Ship health and Ship commands

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  1. John5428

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    In the nightly update, the SAIL console has been completly revamped turning it into a command console like then a button like menu

    Here are a few sugestions
    The ability to write in the console

    When you open the SAIL menu, your SAIL will appear saying "Awaiting input"
    Here are a few possible commands

    -help (Shows all possible commands recogniseable by SAIL
    -status (Shows ship status and health, we will get to the health bit soon)
    -salt (Shows a random salty message)
    -jokeplease (Shows a random joke, also a reference to The Sims 3)
    -misson (Shows the misson list)
    -crew (Shows the crew list)
    -reboot (Reboots SAIL at the start of the game)
    If a command is invalid SAIL will say something like : "invalid input" or "nope." and other things, and its possible that some of them could be references

    Now, lets get to the ship health bit
    when the "-status" command is shown, then your SAIL will print out the status of the ship
    Here is an example

    Main thrusters online (The ability to travel to other planets)
    FTL engine online (The ability to travel to other galaxies)
    Backup power offline (Caused by the ship getting attacked by Ion attacks)
    Shields online (If shields are offline or taken down, the ship will take hull damage)
    Oxygen systems working correctly (If oxygen systems stop working, the ship will act as an airless planet)

    The ship is a little damaged (Ship health)

    Speaking of Ship health, lets take a look at the health list

    T1 (Broken FTL and thrusters) 0/??? hp
    T2 (Broken FTL) less then 2500/???
    T3 All systems working (5000 max)
    T4 Lvl 2 ship (7500 max)
    T5 Lvl 3 ship (10000 max)
    T6 Lvl 4 ship (12500 max)
    T7 Lvl 5 ship (15000 max)
    T8 Lvl 6 Ship (17500 max)

    That's all about it i guess, this post might update!
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  2. Ferociousfiend

    Ferociousfiend Astral Cartographer

    How would the ship get damaged, and what drawbacks to taking ship damage?
  3. Niels2012

    Niels2012 Void-Bound Voyager

    I would say that the ship could get damaged in spaceship battles, if they get implemented that is, and the drawbacks could be that you'll need more fuel to travel/can't travel, fuel leaks, some parts become destroyed on higher tier ships (the need for airlocks) wich will probably also get rid of your crew member in said part
  4. John5428

    John5428 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    If a module is damaged, it would work much less then usual.
    Such as the shields will be weaker
    Using the FTL will take more time to start up
    And the most important one, there will be less oxygen (if the oxygen module is damaged)

    Also, the possibility of hull breaches showing up, those will drain your oxygen unless an engineer or you fix them.

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