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  1. Ace0fJacks

    Ace0fJacks Void-Bound Voyager all kinds of awesome.
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    Three in one! I hope this works, this is my first time posting here >.<
    211820_20200809145831_1.png 211820_20201018024508_1.png 211820_20201101153649_1.png
  4. Waagh!

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    Another shitty house from me...
    House of Twilight (Witchhouse)
    In the Irden's Old World forest, where the roads end you can find strange house. This is place where sisters and brothers, which magic too strange for others can find here an orhan. House of grand sister Alberta, an oldiest shadow witchcraft adeptess. House in the wood with many projections around the world, but everywhere only one... Welcome to the House of Twilight, take a break from the long road and open up to secret knowledge.
  5. Pohany

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  6. ChangelingRain

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    An akkimari outpost, with an allied Haulskipper docked to receive supplies.
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  8. icegriffon

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    My first build in Starbound worth (hopefully) mentioning. A BB-shaped base (or a base-purposed BB which cannot move an inch)
    The design is intended simplistic as one of the basic requirements is the ability to travel fast and easy through the whole structure.

    Sorry for some inconsistensies, it's now a WIP.
    Todo next:
    - add a Hospital, a Heli hangar (under Heli pad), a kitchen (no Casey Ryback included), furnish control rooms in the superstructure.
    - think of "tech-machine" small decorative areas filled with pipes, machines etc. Add storages for technical supplies in the bottom (liqiud tanks etc). All this should not interfere (much?) with easy travels through the structure though.
    - in the end, remaining areas will be filled with decorative "machinery" stuff, ammo stores etc. The upper deck is to be finished either with decorative railings, ship-themed minor objects etc.


    Update -
    - added Hospital, Heli hangar, kitchen (still no Casey Ryback included, maybe I end up defending with autoturrets against those aggresive nocturnal birds), worked on antennae a bit.


    More progress -
    - added Mech\Workshop bay, some "machine" background near propellers;
    - maintenance corridor through most of the ship. Will later also host technicians' duty rooms;
    - furnished main control tower.

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    @icegriffon Please don't stack posts. Use the edit function to add to your posts or wait for someone else to reply first. I've merged your posts.

    If you want to keep track of progess like that you should probably start a new thread of your own instead of monopolising this one.
  10. icegriffon

    icegriffon Star Wrangler

    Sorry, I'll note this.
    Just thought updates would be unnoticed if I just edited one post. I saw other people post their build progress on previous pages, and I hoped someone would show something too so I would not be a monopolist.
    Yes, I probably better start a separate thread for my build(-s) then.
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  16. izzykuroneko

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    Warning: Contains some unreleased WW Furnishing items.
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  17. Pohany

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  18. ODST 4900

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    20210307233918_1.jpg 20210307233940_1.jpg 20210307233929_1.jpg 20210307233947_1.jpg
    Well... Haven't been here in a year. One Outbreak of that which shan't be named and I'm back to working on my mountain lab -well, finally working on the research lab portion.

    Get a quick server room above the Medical station, then fill out the walls for the main lab rooms.

    Great to see the usual faces here, Keep the thread alive!
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  19. ODST 4900

    ODST 4900 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Here I am at the end for now with the research lab.

    Small server room for the aesthetics {and extra research in time...)

    And finally got myself a small home for homely stuffs!

    Potentially will take a second run over the crafting side, but for now here's the completed structure.

    20210314181754_1.jpg 20210314181809_1.jpg 20210314181828_1.jpg 20210314181858_1.jpg 20210314182047_1.jpg .
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