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Closed Ship locker missing after update?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by KingCake, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan Space Hobo

    Same issue here too, Ships locker missing with a ton of ore/bars/cell materia etc inside as well as a couple chests with random odds and ends like old gear and such. All on ship and I have zero Mods.

    edit: also noticed my bed is unusable and my ship is out of fuel.
  2. Maitri

    Maitri Space Hobo

    So good to know that the notion of "No more wipes' was completely false. Let me know when this game hits production and I'll start playing then. Tired of playing the same levels and stuff over and over. This would be the 5th time I've had to regrind everything...

    I understand it's in beta, but I really think that Chucklefish is killing this game's fun...
  3. BulletproofFlamingo

    BulletproofFlamingo Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah...this is a major annoyance. Everything I had is gone. Yay for wipes! But, it is beta it should be expected. Would be nice if we could get our stuff back though....

    In the end I'm not playing anymore until all wipes are finished with. Or it is out of beta.
  4. AmaniWolf

    AmaniWolf Poptop Tamer

    I'm starting to worry if the hardwork I put into the base I made on a planet is all for not. Loaded up my character today, in hopes things would be fixed, and the bug appears to be a propagating nightmare. Here is an image of an area where my lockers should be in a bedroom of sorts and I only had like 1 missing. Now I have multiple lockers missing, my ship's cargo hold is still fubar'd and areas in my storage section of my base are gone + my chests which contained seeds for my garden/growing fields.

    Guess I'll have to learn my lesson and start backing up my data so I'm prepared.
  5. Azure_Dragoness

    Azure_Dragoness Intergalactic Tourist

    I haven't looked at all of my characters but I know one is missing it's ship locker and everything off the ship (was in early stages nothing valuable) and another has it's ship ;ocker but is missing several on world storage containers
  6. Xionide

    Xionide Space Hobo

    I get that buying during a beta means we'll be helping with testing, but could they seriously not have taken five minutes to personally launch the patch in their own client to make sure nothing was game breaking in the first 30 minutes before releasing it to paying testers?
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  7. limkavitch

    limkavitch Space Hobo

    Happened to me too! Also my game crashes when I'm playing in windowed mode and I click any other window.
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