Abandoned [Sign Ups] Chucklefish Survivor [1/14]

Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by TeamTyler, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. TeamTyler

    TeamTyler Star Wrangler

    Alright, so how this will work is that 14 competitors will be put in 2 teams. Every few days I'll start a private message with the team and they must do a challenge. It could be art, it could be to just pick your favorite song, it could even be to just instantly vote someone off. The winning team wins immunity, while the losing team must vote somebody off. When there are 7 people remaining, the teams will dissolve. This means every competitor for themselves. You must understand that your inbox might be spammed, but you can delete the conversations once the competition is over. The prize is TBA, so you don't know what you're winning until you win it! I promise to try make it worth your time.

    Now, there are rules if you want to sign up.
    • You are allowed to make alliances to help you get further in the game, you're allowed to betray your alliances too.
    • Any attempt to bribe or blackmail me will result in an automatic elimination. You cannot blackmail other contestants, but you may bribe them.
    • Follow the general forum rules.
    • Everyone has 3 strikes. You lose a strike if you don't do a challenge without good reason. When you lose all your strikes, you're automatically eliminated.
    • You can quit at anytime, but you must find someone to replace you first. It can be a new contestant, or an eliminated one.
    • Do not argue with the host, most of what happens in the game won't be my fault entirely.
    • Someone will be eliminated every 3 days. There are two days for challenges and one day for the voting off.
    • If you have it that only people you follow can start conversations, you must either change those settings, or follow me until you're eliminated. I'm not trying to farm follows, so I'd prefer if you change your settings.
    Alright, now that you've read the rules, here's the format to sign up.

    1. Tag yourself: (This is for in case your username gets changed and I cannot find you.)
    2. In game username:
    3. Tag 4 active forum users: (They might want to compete if you tag them. If we get the appropriate amount of competitors, then the competition will start sooner.
    4. Do you understand the rules for this competition:
    5. Why do you want to compete:
    6. How good are you with logic: (scale of 1-10)
    7. How good are you at art: (scale of 1-10) (This is digital art, pencil art, basically drawing.)
    8. How active are you on the forums: (scale of 1-10) (Be honest, it might not be perfect. If you're honest I'll still pick you.)
    9. Prove you're not a robot:
    The only posts I will accept here are posts following the format to sign up. If you're not signing up, don't post. Also, once you sign up, you cannot post again unless your application accidentally gets deleted. All posts going against this request will be reported.

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  2. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    This sounds like a relatively brilliant idea, but it's in the wrong place, put this up in forum games and I'd say you'd have a ringer!
  3. TeamTyler

    TeamTyler Star Wrangler

    Also, this kinda died so cancelled lmao
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