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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mr. V, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Mr. V

    Mr. V Big Damn Hero

    I thought it would be fun to start a misfortune thread and hear about other people's bad RNG or mishaps.

    During my first thunderstorm lightning struck only one crop in my field. It struck the ONLY starfruit plant I had. RNGesus why?
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    • Tamorr

      Tamorr Supernova

      Doing the adventure quest to join the adventure guild. You know the 10 slime kill thing.

      Well anyway I just was not watching my health. So more or less passed out. Linus saved me. However 200g and 5 items were missing, as it noted. didn't really matter to me until I saw that the sword was one of the things missing.

      I pretty much paniced, and well... started the day over due to that, as I don't even know if you can get the sword back. Especially considering I have no access to the adventure guild; which would sell the sword. After all it was the quest to join. Didn't know what to do beyond reloading last save, which is fine. I wanted to be able to defend myself with a sword.

      That would be my worst moment so far. :nurutease:
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      • Thiagoh92

        Thiagoh92 Orbital Explorer

        Waste 7,000g in potato seed at day 24th thinking that a season has 30 days...
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        • Ghostly Fox

          Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

          Not sure if this is any help to people that might have saved after losing the sword, but you can use the sickle, axe, and pickaxe as weapons. The pickaxe is handy in that it means you don't have to switch to the sword to kill rock crabs if you use it.

          As to my worse mistake... Missed the Flower Dance Festival twice, took the third groundhog day to find where it is being held. And no one even liked me enough to dance with me. :nurusad: The person who liked me most was Shane, of all people.
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          • lake avenue

            lake avenue Space Hobo

            Had a full farm worth (about 30 tiles for me) of crops that were 1-2 stages from harvesting, then it switched to summer and they all got knocked out by an earthquake (including my only ancient seed plant)
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            • rapinii

              rapinii Poptop Tamer

              I didn't waste that much fortunately, but I lost 12 cauliflowers the same way :nurusad:
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              • Tamorr

                Tamorr Supernova

                Well those do so little and I wasn't going to pick it to death.. ><

                At the time though I was more inclined to reload the day, since I didn't really do a whole lot. Usually I tend to refrain from doing so, but this was something at the time I actually wanted to mine with ease, and using the pick or any the others would mean I would be fighting more than mining. I am patient mostly, or rather more than most; just was a reaction. but yes I think that would be helpful for those whom have had the same. :nuruhappy:
                • DieselASFC

                  DieselASFC Big Damn Hero

                  I misclicked on my chest and accidentally placed a cherry bomb. BOOM! No more chest, or resources in said chest!
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                  • Crail

                    Crail Void-Bound Voyager

                    I lost a weapon that a slime dropped. Saw a slime with a star on the end of its antenna and when it died the item that dropped was placed in the wall where I couldn't get it. It sucks but it's not a big deal since it is so early on. However, if this happened much later/deeper in the mines I might be more upset. Now I'm worried about it happening again!
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                    • Xylia

                      Xylia Tiy's Beard


                      If it was the same weapon that a slime dropped for me, that was probably a wooden club which is way, way better than swords up until silver.
                      • Crail

                        Crail Void-Bound Voyager

                        It all worked out! I managed to get to floor 42 where a barrel gave me a Lead Club!
                        • Chobin

                          Chobin Phantasmal Quasar

                          I have been searching for Leah since day 1. I know where her cottage is, but I have not seen her, even once, aside from the Egg Festival. And talking to her at said festival doesn't count as 'being introduced' to her. She's the only marriage candidate (I assume she is? I've found four girls and five guys and she's the only one I haven't met) that I like. I used to really like Elliott, but he also used to, or at leastI remember he used to, have a much cuter portrait. Now he looks like Gaston and I can't help but laugh at him whenever we talk.
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                          • Negaman

                            Negaman Void-Bound Voyager

                            That's not due to the earthquake, its because spring crops die in summer.
                            • kattenjansson

                              kattenjansson Cosmic Narwhal

                              goddamn meteor took out half my hops one day before they were going to start blooming

                              still cant get rid of it! I have an iron pickaxe and theres this giant eyesore of failure right beside my house. I swear to god there better be terrific treasures inside it...

                              update: just completed one of the community hall rooms..... a chair spawned inside me: couldn't move. had to close the game down

                              lets just hope i get lucky enough again to find all 4 winter foraging things on day one >_>
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                              • Haebaragi

                                Haebaragi Weight of the Sky

                                1) I had tools equipped. Thought it was the watering can but it ended up being the pickaxe which ruined like 2 melons. Not a big deal in regards to wealth but to someone with OCPD tendencies like me, having uneven crop lines makes me twitchy
                                2) Two NPCs blocking a bridge so I had to go a long way around and it was just really really annoying because then by the time I arrived the store just closed.
                                3) Got stuck after talking to Hat merchant mouse after I just got finished buying seeds, making plots, watering a crapton of crops, AND managing to forage a gold star grape and it was really annoying having to start over. I liked my gold star grape :c
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                                • Chobin

                                  Chobin Phantasmal Quasar

                                  If you run against them for a few seconds they'll begin to shake and then you can phase right through them. Although I can't say for sure whether or not that would have been faster than going the other way, since it does still take a few seconds per villager.
                                  • SoulOfSorin

                                    SoulOfSorin Phantasmal Quasar

                                    I fell asleep 2 seconds before going to the damn elevator. Poof ! Joja (the essence of pure evil) teleported me and stole 1000G in my sleepy pockets. Also, it's more bad organization than bad luck but anytime i want to buy seeds, it's wenesday.
                                    • Rainbow Dash

                                      Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

                                      im in winter and i been fishing every night for a GOD DAMN FUCKING EEL

                                      WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY

                                      the wiki says the river but i can tell you by experiance that its a lie

                                      i also never found a catfish but lucky for me Pig gypsy sold one for like 700g

                                      it was still worth it becouse catfish are so damn rare x-x
                                      • Xylia

                                        Xylia Tiy's Beard

                                        That's the one thing that I wish Farm Games wouldn't do.

                                        They (not just SDV) give you only 28 days in a season and most crops only work in THAT season and take several days to grow, but yet they have the shop being closed 1-2 days a week which can mess up crop rotations, which is the difference between X harvests and X+1 harvests which can be a severe loss of money.

                                        Now, if seasons were 90 days it wouldn't be so bad.

                                        I honestly think that in farm games (not just SDV), the Seed Shop should -never- be closed for this reason.
                                        • SoulOfSorin

                                          SoulOfSorin Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Well i guess i will not have this problem anymore with the Greenhouse... if my chickens lay down big eggs one day.

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