Building/Ship Share your space station plannings here! (+ tips on designing and building)

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    Space station room can't be removed, that means you have to carefully plan your station before building! There is a great tool for planning Starbound space stations directly in browser -
    Take a look at my space station panning -
    [​IMG] Whole station

    [​IMG] Main workspace. The top is for storages, middle - for crafting tables, bottom - for something else

    [​IMG] Those are Large Greenhouses from Frackin Universe. I have 24 of them

    [​IMG] Those are Frackin Universe Residental Shafts. (Each Vertical Shaft is Residental Shaft). Bottom - Dining room

    [​IMG] Left from Residental Shafts, those are Frackin Universe Large Residental Rooms.

    [​IMG] I am planning to have Zoo here.

    So you can plan your starbound space station in browser, and then just copy the link and paste it here to share it!

    While building a space station is a little bit painfull but yet very entertaining, i have some tips to help planning and building them.
    First of all, a lot of players play with frackin universe, which adds new unique space station rooms

    Frackin Univerce adds 6 new rooms: Greenhouse, Large Greenhouse, Residental Shaft, Large Residental Room, Solar Hall Tier 1, Solar Hall Tier 2.
    [​IMG] This pattern accuratly simulates Large Greenhouse. That means if this pattern fits to your base, then actuall Large Greenhouse fits there
    [​IMG] Looks like Vertical Shaft, but it also simulates Residental Shaft. If you share design with residental shaft, tell us where are them. (obvious but yet helpfull)

    Horisontal Horidor also simulates Solar Hall Tier 1 and Solar Hall Tier 2

    Corner S-E simulates small Greenhouse from Frackin Universe

    [​IMG] this simple pattern simulates Large Residental Room.

    So it is a little bit hard, but the way to share Frackin Universe space stations. Just use patterns and explain.

    • In Starbound Space Station Planner you can zoom in and out the page, and you can drag "tools" window.
    • Take backup of Starbound\storage\universe\unique-playerstation-*numbersletters*.world after each added room. Otherwise if you fail, you will have to start again, because there is no way to remove room from space station currently. (You should not do backups of unique-spacestation_food or something like that, do backup only of unique-playerstation).
    • To build the base i designed or any huge base, you will need to grind resources for years! To fix this, I recommend installing those mods:
    1. (this also contains non-steam download in description) - obvious, 90% less space station cost. There are also 70% less and 50% less versions.
    2. - instead of having 1 bar from 2 ores, you will have 2 bars from 1 ore
    3. - Auto-miners, that mine ore for you
    4. - grow your ores and bars! Also grow wires and glass
    5. miner bot to mine ore, garden bot to harvest ore plants, glass plants and wire plants from Ore Plants RAMs version.
    • Share your plannings by pasting here link from your planning in Starbound Space Station Planner! Thats what this thread made for.
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