Building/Ship Show off your house :D

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by TheVulcanKId, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. TheVulcanKId

    TheVulcanKId Orbital Explorer

    Haven't seen a thread like this so i thought i would start it :) Post your first starbound houses. Heres mine and my friend ian's :) (Mines the left one.)

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  2. Cristiano

    Cristiano Intergalactic Tourist

    I have a question about making a house. Once you put in a staircase, how can you avoid going up it and go past it instead to whatever is behind it?
  3. ChrisBegin

    ChrisBegin Tentacle Wrangler

    wow man very nice !
  4. ChrisBegin

    ChrisBegin Tentacle Wrangler

    Yea i would also love to know :\
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  5. Cristiano

    Cristiano Intergalactic Tourist

    Also, great house :)
  6. NateTronic

    NateTronic Subatomic Cosmonaut

    lol look to the far right you can see the Fish man looking like a creeper
  7. Mostlyjoe

    Mostlyjoe Orbital Explorer

    Nothing quite so fancy for me.


    ...and yes. My character's name is Starcheeks. At least for now.
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  8. gabbo13

    gabbo13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    this be my first house.. nothing Big lol

  9. Trajinus

    Trajinus Orbital Explorer

    As for the stairs question, use S to duck on the stairs then hit the spacebar and you will fall through. And you'll keep falling until to let go of the spacebar. If you mean to just run right past without even stepping on them, beats me.
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  10. jimsam100234

    jimsam100234 Void-Bound Voyager

    My first house was a castle that I stole :ninja:
  11. Mon-keigh

    Mon-keigh Void-Bound Voyager

    My first house belonged to a couple of bandits before I slaughtered them. No pictures because I died and I can't get back to my home.

    Also, how do you place tiles one by one?
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  12. JackOfAllTrades

    JackOfAllTrades Cosmic Narwhal

    Um, does my ship count? :badpokerface: Sadly, I've yet to build a house for myself. Still looking for the right planet to settle on.

    Hold shift while placing them; the big block of [insert material here] will turn into one.
  13. twistedhands

    twistedhands Space Hobo


    nothing crazy yet, just simple for now.
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  14. MrFaintSpeaker

    MrFaintSpeaker Orbital Explorer

    I would post a higher quality screenshot, however things got choppy when I raided a castle. I decreased resolution and zoomed in a bit more. Other than the castle, I have no performance issues. I feel like the castle problem is a matter of CPU - I'm almost positive my R9 290 isn't having any troubles. :p
  15. Slenos

    Slenos Orbital Explorer

    I made my ship my home :) [​IMG]
  16. Axothor

    Axothor Void-Bound Voyager


    This is our place. We've messed around on 4 planets so far, gearing up for beta quadrant!
  17. LoftyAnchor

    LoftyAnchor Pangalactic Porcupine


    Beautiful, I know. But at least it allows me to access all of my tools while I regen HP in bed.
  18. Amberftw

    Amberftw Void-Bound Voyager

    It's nothing fancy, yet.
    But this is what I have so far, It's nice and cosy and I've got myself a little farm going :3
    Great creations so far guys!

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  19. Kansokusha

    Kansokusha Orbital Explorer

    Nothing special, but it will get me started. [


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  20. adders666

    adders666 Orbital Explorer

    scavenged every single thing on the planet ^^ its a bit much maybe?

    added as a thumbnail, not showing up properly for me :(

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