is someone who is only fighting FOR the reason to kill. A Lot of vampire characters in Comics and Anime are either really nice and passionate to humans. They see them not just as food. Altho some can be Extremely hostile to humans. I hope she is passionate not cruel. She is however on the side of "The Bad Guys" But In war both sides are usually bad guys. Only the winners are seen as heros. Idk, I just hope she is a good character!
            • Pangaea

              Pangaea Forum Moderator

              I wonder how traditional of a vampire she'll be. They specifically call her a "High Vampire" so that must mean there's more than one kind. I wonder what kind of unique spin they'll put on vampires in general.
              • Colony

                Colony Void-Bound Voyager

                I WAS about to say how cool it would have been if vampires were just a normal unit any faction can produce and it reminded me of ANOTHER advance wars clone called Lost Frontier, a game for your smartphone. In this game, you can capture a graveyard structure allowing you to produce any undead or monsters, including vampires. These vampires can drain the health of humans and restore theirs. Also, there is a female vampire character named Nadia who can increase the effectiveness of her fellow vampires. Then suddenly I remembered the vampire-version of the harpy unit and then I felt sad. But I am glad to bestow knowledge of another vampire CO. :nuruhappy: anothervampirechick.png
                • Bamboozler

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                  The discord community is already filled with people wanting Sigrid to be their waifu, please no more. :facepalm:

                  Valder is far superior.

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