Tool ShipShape - A tool for making vanilla compatible ships

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  1. Narks

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    A tool for making vanilla compatible ships
    Created by Narks

    ShipShape is a Java tool for converting ship images into sign sprites. In short, you take a ship mod that won't work unless everyone has the mod installed, run it through this tool, and it will generate a mod that will give you a ship made out of sign sprites (not sign objects!) that works in vanilla multiplayer without anyone having to download anything.

    Beware, though - ships converted in this matter will lower your framerate!

    Click here for tutorial and download.

    Latest version is v1.
  2. Errors4l

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    A ship sized similarly to a t1 ship would result in about 400 signs, which is about 100k replace directive parts. A ship sized similarly to a t8 ship would result in a little under 3000 signs, which is about 750k replace directive parts.
    Each replace directive part translates in roughly 18 bytes (ignoring the bytes for the image and directive syntax), which would make a custom t8 ship using this method about 13MB+ in size.

    This may very well cause severe server issues, and I recommend any user that is interested in this tool to take this into account, not just the personal framerate decrease.
  3. Narks

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    Considering the size of typical ships (that are filled with containers that are filled with items), I don't think it's much of a problem. It's in the same order of magnitude, after all.

    (also, the ships generated by this mod are highly compressible, and last I checked, Starbound's network protocol uses zlib or something similar to compress data)

    Isn't that a little hypocritical of you, though? Considering you have a tool that adds animation by applying directives to the player every animation frame, which is massive network I/O.
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  4. Errors4l

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    I'm not trying to bash on you or this application, I think it's great and it's something that wasn't there yet. Although I will not be using it myself, I'm sure there's a bunch of people that can find great use in it.
    I'm just saying that users should take what I said into account. I'm sorry for not structuring my first comment in a nicer way.

    As for your last comment: The only people that have the tool you're referring to, the LuAnimator, are people who asked me directly and I've given the link to (or people who shared it behind my back, while I told them not to, but oh well).
    In this reply to their request I stress people to be careful with the parameters they choose, and I set some rather strict limits on allowed content within the application.
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  5. Ledhead

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    What is this luaanimator you speak of? I'm looking for a Vanilla ship gui editor to re work the race ships a little bit and if it helps can I have a link please I probably won't be distributing the mod it's for my own uses but I might if I do anything drastic.
  6. Errors4l

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    It has nothing to do with ships I'm afraid. It creates multiplayer compatible animations from custom sprites.
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  7. Ledhead

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    Sounds useful, Well if you feel like sharing anyway just PM me, I have a sideproject I am working on too improve survival mode with custom crafted item "Translocator" works like a black box for the player, I did see the dead body locator mod but its SP only and while easy to fix for mp I don't really want some dark souls looking device too find a body.

    My idea works more along the lines of a item you can craft 'tier2' which is placed on the ground on death sucks up the players items for safe storage and emits a low pulse or ping.. gives the player a side quest to find the general location of the device not too close but enough to hear the ping and then locate it as the ping will get louder as you get closer obviously like the Alarm Item. The tool might help.

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