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    well i have found your avatar has to be in the place you are taking the screencap from or it is super pixely
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      My Hedge Maze Farm.
      I may have had too much free time during the holidays.

      Small edit since I updated my farm a little and changed my building mods.
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          I took my very very first farm (back when I had no idea what I was doing) and changed the crap out of it:

          BEFORE (yeah, I clearly hadn't discovered shed at the time)
          First farm_before.png

          IN PROGRESS
          First farm_intermediate.png

          First farm_After.png
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            9D7F5CE1-4612-4776-8D5F-D61741968ECE.png 727AEC91-04D5-4918-A20D-A0F3D7475AC5.png 431EB71F-E268-4A19-A3DA-93998AA8F1B7.png
            [click thumbnail images for full-size versions]

            I wanted to celebrate nature as best as possible through Stardew's pixellated approximation, while remaining a functional design. I have found many farms drab and barren, and think it's a travesty to pave over a majority of tiles, so I hope my style inspires others to embrace natural beauty rather than unrelentingly straining everything through a reductivist and unimaginatively utilitarian productivity sieve.

            Because iOS via my tiny iPod Touch is the only platform available to me (where mods are not a thing, BTW), I have attached in-game screenshots in lieu of because I have concluded after over 2 in-game decades of trying that because of touchscreen imprecision with auto-selected tools' leading to constant unwanted fellings, coupled with the fact that The Gold Clock won't prevent constant unwanted new saplings (which necessitates carrying the Axe leading to those accidental fellings via touchscren malfæsance), and compounded by how changing selected tree types won't always regrow given what has already matured around it, getting an entire farm to my exacting standards suitable for is only an exercise in frustration, plus that won't show fruit on trees, time-of-day effects, etc. Theoretically I could graph all my tiles out, but the uncertainty over what reaches maturity and of attempts to correct/improve makes the prospect still too frustrating for me to arduously hash it all out. I would like to, and may still eventually, but am no longer willing to accept the game's intransigence preventing my sharing the preliminary results of my approach; my frustration/exhasperation has reached the saturation point.

            Pictures in this post span a few years so there are slight variances across seasons (e.g. Mushroom Trees that sprang up).

            Trees are Stardew's richest visual elements, IMO, so they became my focus. With just 3 wild types, fruit trees became critical to me for variety. I hate how rows of them look, so mixing all types was important. Their demand for 9 tiles each constrained layout options considerably; I settled upon alternating from which side along a pathway a given side's tree claimed it, staggering them and thereby also fulfilling my criterion of avoiding simple rows.


            Here you see gravel used to represent crop fields beyond the trees to either side, the central quartz is the footpath out my front door, Stepping Stone is for fruit trees, and wood for miscellany including Junimo Huts and Scarecrows—BTW, my layout all but completely hides all of those while leaving not a single crop tile uncovered by both. (Note the pragmatic cut-through lateral quartz path to keep traipsing to a minimum; several are incorporated throughout the farm, all but completely hidden as well.)

            Staggering the fruit trees across all 3 tiles along the axis perpendicular to the walkway could work but then harvesting from them would sacrifice too many tiles to pathways to keep them all readily accessible from the main one (again, sadly, random tree sprouts can never be suppressed, or I'd leave the rest as grass) which would have otherwise grown wild trees. I tried omitting the "extra" 3rd row of wild trees but when oriented vertically the isometric perspective left the remainder looking a bit naked, IMO. The only 2-deep instance on my farm is along the front of the house because its horizontal orientation makes its shallowness much less noticeable, and which I did in order to accommodate the fact that the lower right corner of the farm cuts in at a tile count which apportions evenly into an Iridium Sprinkler grid only by eliminating that tile while still allowing at least 1 at the bottom before my Sheds there so that they can be framed by trees planted behind them. It extends to the animal area because placing the Barn that high lets me squeeze in another row of fruit trees in the yard (I'll explain the configuration shortly).

            Because fruit trees require bare ground at all times to mature and further still to develop fruit to iridium quality, I patrolled my layout against worms and grass (after obtaining The Gold Clock to at least eliminate seasonal debris) for the 4-ish years necessary for them to achieve iridium quality before proceeding with planting out the wild trees and crops around them.

            What to place where took a LOT of finessing (4 years to those decisions alone)! I decided offsetting the seasonal pairs of fruit tree types was better than placing them directly across the path from each other, because that way there's ripe fruit along more of it at once. The animal area was particularly tricky because it's a big open area where the crutch of a single linear pathway was inapplicable. BTW, I also wound up favoring pomegranates there for Fall trees because their Wine sells for a lot, I love pomegranates IRL, and their coloring is more diverse over the course of the year than the evergreen apple (pictured later—keen eyes will noticed between the Coop and its Silo are 2 directly adjacent one another! *guilty skulk*). I also favored cherry trees for Spring because of their dramatic pink coloration and salacious bright-red cherries, whereas apricot trees' pixel art looks a little rakish, to me (though they're still important as an ingredient in the recipe for a Fruit Bowl!).


            As for the wild trees, I identified to be the optimal growth pattern for my tastes a 1-tile buffer in all directions for each, placement staggered by row, and the gutter rows oriented vertically. Adhere to this formula too strictly and the effect of course becomes maincured, the antithesis of a natural feel, but I think it was useful to clearly identify as a point of reference.


            My first game of Stardew spawned a farm (default/original layout) that was dense with trees and I fell in love with the throngs of them lining my pathway from the entrance near the mushroom cave down to the lake, particularly in Fall, so preserved that despite its gigantic foot-print.


            My inexperience and lack of comprehension of Stardew's optimal growth pattern and my preferred orientation for it at the time of planting led to the aberrant straight rows surrounding the path between my house and the Greenhouse seen in the lower portion of the following images, but I hope the overall impression demonstrates how careful tree placement and type selection can help blunt buildings' intrusion while their arrangement offers aesthetic contributions of its own.

            EF046BD2-EFBD-4047-B687-643EDBD1A712.png EE5AAB97-4ED5-444D-B8E7-17BB23097E00.png 9ED49A00-097B-4E1B-863C-2C223A432AD6.png

            Due to Stardew's tiled basis, few "glue" elements exist capable of tying together the mostly visually isolated items. Ornamental plants only get you so far, and I found them too formal for most applications I was after. Grass was my saving grace.

            4EF5926C-2893-485C-A2E8-89ADB77B1B94.png 92BA5CFA-0601-4739-AC46-8D50C7735F50.png

            I plant Grass Starters by the hundreds each Spring, all the way out to town lining a path I've laid (despite its breaking foreground fences' mask). It's a visual breath of fresh air every time I visit the bus stop or venture into town. (Yes, that's a wizard's cap on my horse.)

            Quartz is my preferred path because it shows through the natural ground beneath, and changes colors with the seasons (more attractive, varied colors than the superficially similar but drab Cobblestone that's available).


            In this picture, the inadequate space around the lake to me begs for the oaks' exposed roots to be covered, and grass does the job while beautifully burnishing the aesthetic, here shown in Fall with its russet tones popping the adjacent stand of firs' deep greens and accentuating the lake's bejeweled affect.


            Though the edges of the cave have flawed masks, particularly noticeable in the bottom corners, I love the feel grass lends its interior.

            Though I do not, in fact, embrace animal husbandry, Stardew makes it difficult to eschew, so I have demonstrated how to apply my approach. Part of this, Gold Clock's everlasting fences notwithstanding, is penning in animals with a combination of trees and ornamental plants rather than fences. I have saturated the area with fruit trees but planted a minimum of wild trees to leave the animals space to roam.

            Stepping Stone paths give a casual feel I find more appropriate and pleasing to the animal area.

            725DAEA6-EE53-440C-8E0D-321999DA9DAC.png 6C75CF3F-3421-4514-A47F-A8B6B3FC7DFA.png FFEA2713-2E68-4DB9-B01B-66B0F6E0C854.png

            The Barn is flanked by Silos, with 1-tile gaps which host trees to soften their edges. The area is situated between paths which lead down from the Greenhouse's front door on the right and Grandpa's Shrine on the left. The Greenhouse Gate is adjacent to the Silo there; the Shrine's is met by the path that runs across in front of the Barn. Above is a Shed dedicated to Greenhouse produce (separated from the Barn by the path running past the front step of the house all the way from Pelican Town). The lone Silo I dedicated to the Coop is seen lower-left (I originally planned a 2nd for it, too, but decided that was excessive and would rather have the breathing room for trees and grass, especially given that is the junction between the Coop door and Greenhouse paths as well as access for the entire area to the rest of the farm below via the Gate ending the area's territory along the Greenhouse door's meridian).

            956EB389-0141-413A-B46E-3D216CEFD05F.png 7586033F-BD53-48A6-B72B-D16C1ED8FE80.png 30B05225-C461-48F9-B8D9-CF32F5C0DFFD.png

            The Coop and its Silo. A Stepping Stone path links the Barn and Coop doors. I configured the trees to minimize animals' blocking me out and it has worked well.

            A0630331-B4AC-4A21-9AE3-C52FF94598B0.png 896AEA9E-EA2E-45D8-B7BE-BB7172C0418C.png E5137E5E-412D-4CC7-A7DE-59AE4E2E9D7F.png

            After chickens blocked my way one too many times, I doubled the path out the Coop door to the Greenhouse door's path as well as from the Greenhouse Gate to ensure ready access to the 3rd and final Gate at the bottom; these don't have the luxury of being cloistered away from animals. I maintain cleared ground (planted with Grass Starters for feed) beneath the forest canopy several tiles beyond the path, to give them maximal forage range without compromising the canopy as seen from the main double pathway (pictured earlier).

            EBEAE472-EDBD-4BB7-AFD9-B3EF3108EEF3.png 89EDEC55-8933-4CE2-839B-C70622B1349E.png

            The Shed above the Barn dedicated to Greenhouse processing, shown in Summer, along with the Gate by the Greenhouse door (just visible under the blue butterfly in the lower right).

            I favored photos from Fall for this post thus far because it is the only season where oak and maple's colors differ as well as generally being the most visually complex, ergo the trickiest to get right in balancing all the elements at play, and therefore the one of which I am keenest to explicate exemplars.


            A little trip down memory lane: this was the moment Stardew made me sit up and take notice. I still hated playing thanks to touchscreen limitations, but I had to say to myself: wow, OK, this game has a lot to offer visually. This was my 1st stab at the animal area I just explained; I barely knew what I was doing.


            These are my Sheds at the bottom of the path out my front door in Summer, the left for Preserves Jars, the right for Kegs. A Shipping Bin at the inner right corner prevents trips to the default one that's way up at the top of the farm by the house. Several Chests with stock awaiting processing are hidden between, plus one next to the Shipping Bin. (I couldn't stomach losing the opportunity to maintain an even distribution of fruit trees, so the left Shed is 2 tiles away from the front door's path rather than the right's 1; the right Shed won't fit if it's 2 away without gouging a tile from the trees lining the right edge of the farm.) Past the right Shed's right edge, a path up to the pond then rejoins the front door's; it continues to ring the pond, returning to the right edge of the farm to cut past a plot and T into the entryway path from the bus stop that runs along the front of the house. The left path joins the ring around the lake, from which there is also an outlet backtracking slightly onto the bottom-left corner of the fields.


            Another little trip down memory lane: this is the moment I fell in love with Stardew, when I was still playing blind, way before starting an animal area, learning that fruit trees could bear iridium quality, what the Greenhouse had to offer, any of that. I just thought: isn't this adorable and lovely? My frustrations with my experience of the gameplay on iOS nearly turned me away many times prior to this moment, but this was the turning point where I actually wanted to play more.

            614D7AA0-3D02-4960-9BA8-E06A4D051BB0.png E7E1E6B6-70A6-46AF-9079-6BC1EA2FC772.png 190F310A-C178-43DE-BBC5-4D4164EDA0D5.png

            To the left of the house is the Stable and a utility Shed the door of which directly faces toward the left-most tile of the fields for utmost convenience (the path therefrom pictured top-left). Soup to nuts it holds all my gear, equipment, and any supplies not either in the Chests by the fermentation Sheds and Cave (for the mushrooms) or in the house (for recipes).

            I like to use a corner configuration rather than rows for trellised crops because I am of the opinion it poses the least impediment to free traversal of the fields.

            FA9FA31E-709A-4FD6-9979-586F3880ED76.png 2FACF323-BB40-4F78-9389-0948A273F99B.png 7766A917-F609-4BCA-B0E2-BB0D8B61A379.png

            Production stepping out my front door (my apologies Fall's plantings are from a previous year inferior to those just pictured). I'm fairly happy with the trees but a few remain stunted, what would seem by this point to be indefinitely. The Stone Cairn at right was a cry of "Uncle!" out of desperation/exhasperation at one such, particularly conspicuous, stunted sapling *sigh* I did break my rule of avoiding the same season direclty across from each other at the front step because I love Spring so much that I want the experience of opening my door to both right in front of me, then it looked weird if I didn't treat it like an epicenter ringed by Summer and Fall both down the door's path and along the front of the house (just one example of what those 4 years of deliberations over placement involved!).


            This is the front door path at the peak of Summer productivity. Rather than pinch the area between it and the pond for a handful of crop plots, I decided to dedicate it entirely to trees.

            FF9342C4-7260-45B8-9729-6923762E49CA.png 92739970-82CB-4F86-B3DB-9514F32C3C41.png 5B3E210E-7A37-4AEB-9AF9-73307FA821AC.png

            Above the pond is enough room for an Iridium Sprinkler. I love the feeling of it being its own special little place, almost like a hide-away. (Along the bottom is another 2-deep tree border—I forgot about it saying the top one was the only one…I mean, it's so small, to me it hardly counts *squint*)

            E051815E-E20A-4E98-9C3D-829E94F2B9D3.png 222D44B5-6512-4A14-B677-93868A3E0F74.png 89793AFA-3EFE-40B9-ADD6-B61E40252386.png

            Just above that, the area around the default Shipping Bin. Initially I resented that so many of its tiles cannot be planted or built upon, but now it's become one of my favorite areas because of the grass having the excuse to occupy it. Had I built a Shed there as originally planned, I would have really been missing out.


            Here's the rest of the lake (shown partly near the start in lauding grass). I suppose it may manage a bit of the hideaway feel. I'm not particularly happy with its whole area, though, mostly due to inadequacy of space.


            The following image shows the edge of my Bee Houses that are below the animal area. All that lovely grass I am forced to zealously maintain against constant new saplings. The 2 seen are due to my own fellings in my quest to feel settled on the tree placement in this vexingly space constrained area.


            The Bee Houses are keyed off LeBui's beehouse post in this thread which inspired mine's layout by proving 2 concepts: 1)that an Iridium Sprinkler works over Bee Houses and 2)that a flower affects a full 3 tile radius (radius, meaning the corners are excluded, but whatever, I kept them for visual cohesiveness). I am pretty sure mine is the most possible (you can shuffle around what the pathways are, but I'm pretty sure there can never be more actual houses than I have now without using more sprinklers (I don't wanna hand-water, and just 2 Iridium Sprinklers already make for a pretty gargantuan assemblage)). It totals 176, if I'm not mistaken (I'm hopeless with numbers), 8 of which escape the flowers' effects but like I said no way am I lopping off the corners since that would look terrible and not even be advantageous toward any other use anyway.


            It slots in just barely between the path from Grandpa's Shrine at the left and the edge of the lake on the right. I could keep its right edge on the Greenhouse door's meridian from the animal yard just above, but to do that would expose it badly given the Bee Houses' occupying the tiles to its left meaning no trees could rise to cover its first few tiles toward the Gate, plus gouge out Grandpa's Shrine path for the left edge. Having a bend behind the firs above the Bee Houses hides the Gate nicely, so that's worth it to me even though theoretically a straight shot from the Greenhouse door is best.

            It's in the bottom-left corer of the farm because that's most remote from the house and therefore the most appropriate given how infrequently Bee Houses require interaction (obviously, I have a representative Bee House in front of my Shed by the house which I collect last).

            Because I ferment virtually everything, I rarely bother with fertilizer since produce quality has no bearing on the resultant price of the ferments, and the same goes for Speed Grow because it's just extra sowing hassle to me as I am not playing for money, but I do use Speed Grow on the flowers here because it's a small amount of effort with outsized returns given the dramatically higher price of artisan honey multiplied by all these Bee Houses *shrug*

            Note the outermost row along the bottom that's mostly hidden by the firs. It's a lot of honey from just 2 sprinklers!


            I could go on and on (this post is already so long…): twilight and night-time with different crops (Wheat and Ancient Fruit catch moonlight in particularly unique and interesting ways), different crop layouts for both beauty and utility especially in conjunction with fruit trees (why, hello again, Fruit Bowl!), all the fine details of the logistics about why what Chests go where and my playstyle, Greenhouse interior utilization, home decorating… I'd like to do a video but producing it is incredibly burdensome on just my iPod plus how frustrating it is chasing the results I want in the first place as mentioned at the outset. I'd probably need to break it down into a series: nuts-and-bolts of layout, farm tours for day, twilight, and night in at least the 3 productive seasons…it just goes on and on. At least I have my actual farm to play, I guess. The other farms in this thread I appreciated were Duruznik's Zen-feeling farm (though still too many path tiles for my tastes) and Corraidhin's forest farm. Hope you liked my sharing. If people ask I can get twilight and night ones, maybe my house and Greenhouse interiors, but for now I just want to finally get my approach in front of folks using the best of what I've captured so far (mere remnants though they be in many cases, thanks to my overzealous/optimistic deletions anticipating a complete and comprehensive post all consistent from within a single year before the game and its touchscreen implementation's interface's indifferent hostility to my playstyle had ground my efforts to their present indefinite halt).

            Though as I said suitable results for exhibition remain elusive, here is its diagram to at least give you the overview.

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            • Zosa

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              honestly if noone else minds it i would like to see the night-time stuff. this has been a rather interesting read-through and is rather impressive

              on that note i needed to get a pic of my farm for another thing so i might as well show it here;


              the hydrangeas are a bit off now that it is fall but smh, i don't feel like ripping up all the scarecrows and planting anything when winter will demand that i remove anything alive regardless
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                @Zosa that looks so nice! Would you share the map/visual mods you're using?
                • Zosa

                  Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                  i can try? fair warning i make tweaks to my mods to be visually appealing to me and as such very little hasn't been changed in some way;

                  i modified the grass here to suit my personal needs;

                  i merged these two for my craftables and the large blue hydrangeas;

                  the fruit trees, standing vine and white hydreangeas are part of an unpublished graphics mod i am currently working on. if anyone is interested in testing it out i would be happy to share but it is nowhere near done and has finished, unfinished and partially finished bits throughout
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                  • Hakuna Matata

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                    I can sure try it once you’re done!

                    Thanks for the info, I’ll surely be picking a mod or two from that list.

                    The map is not any of the default ones either, right?

                    I’m remodeling a second farm, I’m gonna share before and after once it’s finished
                    • Zosa

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                    • Skinflint

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                      I apologize! I've altered all but the 1st to be thumbnails.

                      Here are just enough examples to exhibit the phenomena:


                      Wheat at night, as mentioned in my original post you asked about.


                      Ancient Fruit at night in my Greenhouse during Spring, also vis-a-vis OP. I like to grow seasonal patterns; this one is a heart of Blue Jazz for Spring love; Summer I like a star; Fall a peace sign. Keen eyes will notice I planted the maximal number of fruit trees, surrounded them by the maximal number of Garden Pots (given touch controls' inability to access tiles diagonally) in which I grow Cactus Fruit, then filled in the rest with wild trees and grass.

                      AB02E0C5-8654-4FF7-A93F-D9ABC75FF73C.png A58634B8-D81E-4317-B2F2-5E090B930337.png

                      Evening's changes to the swirl atop the Beach Totem are particularly noticeable.


                      The Barn in Fall rain during daytime.


                      Dramatically different in deep night!


                      Spring night by the lake. The grass plumes really jump out in addition to the floating cherry blossom petals.

                      That should suffice, I suppose.

                      I'm glad to promote appreciating varied conditions. I cursed dark as a newbie for making it harder to learn the map given my iPod displays so little at once, so as soon as I found glow rings I effectively stopped seeing night and only rediscovered it by accident taking off my Iridium Band outside at night for some reason I now forget, upon which I was immediately struck by the beauty I had been missing.
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                      • ZO fun

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                        Hi guys...
                        This is our last updated farm (I and my 2 brothers had been working on it since last end-year holiday).
                        We didn't use any mods.

                        You can also check our farm tour video by clicking on this link:

                        Stardew Valley Farm Tour - Mini Town (no mods)

                        so, this is the Summer and Fall season view, you can also find night-view, other season views, interesting sheds, storage house (player 4's house) and our houses in the video.





                        Thanks ;)
                        • BentFX

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                          I like it. I love the scarecrows. My first thought is "Cat on a stick? Man, I wish my town had good street food."
                          • pluviophist

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                            White Water Fall Y3.png
                            Fall of Year 3! I plan on pushing my barn down a bit so that I can have more space. Not a whole lot of crops but I went for a more aesthetic farm. :)
                            • Zosa

                              Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                              thankyou skinflint~

                              wow, these are all great<3 looking at all the lovely farms makes me feel like i can do even better in my builds<3
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                              • WhitneyFox

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                                I don't have a lot of development on my farm as I focused on mining/fighting and fishing first.
                                I may have a slight mushroom problem. SDVFarm.jpg
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                                  This is my first farm, spring of year 3. I know I've been looking for a basic farm layout when I was just starting, perhaps this will help some beginner in turn. The screenshot cuts off the rest of the farmland but since it's not yet developed this works just fine. The only things off the screen are 4 silos. I'm playing mobile version, on iPad. No mods of any kind, since iOS wont let you install anything. I've got functional greenhouse, completed Community Center, and passed Grandpa's Evaluation.
                                  • MrToni300

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                                    You must been played mobile Stardew Valley, on your tablet, or possibly on your phone, because this game isn't optimised to my tablet, but wouldn't be optimised :catface:

                                    P.S. Looks like i was wrong, it was optimised already :3
                                    • ShaneLovesChickens

                                      ShaneLovesChickens Tentacle Wrangler

                                      Hi! I'm new here. Here's my first ever farm. I'm currently in Summer of year 1.
                                      Am I doing well? If not, what should I do to improve?
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                                      • BentFX

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                                        I'm not quite sure how to answer. It's a sandbox game, which really has no win or lose, except comparing with others... comparatively speaking, it's kind of a weak start. Here's the, Summer 18, farm I'm currently working on...
                                        And still, there's lots of players that can get a farm rolling a lot quicker than I can.

                                        I notice you've still got the bamboo fishing pole. I always upgrade to the fiberglass rod first thing. It will pay for itself in a day. With bait, fish bite about twice as quickly. Fishing is the best way to build an early game bankroll, for purchasing seed. If you're having trouble with fishing... stick with it. It gets easier as you level up.

                                        What are you eating? Having food is critical at the start. If gathering food has been a problem for you, there's blackberries coming up on Fall 8-11. If you can get to level 4 foraging by then, it will double the amount of berries (2 per bush.)

                                        How deep are you in the mine? Iron and gold are needed for quality sprinklers and sprinklers make everything easier. Iron starts showing up at floor 40, and gold at floor 80.

                                        You also need level 6 farming for quality sprinklers. You might want to focus on planting more crops in the fall. Your summer growing season is about used up.

                                        Also, get rid of those rocks next to your crops. Debris spreads and will ruin your stuff if it can.

                                        If you want more input than that, start a new thread, so we don't derail this one. There are a lot of folks here that love to talk farming strategy. Welcome to the forum.
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