Shanes 8 heart event help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casaundra, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Casaundra

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    I'm trying to trigger Shane's 8 heart event, but I can't figure out when he's actually home and the ranch is unlocked, given that the wiki says he needs to be at home. I triggered the previous event that required him to be inside his home without him being inside, but it's not triggering this time. Does anyone know when he should be in his house when it's unlocked or what I could be doing wrong?
    • benevapwnz

      benevapwnz Void-Bound Voyager

      He's at home saturday and sunday during the morning!
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      • Casaundra

        Casaundra Master Chief

        Thanks so much!
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        • Cyanide-Chan

          Cyanide-Chan Space Hobo

          I am having the same problem. Even when he was at home, I still did not get the 8 heart event and I already have him up to 10. I thought that you can only view one heart event per day (or season) but I ended up seeing two of Emily's heart events in the same day. Are there any other requirements that I need to accomplish in order to see Shane's event?
          • benevapwnz

            benevapwnz Void-Bound Voyager

            Have you seen all heart events correctly?
            2H - at night by the lake.
            4H - at Marnie's, when he's on the ground with booze all over.
            (5H event where he shoots a commercial with Clint and Emily is NOT mandatory as far as I know, but it happens at the town during the day)
            6H - at forest while raining after 9AM
            the next day he stops by your house, and after that you can see 6H #2 - at Marnie's while he's there, the one where he gives Jas a present.

            after that you should correctly trigger 8H - at Marnie's while he's there!

            Also, you can trigger more than 1 heart event per day!
            • Cricketii

              Cricketii Space Hobo

              Is there a way to unlock the events after you already have 10 hearts?

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