RELEASED Showcase 0.9.0

Diplay your trophies!

  1. Igorious

    Igorious Sandwich Man

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  2. WallaceG.

    WallaceG. Lucky Number 13

    How do i install?
    • The darkwood dresser doesn't seem to work with larger items (instead of shrinking and/or appearing on top of the dresser, they just appear in front of it) but this is worth it for the wall plaques alone tbh. Finally, I can display my prize catches!
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      • PatrickJil

        PatrickJil Space Hobo

      • Overdreams

        Overdreams Void-Bound Voyager

        I guess this is not working anymore. Any updates in mind?
        • Bloodyfaery

          Bloodyfaery Void-Bound Voyager

          Hi! I love this mod, and I wanted to thank you for it, my awsome farm went to very very awsome. BUT... SMAPI 2.0 killed it... Could you update it,please???


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