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Suggestion Setting Unit Skin/Hair Color

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gemini_Hero, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Gemini_Hero

    Gemini_Hero Master Chief

    Hey there! I'm absolutely in love with this game's expansive suite of creation tools, and was actually a little surprised by how much it let me just make almost anything that popped into my head.

    One of the bigger limitations for me (and one I haven't heard discussed yet) is the lack of an option to set the skin tone and hair color for certain units. I love that the effort for diversity was made here and in many aspects of gameplay, having it randomize these elements was honestly really cool. When they're in custom content, however, it'd be great to have control.

    Though the Commanders are great, a campaign I had in mind centered around a merchant trying to cross a battlefield in search of profit, and many characters in it are units like Swordsmen, Villagers, etc. It's been pretty distracting even for me making a single mission and having the characters skin tone and hair color change between scenes (and in cases where I have to remove and re-add the same actor, sometimes in the exact same scene).

    Of course there's still names to help players distinguish between characters, but at a glance before they've talked in a scene it can be very hard to know who is who in a given moment, and overall takes a sense of identity away from each character. Though I've seen suggestions before for adding customization options for Commanders or other units, the skin tone and hair assets for these units already exist.

    I know this is pretty much only a thing for the Cherrygrove troops, but an option to control skin tone and hair color when creating certain units would be a (hopefully!) small effort that would make a big impact on the freedom of creators.
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    • Failbird105

      Failbird105 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Yeah, basically any campaign where the Cherrystone/Outlaw(they're technically different factions) infantry units play a major role is heavily hampered by the fact that the skin color of these units is randomized. Frankly I would also very much enjoy the ability to control these aspects of said characters, even if I'm not likely to be making many maps myself..
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