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    'We live in Trailers'

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    Hello everyone, everything good? I would like help to build a utopia on my space station, I want to gather all the races in the game in a single place, having several houses of each race / trade, but for that I need help on how I will develop a design to be pleasant to the eyes. Anyone interested in the project?
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    As always, a wonderful place to live.
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    Huh, so i never did show the changes i made to the old left section of the structure, well almost two years later why not now then:
    Mostly was just changing the design of the refinery room and liquid storage plus some aesthetical changes.

    Anyway, back to the void I go on my bi-yearly return to starbound

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    So finally started my new Starbound saves with Frackin Universe almost two years ago after finishing the above build for this playthrough.
    But way before i can rebuild that now, gotta get some progress done first. So here we are with the intermediary Research station to later use to construct my ship.


    Part one: Raw resources Refinement and Collection. All connecting to the main conveyors pipelines which one will feed further up to a manufacturing conveyor in part two: component and general construction.

    Fun to be back building again with this, kinda missed it - ngl.

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    20230221221804_1.jpg Well, time has come again to vanish from Starbound - got some proper base progress done at least as appose to two years ago and with any luck i'll be back before another two
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    Well Well, looks who's wandered back on within six months this time around.
    Got the itch to carry on the progress with the shipyard dubbed 'Siddhartha' (no relation to the actual real world siddhartha - blame Destiny instead)


    At current, part 2 of section 2 of the complex is in progress: construction/assembly, the area where the created components would be assembled into the various parts required for outfitting the spacecraft that would be dry-docked to the left (WIP)


    What's with the giant wall thing with yellow bits sticking out? Shock absorbers, in the event of the ships longer front sliding forward and taking the (wip) top section clean off the mountain. would it be even slightly effective? probably not against a 1000+ ton ship - but its the idea that you at least tried, right?

    We'll see how far we get before the motivation fades out and I vanish again.
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    Alright, the lions share of the facility is done with the construction of the platform and front support pillar.

    The surface section will need to get done at some point, but that's non-essential to what comes next: finally creating the outline of our giant ship.
    Till that bit gets done though, work will move to the ship so taking over that thread next.

    20230725231050_1.jpg 20230725231106_1.jpg 20230725231115_1.jpg 20230725231131_1.jpg
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    Oof You're making me embarrassed
    But still you are an Amazing builder
    Continue your Great work
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    We all gotta start from somewhere.
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    Thank you
    I will start to make a non-Avali base
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    Hey, make whatever makes you happy - Avali stuff has some good versatility
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    Capture.PNG Capture 3.PNG
    Here is my non-avali base
    This is the best I can make
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