share your silly/funny things ever happened in your gameplay

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  1. endly

    endly Tentacle Wrangler

    no bugs/glitches please, unless it's funny and not just meaninglessly happened.

    as far as i can remember, mines are:

    • - when Jodi walks back to her house, i intended to gift her, when i clicked her when she's still walking, i misclicked the trash can instead with her and nearby Penny (with Jas and Vin) seeing me rummaging the trash, and Penny was dating with me, she was the one who commented my hobo act.
    • - a week before the Feast of the Winter Star, mayor Lewis informed me of the event through a letter, and he wrote "....your secret friend is....Lewis". i'm sure you can imagine how awkward it is at the Festival. Lewis : "have you brought a present for your secret friend?....oh it's for me". >_> RNG at its funniest.
    • - i chose Wilderness Farm to begin with, when i was exhausted myself from the Skull Cavern, my health was critical. instead of greeted by my wife, a Serpent popped out of nowhere in front of me. i died in my own farm and lost my Galaxy Sword, not to mention losing several diamonds, a few gems and new artifacts, oh and 1000g which was my last money. it was midnight, so i was having a dilemma whether to restart or not after all that i've done and obtain that day. RNG at its not-so-funniest.
    • - one day i ran out of hays to feed the livestock in 2 coops and 1 barn, and Marnie's store is closed. so i rushed to the Desert Shop to exchange several Omnis for some hays just enough for the day because i can just buy it from Marnie tomorrow when she's open. but i took my sweet time to enter the Cavern while i was still there up until midnight. when i got home, i rushed to the Silo to put the hays because it's nearly 2AM. the next day, i realized (the hard way) that the auto-feeder only activates at the start of the day. all my animals were grumpy that day because i didn't put the hays manually.
    • - the Egg Festival looks so lovely with every participants are teenagers and 2 kids...except that my character is wearing a Beanie, a Tank Top, and Baggy Pants, oh and thick beard....and won the competition >_> felt bad for the kids.
    • - this :

    i remember having more funny experience that made me laugh or like "what the hell?!" i'll share more if i remember.
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    • musical74

      musical74 Cosmic Narwhal

      Think my funniest one was something that was probably an oversight.

      Attended the egg festival, then went to the CC to drop something off afterwards. Figure it's 11ish at night, and there is Haley, by the fountain. I wasn't aware Haley had vampire tendencies!

      One time I gifted the wizard a void essence. Very next day there's a "I wish to get a void essence" from the wizard. Um, what did you do with the one I gave you yesterday...or do I want to know?
      • Farming_Expert_01

        Farming_Expert_01 Space Hobo

        This is my funniest,

        I went into skull cavern and I got surrounded by many serpents. I was at critical health and went to take the staircase up. As soon as I got there I spammed A (I was playing on Xbox) and the serpents killed me. Very embarrassing...
        • Elenna101

          Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Yeah, the NPC's schedules after festivals are messed up. I imagine it's related to how the time gets set to the evening after you exit the festival. Can't remember off the top of my head if it was patched in 1.4 or not.
          • endly

            endly Tentacle Wrangler

            hmm...come to think of it, after i marry Penny, she often messed her schedule with the kids (Jas and Vin).
            i often see her by herself in front of Haley's house in the afternoon, where normally she should be with the kids escorting them home.
            the dialogue is still normal as if the kids were there. made me cringe to see my wife being delusional.
            • ShneekeyTheLost

              ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

              So... I had been playing a new game and kinda neglecting Maru, since I was trying to do a Year One CC Completion. Felt bad about it, and started gifting her. Got up to two hearts and got her two-heart event with Daddy Dour warning me off some time after the winter festival but before Christmas.

              For Christmas, Demetrius was my secret santa. He gave me... a bomb. Coming off the heels of the 2 heart event, I'm like... "Uhh... okay, I get the hint. No dating your daughter. Fine. I was just giving her a couple of batteries for her robots. No need to go all Goodfellahs on me."
              • ThePerfectGarden

                ThePerfectGarden Space Hobo

                Have you ever tried to put down Lewis' Golden Statue beside the entrance to his house? :catlol:
                • Elenna101

                  Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  The dust sprite ran away from me so hard he ended up on top of the wall. Probably reasonable as I was there specifically to kill dust sprites...
                  • caimar11

                    caimar11 Poptop Tamer

                    My daughter likes to name her animals with "your" then names of different animals so it'll say things like "during the night your chicken gave birth to a baby goat!"

                    Also I find the conversations out of context to be funny, like on the few days of gifting Linus I'll give him a liked gift and he'll say "thanks this is great!" Then I click to talk to him and he says "have you come to ridicule me?" And I'm like dude I just gave you a gift.
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                    • Pangaea

                      Pangaea Forum Moderator

                      I got Leah to 4 hearts with one iridium truffle on her birthday. So I went into her cottage later to give her another one and got the 2 heart event. It put me back outside so I went back in and immediately got the 4 heart event.
                      • endly

                        endly Tentacle Wrangler

                        similar thing happened to me, but it was backwards. i believe it was with Haley, i got her to 8-H, but haven't triggered her 6-H event.
                        so it was the 8-H event first, then the 6-H event in the same day.
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                        • Elenna101

                          Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Once I gave Maru a birthday gift when she was close to 8 hearts, and got her to 10 hearts without ever giving her a bouquet. (IIRC this was fixed in the 1.4 patch.) So the next time I entered her house, I got her 10-heart scene. It was especially awkward/funny because it was the exact same day as my marriage to Haley...
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                          • Shepherd_0

                            Shepherd_0 Astral Cartographer

                            I'm working on a day by day spring guide right now. Obviously I ran some test runs to check if certain goals I set are reasonable. On my first attempt, I got a treasure chest on day 4. As in, the item. I didn't really want to sell it, since that would massively skew the results of the test run. I didn't want to waste the opportunity either though, so started a new test run to save my original test run for later.

                            I'm on my second attempt now. Day 12.

                            Guess what, it happened again.

                            In the only scenario that I don't want to get the treasure chest item, I get it twice. That's really silly and ironic.
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                            • musical74

                              musical74 Cosmic Narwhal

                              I once had the baby (roaming around but not get to toddler stage) insist on hanging around the kegs, all of which were going with turning the fruit into wine. You don't think Leah's love of wine transferred to her daughter, do you?
                              • Elenna101

                                Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                This isn't "in gameplay" per se, but I've realized that if you put all the fiber you ever get from cutting grass in a chest, and never do anything with it, you have a 50-50 chance of filling the entire chest with fiber before getting a single living hat. :p

                                (Assuming you get on average 1 fiber per two weeds cut, which seems to be approximately correct but I'd appreciate confirmation from anyone who's actually looked at the code.
                                Then there's a 99.999% chance of *not* getting the living hat from a piece of fiber, and 0.99999^(36*999*2) = 0.4871, or 48.7% chance of not getting the living hat before cutting 36*999*2 weeds to fill the chest)

                                EDIT: That's ignoring wilderness golems, but killing a wilderness golem with the burglar's ring gives you about the same chance of getting a living hat as cutting 20 weeds, and IMO you can find 20 weeds on floor 80 of the mines in the same or less time than it takes to find a wilderness golem.
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                                • hubcity601

                                  hubcity601 Tentacle Wrangler

                                  When I first started playing the game I loved to fish, imagine my surprise when on my first week I hit a fishing treasure chest and found this colorful rock inside, but I still had the starting backpack so maybe 4 to 6 open slots and they were full, so no worries I thought I would just drop it on the ground and pick it up later, then I hear the "kerplunk" sound like something falling in the water, and I was just like who cares nothing serious then I get on google later and find out I just lost my first Prismatic Shard.
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                                  • Cristi

                                    Cristi Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I was flirting with Leah and I had a feeling that things might have been heating up between us. I knew that for sure one day when I was foraging in the woods and found her out there with a table set for a romantic, outdoor picnic meal for two. I knew now that she must be raring to go - because it was in the middle of a pouring rainstorm.

                                    And then there was last night: I couldn't get into bed. Leah was in her usual spot: and my cat was in mine. Snoring.
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                                        Cristi Void-Bound Voyager

                                        What is a stacking post?
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                                          A stacking post is not a noun. stacking in this sense is a verb.

                                          Stacking posts is posting two or more posts in a row in the same thread.

                                          Many boards <like this one> prefer if you want to add more to a discussion thread where you are already the last to post you use the edit feature to add the new text to the end of your old text and thus avoid "stacking posts".
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