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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. V, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. heartphilia

    heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Mine were passing out in the mines shortly before reaching the next "check point". Or getting slain.
    • kattenjansson

      kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

      that exact same thing happened to me haha
      • Dougl07

        Dougl07 Big Damn Hero

        For my first 2 months, I obsessively hoarded everything I could find that looked valuable, because I thought that they would probably be used in some quest later on. At the start of my first autumn, I was fresh outta cash due to forgetting that seasons only have 28 days and spending the 150 gold I had on wheat on day 25. I didn't know what Autumn had in store for me, so I decided to sell all the Rainbow Shells (of which I had found 2 in my whole time playing, both on the same day). I then discovered the Mr Qi quest and as of my 6th winter I still haven't found another one.
        • heartphilia

          heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

          They only spawn in summer I think. I've found several already.
          • Afterscore

            Afterscore Weight of the Sky

            Bought approx 40,000g worth of Blueberries. Sold them back to Pierre at a ludicrously cheap price. Did all my shopping at Joja Mart from then on.
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            • Dougl07

              Dougl07 Big Damn Hero

              Drat, I guess I won't be continuing that quest for a while then.
              • heartphilia

                heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Yeah :/ I've been there. I am currently only missing the maki-roll for my last bulletin board bundle...
                • kattenjansson

                  kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

                  you can buy them at the pub!

                  and theyre also realllly easy/cheap to make (if you have the recipe)
                  • Momo-ish

                    Momo-ish Tentacle Wrangler

                    Mine was accidently giving Elliot his most hated gift on his birthday. And I am trying to marry him. lol
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                    • scoutcc15

                      scoutcc15 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      That happened to me, luckily I had the ingredients to craft a warp totem in my inventory.
                      • Lunarabbit32

                        Lunarabbit32 Starship Captain

                        Got to level 22 in the skull mine, almost done with the quest, and lucky for me a way down spawns right next to the ladder. And of course I end up right clicking the way back up and pressing "yes" before even reading the prompt. The noise I made after finding myself back at the top is one I am not proud of.
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                        • Slick-Elbows-Moi

                          Slick-Elbows-Moi Void-Bound Voyager

                          Haha! I went to the Skull Mine and died. Lost my gold ore, wood, new seeds I was going to plant in the greenhouse... Serves me right for being unprepared for the dungeon with a skull on it. It's like overconfidently walking into Acererak's dungeon at level 5.
                          • orb_outrider

                            orb_outrider Big Damn Hero

                            I passed out right outside my door while Robin's repairing my house. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBIN FOR THE HELP. YOU COULD HAVE CARRIED ME INSTEAD YOU LET A JOJA DUDE STEAL 1000G FROM ME.
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                            • PeanutButterCupquake

                              PeanutButterCupquake Void-Bound Voyager

                              I've tried to put eggs in the mayo maker and ended up giving them to Robin accidentally while she upgrades...
                              • Calacene

                                Calacene Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                I've spent a whole day in the mines, getting super lucky with gems and artifacts... Only to try to run while low on health and to be killed steps away from the ladder
                                • xcedra

                                  xcedra Master Chief

                                  you can buy a calander at the carpenters shop for your house.
                                  • Shiunin

                                    Shiunin Void-Bound Voyager

                                    After getting through the last 10 levels to complete the mines, I came home and started stuffing my haul into my chests. Only to accidentally place a bomb next to them...Goes without saying I restarted that day...
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                                    • scoutcc15

                                      scoutcc15 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Oh, when I first started playing I put a bunch of items in the shipping box for storage. Never saw any of those items again.
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                                      • Thorin

                                        Thorin Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Was cleaning out the fridge with all the items with a gold or silver star. And sold off my starfruit, I had plans for it, darn it.
                                        Now I have a separate chest for these, more important/rare items.

                                        Missed out on planting the rare seed in autumn (first year), but very close to unlocking the greenhouse so meh.
                                        • zoeevee

                                          zoeevee Zero Gravity Genie

                                          So two days before the end of winter Gus gives me a quest to catch him an albacore. "No problem!" I think. I'm a pro at fishing now and even without a lucky day I can catch an albacore. And I did catch one - a gold star one to boot not that it mattered. It took til the last day before I could get to it and by the time I caught it it was too late to go give it to Gus. So I headed home and once there I realized I had gotten the rice to make maki rolls for the chef bundle! So bam! Two things I can accomplish in one day! So I head to the stove to cook up some sushi rolls. I had tons of fish in my inventory and fridge. Guess which fish the recipe chose. And did I realize it that night? Nope. I didn't realize it until morning. Spring 1.

                                          Sorry Gus. Guess you won't get to finish that stew until fall.
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