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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. V, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Chlorruption

    Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    First save file, prismatic shard dropped from a void spirit. Gave it to Gunther with other minerals.

    30 seconds later, realized the Galaxy sword is a thing....
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    • LittleRose

      LittleRose Void-Bound Voyager

      On my first trip in the desert mine I entered a green area full of purple slimes right after I had entered. Didn't stand a chance, but since my tools and weapon were still there, I figured I hadn't lost anything important. I had completely forgotten what I had done earlier that day. I wanted to go to Clint to upgrade some tool and took all of my gold out of my chest, smelted some bars and went to Clint. Unfortunately, he wasn't home, so I chose to go to the desert instead. I had fogotten to put my gold back and didn't realise I had lost it all until the next day, when I went to Clint again. :facepalm:
      • Nostalgia Reflex

        Nostalgia Reflex Poptop Tamer

        In my first save, I sold my hardwood, thinking I had no need for it (I thought the stumps & such would respawn on the farm, like the other forage).

        Needless to say, that came back to bite me in the ass when I wanted a stable. Oof.
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        • Odd Farmer

          Odd Farmer Big Damn Hero

          Not really misfortune, but a big 'trololol' from the game:

          I've been hunting for the Rusty Spur for 8 years ingame until I finally found one. Then the game decided to troll me and gave me a second one right away.
          • dande313

            dande313 Void-Bound Voyager

            Placed my pomegranate tree right north of the pond. Next fall... whenever I shake the tree, the pomegranates fall into the water... :(
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            • Sabram

              Sabram Starship Captain

              Just had a lovely one...

              Caught the Legend for the first time ever and was extremely proud of myself. It was a very lucky, rainy day in spring Year 3, so I decided to go into the Skull Cavern. Now I was smart and didnt want to accidentally eat it or lose it if i died in the mine, so stashed it in a chest at home before i left.

              Got down to floor 50 (my best on that save) and how i spawned was surrounded by rocks, and had three of those stupid flying bugs attack me. I was already a bit lower on health from previous floors, and had lost a bit more from dropping down a hole to get to floor 50. So I died, and lost a chunk of money, and pretty much everything i had gathered in the mine.

              Annoyed at that, I hit Alt-F4 immediately... and then remembered what ELSE i had done that day... Sat there in shock for a good five minutes.
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              • Akanaro

                Akanaro Great Scott!

                Hah, I just spent 25000 gold on a lava Katana since I got tired of pushing through skull caverns with the obsidian blade and haven't found a single prismatic shard anywhere. So the next ingame morning I make a quick stop by Clint to crack some geodes before heading to the desert and what do I get? A bloody prismatic shard is what. This game hates me. :(
                • Auryin

                  Auryin Void-Bound Voyager

                  Right now I'm having a little fun with the Slime hutches, right? So I've got my first hutch full and start my 2nd one because reasons. First slime egg, male. Second slime egg, male. Third slime egg, male. Fifth slime egg, finally! Female! They're all green though so I added in a purple slime egg. He hatched stuck in the wall. It's hilarious.. I have to literally coax the lone female over into the corner to get them to mate.

                  ... All green babies so far.

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