Boss Ship Boarding Battle

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    I think a sweet boss fight would be you boarding an enemies ship and fighting your way through it to get an item from it's hold.

    General Concept:

    Build an [Archaeology Bot] to scan the planet's surface for salvageable alien tech. You build the item and place it, it will then hover around the planet scanning the surface. Once it has been off screen for a set amount of time (with some randomness) you will be prompted that your bot has "Detected a class X alien artifact". However, once you get to the bot's location you will see it destroyed and clear signs of a rushed dig site near it.

    Once you investigate the dig site you get the next quest which is to track down the space pirates who stole your booty. (They left their flag at the dig site as if to give you the bird (Not an avian either)). Now your ship will have a co-ordinate in that sector much like all the planets. You can travel there to begin.

    When you arrive you will see the ship in the background much like you would a planet (You see the actual ship, not inside it). You can go to your teleporter to "Board Enemy Vessel". Once aboard you must make your way to the cargo hold, fighting decently strong mobs along the way. In the hold you will face some sort of uber enemy (mini boss) and loot the artifact which will be used to unlock the next crafting station -> next sector. The ship will be indestructible so you can't cheese. It would also be best if block placement was disallowed on the ship ~ at least until you clear it.

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