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Server Help Server is taking up 50%+ cpu

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Sebastian, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Aquatic Astronaut

    Ever since the update from last night, the server software has been using up far too much cpu for me to play on it while it is up. The problem only started to show after the recent update. I have an Intel Core i3-2120 CPU with 2 cores at 3.30 GHz.
  2. Xilo

    Xilo Subatomic Cosmonaut

    how many people are on it? with no one on it my core i5 at about the same speed only 4 cores not 2 is sitting at 2%
  3. Shirou

    Shirou Aquatic Astronaut

    Also getting the same issue after the new patch, get like 20 players and running at 60 - 70% CPU
  4. Xilo

    Xilo Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Whats your CPU? its kinda a good thing to know.

    edit: another thought occurs to me, What OS are you guys on?
  5. Mortalsinn

    Mortalsinn Zero Gravity Genie

    I'm running it on a dedicated server, Windows server 2012 with 6 Gigs of Ram, SSD and a Xeon X5690 @ 3.47 GHZ and when I get over 30 users it pushes my cpu to 100%
  6. tab0reqq

    tab0reqq Void-Bound Voyager

    From what i see this could be caused by debug mode.

    Each time You run vanilla server it creates starbound.server.txt file and adds there eeach and every evenyou or other players trigger.

    I have same on Intel g2020 2x 2,9Ghz 8GB RAM and SSD drive. After few hours it goes up to 98-99% CPU usage.

    If only i know how to disable this logs i would be pleased at least with this knowledge whether it works or not :p
  7. Xilo

    Xilo Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i only push 22% tops on my computer running Win7 with a quad core processor. it must be CPU specific.
  8. Sebastian

    Sebastian Aquatic Astronaut

    Well it seems the issue resolved itself, not really sure why.
  9. Mortalsinn

    Mortalsinn Zero Gravity Genie

    I'd really like to know how to improve performance... I mean my server is already pretty top notch. It could be that I just have too many users and no way to limit the numbers. I kind of shot myself in the foot by advertising on a few server list sites. I easily see 200 people log in the first hour its up, then it dies, then I reboot, then people flood in, then it dies etc....

    Not sure what to do lol
  10. Xilo

    Xilo Subatomic Cosmonaut

    you might have to make it private though i dunno if you can set the password in the server.cfg file or not.
  11. Mortalsinn

    Mortalsinn Zero Gravity Genie

    you can set passwords, I'd prefer to have a player limit variable though.
  12. TehSuk

    TehSuk Space Hobo

    If you have absolutely nothing else running on your server but starbound, have some sort of KVM/Out of band access outside of RDP, and are firewalled off to only allow starbound traffic, you could theoretically lower the maximum number of concurrent TCP connections that windows will allow you to keep open to limit the number of people connecting.


    Keep in mind this will likely lock you out of RDP once the starbound connections reach whatever limit you set. I wouldn't lower this on a server that is domain-joined either.

    Another option would be to put a firewall or proxy in front of starbound to do the connection limiting for you. The built-in windows firewall can't limit connections per-port but iptables in linux can.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2013
  13. Shirou

    Shirou Aquatic Astronaut

    Running it on a Dedicated Server, Windows 2012 Server

    Intel Xeon E3-1230 Quad Core 3.2GHz
  14. Underbalanced

    Underbalanced Phantasmal Quasar

    I am using a game pc before transferring to my server blade that is in pieces.

    I am at 100% CPU at 35-40 players on a i7 920, Quad Core, 2.8 GHZ.
    - I am using a laptop to play on the server and post, the server is only running Starbound server.

    Ram, Disk Usage, Network are totally ok and low use.
  15. tab0reqq

    tab0reqq Void-Bound Voyager

    Another machine.

    Windows 8.1
    i5-2500k @ 4,2 Ghz
    16 gb ram

    ... cpu won't go below 45% (up to 75%) with around 15-20 ppl.
  16. excalipur

    excalipur Space Hobo

    Anyone having performance issues with the linux64 server? With just two people on the server there is still lag when chopping down a tree, exploring, etc...

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on a VPS with 4 cores, 2GB of ram, and SSD hard drive. The server log keeps on spitting out perf warnings indicating that some of the loops are taking upwards of af second.

    Warn: Perf: WorldServerThread::readFullWorld millis: 345
    Warn: Perf: WorldServerThread::update millis: 345
    Warn: Perf: WorldServerThread::sync millis: 435
    Warn: Perf: UniverseServer::doTriggeredStorage millis: 1231
    Warn: Perf: UniverseServer::run.innerloop millis: 1364
    Warn: Object floweryellow does not have a price set

    *Edit* Forgot to mention that this lag occurs even when cpu utilization is only like 50% and its only using 50% of the ram.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  17. Dagomani

    Dagomani Space Spelunker

    I was running a server earlier with some freinds, and my CPU ran like 50-60% most of the time (including the game)
    The laggy part came around when there was civilized life on a planet or a laboratory underground.
    At this point my CPU spiked to a 100% (still including the game)

    Im running Windows 7 Enterprise
    CPU: I5-3570K @ 3.40 GHZ (4 cores)
  18. kavex

    kavex Space Penguin Leader

    Interesting to look into
  19. Dagomani

    Dagomani Space Spelunker

    I know right? I noticed as the first planet was kinda.. laggy but there was active "tech" all the time.

    As we startet exploring planets, and things progressed, alot of the planets were not lagging at all.
    Unless we made ALOT of sand fall, and therefore forced alot of calculations on the server part.
  20. tab0reqq

    tab0reqq Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, looks like im going to wait little bit untill we get more server-side care :)

    So far people are experiencing lags on 2, 4, and more cores. No matter which CPU.

    I almost switched to i5-3470. Not sure if it's really needed later on as beta progress.

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