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    Poifect! Thanks for the quick reply, and I'll watch and wait till I can jump on.
  2. UPDATE ~~ The New American Server is UP, this will be the final IP, this server will have a much better uptime but we will keep working on it.
    Check our US Server on IP: us.ilovebacons.com
  3. Methewey

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  4. Update ~~
    us.ilovebacons.com have been updated to Vanilla Server, it's less laggy with better performance but still with some lag spikes (of a second or 2) but that's software issues with Starbound itself.

    IP ilovebacons.com is already redirecting to this new one. ;)
  5. <3 iLoveBacons Updates:
    - We now own a TeamSpeak Server, visit it on us.ilovebacons.com IP! ;)
    - iLoveBacons Community have reached
    1.200 Registered Users!

    We consider the server stable for now, the crashes, lag spikes and similar issues are something Starbound developers need to poke on that we can't help on our side, being a big server faces more of this kind of problems, still they aren't common enough to break your gameplay. ;)
    All on us.ilovebacons.com

    Keep around there, as our community grown this much this clan thread is more about updates of our own Starbound Fansite Community. ;)
  6. mr. bacon, always the man ^_^
  7. Our Community is Reaching 2000 Official Bacons Registered, for that we are doing a new event! Check now:

    GAME GIVEAWAYS UP, check our Prize Draw Competitions!
    TeamSpeak and In-Game Events Today!

    On server News:
    - Meteors and Meteor Shower won't damage your buildings anymore, it will still hurt you but what you build is protected.
    - New Scripts are in place to deal with Server Timeouts (not responsive).
  8. [​IMG]

    It's time for one TeamSpeak Event! The Great SoundTrack Competition! <3
    What is it? It's one Trivia Game about Game SoundTracks on our Teamspeak, the only true gamers will be able to remember and know which game each soundtrack is from. With Badge Prizes on our forum!

    The Event Is Starting on our TeamSpeak, IP: us.ilovebacons.com

    PRIZE, Steam Key of The Baconing Game:

    Join us later today, and have fun! ;)
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    bacon (i feel like an idiot saying this) do u have a website if u do can u send me a link nvm also can u tell me how to login kind PISSED OFF THAT NO ONE ON THE FUKIN SERVER ((sry that im swearing) IS AWNSERING and no its not on /help ty- rey duece
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  10. It's on the main post, http://ilovebacons.com ;)
  11. iLoveBacons News. We are upgrading to a new dedicated server machine in some days, here's the details:

    :paper: US Server Specs (hoping to handle up to 100 Players after server is optimized):
    Intel Xeon E3-1240v3, 3.4 GHz
    32 GB DDR3 RAM
    1 Gbps uplink

    Check all info on http://ilovebacons.com ;)
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    Did the server and website go down?

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's back up :D
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    Oh my after all these months I'm still in the list and I'm number 4

  14. oh mmah! :D
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