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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. V, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. WatcherCCG

    WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

    Leah is really hard to keep track of because she doesn't even live in the town and spends a lot of her time in transit as a result. Two places during the day she can be reliably found are on the east side of the lake between her place and the wizard's, or the beach. Occasionally she'll go shopping at Pierre's, and most nights she'll either hang out at the bar or go home and lock up. Her wiki page has more in-depth info.
    • kattenjansson

      kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

      like other people said: put bait in them. if you're getting a lot of trash, I find that the little stream on the beach has yielded the most crabs

      also I found a bug that lets you clone crab pots. so I got like 30 going at once (and it's still not great income and takes a lot of time!)
      • marginoferror

        marginoferror Space Spelunker

        Didn't realize that the level 5 miner reward screen was a clickable choice -- I thought I got both. So I clicked randomly to proceed. In doing so, I ended up with the apparently useless option. =|
        • Voyager

          Voyager Spaceman Spiff

          Thought my bait had disappeared, turns out you can have many, many bait on a rod. Clicked it and got my 89 bait back...
          • FakeGeekGamerGirl

            FakeGeekGamerGirl Big Damn Hero

            So, I uh... found out the hard way that attacking the wheels on a passing train gets you hurt pretty bad.

            Now it only does like 1/16th to 1/8th of your health per hit but I was having too much fun being totally unwise, and I can confidently tell you, don't beat up the train. Train always wins.
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            • kattenjansson

              kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

              "hm time to upgrade my coop let me just take the heater out so i can pop it in the new one!"
              *heater completely disappears*
              "I think I'm just going to stick to being a winery afterall"
              • Pickleton

                Pickleton Space Penguin Leader

                so its my first spring
                im growing over 90 parsnips, cabbage, beans all that stuff
                my crops were all planned to be done growing on the last day of spring, so all is good
                then stupid me came along and was like "Durr, wy nut goe uprad yur wadering can?"
                well that one day of no water screwed it all up and they all died the forst day of summer
                I had under a hundred dollars for summer
                • Nukeabunny

                  Nukeabunny Intergalactic Tourist

                  I wanted my stables to look like it was connected to part of the barn, but since it's only 2 tiles wide, it's waaayyy behind it and looks stupid.

                  Fun fact: The stables is the one building you can't redo. :(
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                  • Xylia

                    Xylia Tiy's Beard

                    I thought I saw in the patch notes that the stable was now re-buildable?
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                    • rapinii

                      rapinii Poptop Tamer

                      Loool I don't know if this counts as a misfortune, but I've been using the steel watering can for weeks and just realized now that it has a second charge level.......i did think the upgrade felt pretty lame...welp now i know why.

                      I actually like this, since it forces you to plan ahead and strategize.
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                      • ThatGuyAce

                        ThatGuyAce Space Hobo

                        Wasn't paying attention and decided to plant my starfruit on the 26...
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                        • megakruemel

                          megakruemel Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Getting those custom requests in your mail like: "Yo, i know its Autumn 20 but i want a pumpkin."
                          >Checks pumpkin seeds at store
                          >grows in 13 days

                          Well okay then.
                          • Xylia

                            Xylia Tiy's Beard

                            You can buy Starfruit Seeds later, but it'll be awhile. Thankfully they don't appear to actually be used in anything?

                            @rapinii : I like strategizing and planning ahead, but yet... I wish there was actual room to do so. I think 28-day seasons are kinda short, especially when some crops take 12-15 days to start producing. If a season were 90 days, that gives you plenty of room to take advantage of said crops and get yourself some nice money, but with the 28-day seasons, I think 15 days for a crop is just way too much. You can only get 1 harvest of such in any one season. And outside of the 4-5 day crops, the last week of the season (which is 25% of the season) is useless, because you can't plant (they won't get done in time).

                            On a 90-day season, the last 9 days is only 10% of the season, leaving the other 90% good for planting.

                            This only further bolsters my point about 28 day seasons and 15 day crops.

                            It probably takes a Year+ to where you can build your house up and get a good enough income to actually start hoarding crops and not selling everything you can get your hot little mitts on since everything is so wild expensive during your first year. I'm in mid-winter, and I'm still in the "need every penny I can get" mode.
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                            • Anduinel

                              Anduinel Intergalactic Tourist

                              I tried putting my crab pots in the stream near Elliot's cabin without bait. Whoops. Recollected them, learned to craft bait, but now I can't seem to use them anywhere!
                              • Pururin

                                Pururin Space Spelunker

                                - Go deep down in mine, Found ton of gold ore and diamond.
                                - Keep on going, Killing stuff around and forgot to look HP.
                                - Last moment I saw my HP almost 0. Bat was fly not far. Try to pause game and about to eat some mushroom when unpause, but too late and then I died.
                                - Lose almost every items I got include my weapon. Restart game and start that day again.. :urgh:

                                Also didn't know that grass will wipe in winter. Learn it a hard way on 1st day Winter...
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                                • Tetigistus

                                  Tetigistus Hey, You!

                                  I had a hard time with the controls at first, and used to hit things randomly with the pickax. Planted crops included. I also struggled with the gifting mechanic. I was trying really hard to woo Elliot, so when he posted a want ad for a carp, I went and got him one. Unfortunately, the time ran out and I didn't notice. He hates carp, by the way. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, DAMMIT! I lost my one heart with him and courted Sam instead with the trash cola cans I fished out of pond while trying to catch Elliot's stupid carp.
                                  • orb_outrider

                                    orb_outrider Big Damn Hero

                                    Still in Fall Year 1, but I caught two eels at night in the ocean.
                                    • kattenjansson

                                      kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

                                      *realizes with horror I waited for 3 years to play a game and burned through it in a week because I have no self control*
                                      • heartphilia

                                        heartphilia Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        I can relate. I didn't know about the game though until it popped up on release day. Have been playing since then. And it's exam time... and I'm a teacher lol What is self control?
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                                        • PeanutButterCupquake

                                          PeanutButterCupquake Void-Bound Voyager

                                          My misfortunes usually come from bugs and having to start the day over. Like when I finished the craft room and got stuck inside a chair.
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